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Accidental Parenting

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S02E11: The End of 2020


Col gives a poetic farewell to the year 2020.

The End of two thousand and twenty apoem by accidental parenting, Twas the end of two thousand and twenty andwhether you can believe it or not. It's only been twelve months since the wholeworld went to pot. I know many of you are stressed in these busiest of times,but please sit back and relax as we share some year in review. Rhymestthousant and twenty has been rough, even horrible for some this year hasbeen enough to make your soul feel numb. This poem is not meant to seem toolight hearted, rather to help us remember the events since the year wasstarted. We'll keep this even sighted to the best of our ability. Some eventswere controversial. Let's treat them with civility jumping back to the beginning of thisyearly iteration, Oh, how we were so hopeful in our rowring twentiescelebration. We were so naive at the...

...time of all that was in store if we'dknown how strange the year would be. We'd have held to t o Thousandanineteen a little more and to think it was two thousand and twenty. WhenAustralia was in flames- and did you know in July, we should have hadOlympic Games, covid nineteen turned out to be deadly fluw like but moresevere, forced us to distance and stay home. It feels like a bad episode ofBlack Mirror. The word of the year is quarantine. Many are living anisolation and if that weren't hard enough, let's take a look at what itdid to education since March, the kids have stayed home with parents trying tokeep them busy. Virtual schooling became the norm and our homes areInitizzi. There continue to be challenges with keeping kids fromgetting bored, and many parents realized that teachers deserve a betterreward. Vacations were mostly cancelled, nogetaways or fancy resorts and the kids spent hours of zoning out at leastbased on my weekly screentime reports...

...and the people who still have jobs areremote now no commute. They spend most of their day on zoom meetings and oftenforget to mute work stations took over dining rooms or in the corner of abedroom. No one cares, but if you go on camera, remember to brush your hairs,it's been a year of uncertainty, full of sickness death and sorrow. It provedhow humans are resilient and will always hope for a better to morrow. Sowe've talked about the Rona, a virus that travels in the air two thousandand twenty also gave us murder Hornets. For yet another scare. There was a first in entertainment forrecognizing best film outright with a foreign director cast and crew. The twothousand nineteen thriller parasite, but with movie theateres shut down lifesuddenly got less fun. Thank goodness for Disney plus and the award winningHamilton Musicians, didn't tour, but... songs. They didn't cease.twothousand and twenty gave more time for them to create and then release the economy collapsed and rebounded inbetween and now we have more hope since we're rolling out a vaccine. We lostmany cultural icons, I'll call, some of them by name Chadwick, Bosman of BlackPanther, Kobe Bryant of NB, a fame Eddie van Haylen, the guitarist regusPhilipin of TV and another hero that we lost. The notorious Arbigi Jerry Stiller Little Richard Kenny.Rodgers some say they rest in heaven and the tragic loss of Alextrerbac andSean Connery who played double o seven thosenty. Twenty brought us conflictwhen more lives were destroyed and protests were taken to the streets forBrianna Taylor and George Floyd. In July we saw comet neowis. It was abeauty and sure did show it. Some fear this would bring the end to the modernworld, as we know it across the ponds in England, rumorsseemed to hit the fan when Prince Harry...

...and his wife Megan walked away from theroyal clan in two thousand, and twenty trump was acquitted of impeachmentcharges that were made, though he claimed. Throughout the investigation.The entire process was a charade. In November the US people held a vote.This event had the effect of choosing a new leader, Joe Biden president electthis election was historic, one that many will forever cherish. Bideds pickfor V P is a woman, Camala Haris now it's time for me to close with a wishfor a positive year ahead. May All your endeavours be successful, love,kindness and equality. Let us spread. Let's give the year the boot, as we putTok Twenty to an end, go online and leave it a review. One Star would notrecommend. We've made it through a bizarre time and looke forward tohaving more fun as things go back to normal in the year two thousand andtwenty one. We appreciate every...

...listener and that you aren't toojudgmental have a happy new year from us at the podcast of parenting,accidental.

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