Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 5 · 1 year ago

S02E05: Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day! Col & Aubrey chat about the origins of mother's day and share their fondest memories of their own mothers. They play a trivia game and discuss the best and worst TV moms. Col successfully eliminates any chance of a sponsorship opportunity with Hallmark.

M is for them many ways you love us, Oh, is for the other ways you love us t is for Thowaywe, get Tsix OdaysMothers Day, Happy Mothers Tothers Day all you, mothers out there a D mothersto be yes and anyone who helps with anyone's kid. You are a mother, yes,really you're kind of a mother made. You know, speaking of Mother, I sawthis post on instagram. Do you follow that channel nature ismetal, no there's two. So there's nature is metal nature as Narley, andit's like crazy stuff of, like lions, eating zebras and all this wacko stuff.So I saw video on nature's metal and it was of a kangaroo the. What is the babycalled the joy kid? Oh you're, eal, kids, a goat Jemy, so it's like it'stalking about the joey inside the pouch, whatever that pouch is called and washa video of opening up the pouch and it was like the inside. It's not like areal pouch. It's not like a pocket. It's like the insides of the kangaroothat it lives in what yea possible. I don't know, but it is. I got to look that up yeahand allerently th when the Joey is born. Like it, you know it makes its way intothe pouch somehereit. You know born in the pouch and then it has to find thesource of food has to find the nipple and if it doesn't, it die, but it likelives and hangs out in this pouch. I'm really ising. I don't know anythingabout Kangaroos, because I cannot definitively say that none of this istrue, but it seems very suspect. It's it's pretty incense what I thought S ifit's true anyway, happy Mother's Day, eh o ohers Nice. You know I was lookingup some facts about mother's' Day and I didn't realize it was first celebratedin Nineteen, Oh eight, when a woman named Anna Jervis held a memorial forher mother in at a church in West...

Virginia and then a few years later innineteen fourteen woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday Um. I kind ofhad no idea like where did it start? How did it begin Wa? Was that apolitical reason why it was made a holiday in Nineteen Fourteen d? Itdidn't seem like it or just Wud r elsine en ou make this official holidayeveryone. Thank your mother's Today, 'cause, I wonder, n an I I'm justspeculating here, nineteen fourteen, that's around the start of World War,one! I wonder it had to do if it had to do with like losing sons or soldiers.That makes sense. I don't know yes s like Oh sorry, I'll be mom. Let's giveyou a day yeah, so, but a lot of countries celebratemothers day, um most countr like all of Europe: USA, Canada, Australia, newZeanland, India, China, Japan, Philippines, South Africa is who I sawin like a list Oy so and and celebrate it on the same day, yeah today, thissecond Sunday in May, Oh really, it's the same day, every o. It said thesecond son we ma for for all of those countries, okay, yeah, that there's Imean in history. If you look there's you know kind of celebrations fromothers, orsbut like when people would almost worship like a mother figuregoing away when, but as far as it being kind of like a celebration day for allmother sure started in nineteen o eight, so I've got an unpopular opinion aboutmothers day here. You e Yeah Cards, greeting gardens, Yeah MothersDay cards, not a fan you're going to make some enemies here. 'cause love thegreeting card. I know I think it's IT'S A it's! It's the very least youcan do. I mean it's tricky, because if someonegives me a card, I recognize like it's so thoughtful of they, but a lot oftought INSOEARLYA. What I do, notiglike, not even a card, but if someone givesyou a card, it means they stood at the store and put a lot of thought intothat card that someone else created. They bought a card, though, and thenwrote something on it and gave it to you. That's something but like buyingthe car. That's that's it's an easy...

Wayo! You know it's. I mean I'm so much worse than that. I E. Idon't do a card, I'm lucky. If I get a phone call in I'm, no, I'm much have agift, Giver Yeah! So that's true! You don't e Oris car you're, not a big fanof that stuff. No, not really yeah! I don't Love My love. Language is notreceiving gifts, and so I also don't think to give them that much so it'skind of an issue. I do like to surprise people with birthday cards every nowand then because I think that's fun but like for all the other holidays, I'mjust yeah. I don't know I'm not a card person yeah. I got it and I officiallygive permission to everyone to never give me a card 'cause. I don't yeah,don't nead, not that. I don't appreciate the gesture but yeah I bewithou. A lot of people have that that card tradition, though on Mother's Daythat Dou flowers. I wonder because I read something on the historyof mother Mother's Day, what who was h the Woman Who Oh Jarva Anna Jarvis? I also read thatlater in her life, she was fighting against Mother's Day because of how itbecame commercialized. Yes, a lot of eell, that's very commercialized,because you've got the card companies. You've got all the Lo florists, all theflower companies, the florists who are making tons of money off of mothers.But you know I mean good for them like. Let them make some money sure I'm notopposed to capualism sure. I have no problem with that and, if Y, if someoneto appreciates flowers, that's worth of the money spent on them so but Ouo Oproblem with Itanidefinitely was G SR's, not the only one. I'm sure a lot ofpeople agree with her other mothers day, traditions people often go out tobrunch. That's a big mother's Day thing: T's, tough with the corantine wrenchplacen Satrilla. What do you do? I guess people are making do what we do'cause we typically on Mother's Day. We do I I cook with the kids breakfastlunchy and dinner right. So that's it's a man like y! No, on what I want. Idon't want to have to cook. I don't want to have to clean. Even that's whatI want for mother's, say outside of Quorantine, like Brunch, is so hard todo, because restaurants are so packed.

