S02E11: The End of 2020


Col gives a poetic farewell to the year 2020.

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Episode 4 · 8 months ago

S02E04: (Par)entrepreneurs: Junior Hero

Aubrey interviews Thea Greaves about Junior Hero, the nonprofit she runs with her family. They play superhero trivia/would you rather and it turns out no one likes Tom Holland except every teenage girl.

Episode 3 · 9 months ago

S02E03: (Par)entrepreneurs: Blue Pond Boutique

Kaitlyn Flake shares details about Blue Pond Boutique, a business she started in Snowflake, Arizona. She talks about her passion for supporting local artisans and how our help is even more vital as businesses are impacted by Covid-19.

Episode 2 · 9 months ago

S02E02: (Par)entrepreneurs: Mom Camp

Aubrey interviews the founders of Mom Camp about the difficulties of starting a business and their First Attempt In Learning. Col shares his CaronActivity Book, guaranteed to buy you 15 minutes of quarantine peace and quiet.

Episode 1 · 9 months ago

S02E01: (Par)entrepreneurs: Sweeteez Sweets

Welcome back to season two of Accidental Parenting. In episode one, Aubrey and Col discuss how they are currently coping with the nightmare that is Coronavirus isolation. Aubrey also introduces a new series within the podcast interviewing parent entrepreneurs. First up is Brooke Giffin of Sweeteez Sweets.