S02E09: Sleepovers


Whether children should be allowed to have sleepovers or not is a surprisingly controversial topic. Col and Aubrey share the results of their much-awaited Do You Let Your Kids Have Sleepovers survey and highlight some of the reasons parents give.

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Episode 26 · 11 months ago

S01E25: Kimberly

Col interviews his sister Courtney (aka Kimberly) about parenting her 4 children, including Ruby, the happiest 6-year-old in history. She shares their journey discovering how to navigate Ruby’s physical and educational needs, and her advice for parents in similar situations.

Episode 25 · 11 months ago

S01E24: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day celebrations have changed over the years. Col and Aubrey discuss how it was different when they were kids and chat about the candy takeover, homemade Valentine cards and whether to give loved ones Valentine's gifts, and if so, what? They play a Romantic Comedy trivia game and discover that Col knows a lot more about RomComs than Aubrey does.

Episode 24 · 11 months ago

S01E23: Dad Jokes

One of the hardest things about kids growing up is they stop laughing at dad jokes. Luckily, Penelope isn't there yet! Col tells her a bunch of dad jokes and we capture her adorable giggle. The two then face off in a trivia challenge.

Episode 23 · 11 months ago

S01E22: Party Time!

Aubrey and Col interview their good friend and neighbor, Danielle deGreef, about living deBest life with her husband and 5 boys. Danielle shares about her passion for hosting parties and shares some examples of great kid (and adult) parties they've hosted in the past.