How do you even do that on mothers day?wheneveryone wants to it's like this last week was: was Sinm terone wants togo, get tacosyou gotta wait two hours to get tacos. I guess we're not havingtacos today, iwers sorry mombsn we're not going to Brunch, let's a Homin Ol M,something I did make you breakfast this morning. No, you always do a great job,but it's like good mal like you're, some sereal. You don't have to cook. Itwas like overnight, crissot, French, toast and itasjs Maz you go out. I loveit. Thanks! No, here's! Here's! The beauty of the overnight crison Frenchtoast is I do it the night before yeah right so then I can still do eggs andsausage and all the other sh 'cause that'nosto much work, yeah. It's NOTAS,making crapes for hours spread out over overtime yeah, but I appreciate it. Iappreciate I ask I told my kids, I told our kids Wai a SA. This is this is the big reveal I feellike more. I was talking to listeners, is Mauri poits going to come in theroom, hear any zest and let's read the results, Cold Carter, you are thefather EA. I told the kids that what I wanted from them this year t was forthem to not be on screen at all today and not ask me if they Goul be onscreen,I'm like I want one day without any mom gilt of having my kids be on screen.Instead of going and being creative and playing and having fun like that's allI need, and you know what they've been asking you for. Instead, I have I've been kind of tuning themout now, they've been as they've asked you like five times day, arle cinnamonroll. Someone brought me a cinnamon roll yesterday as a happy mother'spresident, and I swear a thousand times a different child has come and asked melike. Are you going to eat that mom and are o Eo met with me? How are we goingto all share it? It's just one CEMIRAL. How do we all have some? So many times yeah. So let's talk about memories ofour mothers. You want to go for an AO oeto go first yeah, let's just hearethe fondest Memora ior forever 'cause like Ovelli we've go Lis, O time ormemories Um. My favorite membory with... mom, is when I was travelling inEurope. She came and met me in Greece and we traveled the Peloponnese Um allover. We took like a tour driving all through Olympia and Delpi to see all ofthe Greek ruins and it was so fun to have it just be me and her seeing allthese cool places and spending all this time together. She was so fun andChille to travel with. It was a great time, and this was the trip that youwent on and it was part of your studies right yeah exactly. I was completingcorrespondence courses for the university there, so I had to actuallygo and see those rouins for an ancient civilizations course, which it was cool.It was like read this book and then document going and visiting all thesedases for and then you went and looked, and you were looking forward to seeingall these cool, artifacts and stuff and there were the sins that were like. OhYeah. This is no longer here. Go check out. Yeah, like you have to go toNaples, Italy, to see the museum that has all the stuff but yeah you couldsee like the big cholums. Like all the you know, there's still it was th y.You told me it was the Vatican. It was like Oh yeah, nothing seer! You got togo to the vadsh. I was thinking of Pumpeyin 'cause we went to Pawe, didItaly and grease together and in pompe there was nothing and they said: Oh goto Naples, everything's in the musemooelf yea. What about you? One of my fondestmemories of my mother was when we had just moved to New York. So the year wasabout two thousand, a six I want to say just before penelopes well, actually,aspenelope was born. You were going to work as a teacher. Getting your masters.I was becoming a stay at home, dad for the first time, so like lots ofadjustments there and living in a new city, New York City. Nonetheless, mymom flew out several times and she helped with the kids in penelope, and Iremember after penelope was born. We'd get on the subway Y Kopenelpes a coupleof days old we'd be on the subway riding downtown, exploring and going tobuy by baby and trator Joes Union station downtown. It was you know itwas. It was a memorable experience and a fun fun time, and she really helpedme. You know figure out what that newborn baby would that stay at home.Parent thing was all about, especially... New York 'cause I mean here you havea car and you drive in her h there. It was so much work to get out with littlekids. It was idle to have her there and she stayed at our house with Atti whenwe were in the hospital with Penelopeo. That was huge. T was so helpful to haveher there ye for sure. So I've got some Trivia for O, Oh and you weren't readyfor this, but I know that you wanted to talk about the your favorite ideal T vMo yeah. I want to talk about best t V, mom, okay, so you only get one and Ionly get one well. I have two what if we have the same one, okay, Ben Dl, I'mgoing to go first oin case it overlapsed. Then we just get one favorite TV, mom, Claire, huxtable,ohse, that's not whato Ono Clair hoxable was amazing. I was thinkingmore recent TV, Oh yeah. We don't watch T v N, but Yeah Clairexbille wasamazing. She was good and what I really look up to her 'cause. She was aworking. Mom Too, was her office in her House O. I don't remember. I think itwas maybe 'cause she was there all the time, but working somehow she was alawyer. I think she was a lawyer yeah and he was a doctor. Yes yeah. She wasgreat. She Co to Wer kids real too, Oh yeah, Claire Hoxtable was the best myfavorite t, DMO hea. We tells you also know that Clair oxtoe lways married, Ithink, she's married to a moder shot. Wt O Mora, shotit sasketball player nhe was the announcer for, like there's a TV show nb a inside stuff. Maybe Oh, I don't know about that, but I thought anyway,there was do you remember, as we were watching the Chicago Bulls M videothing: There was a guy standing in a hotel lobby and Michael Jordan walks byand he's talking to the front desk, and he says io who take las shot. Who TakesThats Muterat was a Motersho. Oh that's funny he's like me. Obviously, yeah M,Michael Jordan, said yeahall right. You Er you'R, Best Yeah, okay, I've, twofirst Tammy Taylor Okaialera. He was great. She a Aso, wor, also working momand just like no nonsense kept. You know grade advice for the kids, butalso like so much love Sohlov and a...

...great wife like super support, a wifeSherff grade and Laura. I Gilmore Laureli dilmore the striias like theideal friend mom, where she's like serious and keeps you an check bt. Alsolike so fun. You know I was a bigger fan of Lara Li Gilmort and I'm going tomake enemy, unpopulaar onpopular opinions I'me. Here I was a bigger fanbefore the renew of the San well. We only saw the fist couple of episodes,so maybe we can't judge- maybe I gotma yeah, I juse the whole thing. I don'tthink I don't W. I don't recall thiss first episod Yo like this is ruining utfor me, yeah just anyway. I think I think more than anything our listenersmight be surprised to hear that you watched to Gomore girls, I mean becauseabre had it on. You last only reason that I watche called the midwife aswell, whatever he loved, to call Im Aheev, the old lady. No, what was theone who was the she was only on Foro og PN, I loe ewell. I think e Nolike I'll watch for thi she'that's,also my impersonation of the Queen. Okay. What about worse? I think V, youdidn't pick up on something I just said: Oh you're, impersonation of the Queen.That is also my impersonation. It's based off of that care. I was justgoing to run right past the oath and I just go through yeah when we were inEngland. It was hilarious because cool would always out of nowhere. He'd belike. Oh, I think the Queen signed up on this and she gi 'cause, like everypostal box, every telephone booth, every fire hydrant says it has like,and some initials on that- and I can just imagine the Queen sitting theQueen Mother, You well sitting in a room with all these important people,saying, I believe, that's all never mailbox and on every firehydrant thereshall be three letters which stune for Her Royal Highness or whatever itshould be, and and then you' do like the guy in the room. That'd be like Ohmm, we're not sure the bat cleen Rom t the logistics of figuring this out inthe numbers and the cost of all of this.

It will be astronomical Olet, it bereadylet, it be done and then she'd stump off an the like. Stop like nomore questions. Please Nono questions be done of Ot. He Hoad Okay's, theworst T v Mom. That was a really bad. I'm also willing to admit my impressionis really bad by the w the then you Ha Yohad a worst. Well, I have two worse,Oh and I'm wondering if I'm killing, Myoy Trivi, O okay, no go ahead, UmYeah! What would you say off the top of your head? Thist might come from YourTrivia AP preparation? U Worst, thereis! Definitely a worse like this persongets the worst there's no way anyone's worse than this T. v Mom, I don't know,think HBO HBO Sersee Anshfer Shar her own, so it does notget worse. Yeah, that's UNYVERSE, yeah yeah, but also here's a like a funnybut worse mom, Lucille, Blueth, Lucille, Blue Yeah, selfish, manipulative afful, but alsoHolirios, CSSOLUCLL, aloth and Tammy Taylor. Those were on my trivia, okay,Okyso. Here's. What the Trivia game is, I'm going to read off a mom's name, thecharacter's name, and you have to tell me what t v show its froma. So I gotthis too right. So as as as a trial run, Tammy Taylor, pritay nightlight, verygood. Oh got I've even got the Ding Yeah H. Let's go with Lucille blootharrested development, very good, okay, all right! Let me pull up the rest ofmy list here cancel. I have one for you ready it's.What was the name of the mom on the Adams Family Mortissia Sing? Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Herewe go Claire Dunvi, Oh yeah, UM, modern family. It is modern family,very good. Okay, you're Gong Ta, like this one Moyra rose, oh Wayoh, yeah.It's Greek, very good! All right. I...

...think this one's a little bit harder. I,like the show a lot. I don't know they V you've watched it a lot rainbow Johnson or Baw lackish blackishmyonly s the rainbow. I Ave I like that, show a lot, but I haven't seen that any episodes Sofia Petrillo, no idea. Oh wait! No Sophia! No! I don't knowGolden Girls Sorold a little grandma, she's t she's,the mother of I think Dorothy, or this is funny because I also prepared sometrivia but very different from the tribute okay, we're like let's see somemother say Trivi. Here's an example hold. Let me go through mine, O O, I'mnot I'm tlike. Fourteen of Theng all right- this is a good one carol, anTyler, also known as Carol Martin. No Don, also known as Carol Evit to Baveris my ges, also known as Carol Brady. Oh breaty, bunch very good. I gave thatone yeah June cleaver bever clavers levinrvery good, very good, allrt, MaryMarion, Kenningham Um. I dream of Geanie had happy dayshappynews. I don't know any of these old here. You Go Peggy Bundy, the guy that killed all the peoplebundy and SOMB. No, the T V show on him peg Bundi. Oh Yeah, hang on married. Ichildren married with children, very good, edith, bunker archie bunker. Idon't the name of that show all all in the family, all in the family, verygood I'll, give thou other ring there.Vivian Banks Sa the MOM on Mary popins. It is not MrBanks. There is a miser, but I don't know in Bill. Banks is the husand. Idon't know he's a judge. Oh fresh prinibellar rush, princeerBillar, all right, ASTEL CASTANZA! Oh thank God, very good. Let's get thering here, hlet's see...

...and the last one would have beenLucillle bluth, but there's one more Margaret Simpson, Simson very good. Allright. Let's hear your Trivia and I I'll I'll control the BEL. I just havea couple but the're so different from yours. I one of mine was whatpercentage of all flowers and plants are sold for Mother's Day. Oh Wowpercentage of all flower and plants like living flowers like home depot, nogo by plants from the store like all flowers and pl, didn't give that muchinformation. This was the tribute question and Ihave the answer that was provided by Google, okay percent of all plants soldfor Mother's Day. Forty two twenty five. I was wrong aquarter still I ev, but I guess that makes sense and how many of those aredead. Flowers that you cut off probably most of them is, I guess, yeah we wereat OSCO and they were like flying off. The shelvs t e saw people grabbingthose ten dollar bouquets yeah hear mom. So how many phone calls are made in the?U S on Mother's, say phone calls in the United States. So if there are roughly three hundred and fifty Millionahyeahbiates, I'm going to say a percentage of those that are, mothershave kids that still want to talk to them. I'm going to go with a hundred andforty a hundred and forty million very close,a hundred and twenty two million you can get a ding for that. Definitelydoing for that. One hat was really close. It's one of the busiest phonecall days of the year. That doesn't surprise me yeah. You want to talk toyour mom and Mother's Day, yeah sure, and I see your mom yet I have not es ohappen. Aus She is yeah. I think phone calls are interesting too 'cause a lotof people communicate be attext with the ieah I mostl m a I commu Texva viatex with everyone right. It's just much faster, don't have a lot of time for aphone call and I don't want to call someone and then a few minutes laterhave to say I have to go. I've got a...

...ton of thing to do. You know what Ilike to do, instead of people giving cards instead of me giving people cards, Ilike to call someone up and I like to leave a minute and a halftwo min a long voicemail and that's that's my way of showing that go. Yeahshow love by leaving a long drawn out, voice, mail messages and that'ssomething t at that. You can keep forever. Don't you deliter that'sovaluable yeah. You can have those memories forever. Okay, next questionthe average age of new moms. In the? U S Today, oh average age of new moms. Inthe U s today, I'm going to go with thirty two twenty five twenty fiveyounger than I won't expect. So what about? How ISYHAVE EMEN DYOK H? Thatwas my next question. H Change over time in Nineteen, seventy, I'm going tosay twenty two costwenty one, twenty one close enough to get a Dang Fis year,get twenty one intof six months: okay, okay, m average number of kids formodern MOMS in the Ahoo, I'm going to go with two point: Two Yeah! It's just us two,but it could have been two point. Two exact Yo name rages, rounded down. Yougot that right on maybe Um interesting yeah. That was all NY Triba. That'sfunny, you said, prepare some trivia. You went with T v Moms and I went withYuk yeah very good yeah thinks for joining US Happy Mother's Day. EveryoneHappy Mother's Day. M is for them. MANYWAY S.

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