Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 3 · 2 years ago

S02E03: (Par)entrepreneurs: Blue Pond Boutique


Kaitlyn Flake shares details about Blue Pond Boutique, a business she started in Snowflake, Arizona. She talks about her passion for supporting local artisans and how our help is even more vital as businesses are impacted by Covid-19.

Happy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, whatever day of the week it happens to me to be that you're listening to this podcast. We hope it's a happy one. Yeah, were you saying all the days, because you're not sure which day it is? I they all run together. It's like every day is Saturday and every day is Monday. Yeah, no, day is Friday. No, days feels like, oh, it's the end of the weekend. Tomorrow will be really different. Now it's all the same. Really, Saturday is the new Monday, HMM, and Mondays the new Saturday. Yeah, especially people with kids, because with kids it's like you used to look forward to the weekend because it was a break from work. Now spend time. You look forward to Monday because it's a break from your kids, except we're home still, so it's not really a break from your kids. Yeah, it's just all the same. Every days the same. It's ground. Yes, it definitely is over and we had an interesting weekend. We tried to take our kids on hike. We went on a hike trade, I mean your allergy is affected your hiking experience and my tolerance for wining kids that affect in our hike. Penelope and I did the whole hike. Did you do the whole hike? Well, we didn't want you have to wait forever, but we're reading the whole Oh, I wasn't aware you did. Oh, we didn't do the whole hike. We did more than the rest. So I'll start that phrase over again. We attempted to do I this right accurate? Yeah, so that was something. Yeah, I'm excited for one, it's going to it's hot enough for us to swim in the pool. Our Pool still freezing. Oh, yeah, it needs to be warm enough where the kids can swim in the afternoons. That would be a game changer. About the pool. Oh Yeah, you broke the pool pumpers. Yeah, kind of broke it. You'll fix it. We fix for a couple days. Hopefully the the pool won't turn green before it's fixed, because we're swimming on Wednesdays and be like ninety five here. Yeah, we're gonna be swimming. I'm working on it. It's a mess right now. So we have an interview, another interview today. Yes, Caitlyn Flake, and the way I found her I was just perusing facebook and she on like a local neighborhood site she had posted just kind of a call out, and this was before the whole coronavirus thing, but sort of a call out to people to support local businesses, and so I messaged her. I was like, Oh, I'm interviewing entrepreneurs. Would you be interested? And she was, and so it was really fun to do this interview with someone I hadn't met yet. kind of loved it and she's Great. So I'm excited to share this interview with you guys. Yeah, but yeah, it's right. When we did the interview was right when the coronavirus was just starting to be a thing, like we were sort of aware of it and it was starting to but there were no stayathome orders yet here at least. So, yeah, things have changed a little bit, but I don't know I'm going with that. Yeah, that's all right. You don't have to know where you're going. Let's start the interview showing. All...

...right, let's do it. All right. Would like to introduce caitlin flake to the PODCAST and Heatland. Yes, we and we always like to begin episodes with an awkwardly personal question before we know anything about you. I would like to know what is the grossest thing that you have ever eaten late at night. Oh Man. So in the time I grew up in a small town in southern Arizona and there was just one of those little rundown, gross Mexican restaurants and they had and they were the only thing in town that was open twenty four hours. And so of course when you're in high school and college in a small town, you're up at midnight and two o'clock in the morning wanting to eat food. So we would go to this little restaurant and they had this thing called super fries and I'm I'm pretty sure they just put fries down and then whatever random crap was like left on the counters or whatever, they would just stick on top of it and in the middle of the night it was so good, but then for days I it was not good. It wouldn't feel so great. So like it, I loved it in the moment, but yeah, there's the there's a place near us that has they're called loaded buffalo fries and they're so delicious. It's like fries with Buffalo Chicken and buffalo south us and I don't know, blue cheese chunks or something, and it's so good, but then immediately after, like minute after, I'm like, oh, that was a horrible idea. I can't even imagine that that. Yeah, yeah, it was bad, it is bad. Okay. So, Caitlin, introduce yourself. Just briefly. Tell us like your name, where you live, and then I am going to make some assumptions about you. So just tell us, you know, your your name and where you live. Now. Okay, Caitlyn Flake, I live in Snowflake, Arizona, which is just it's near like Sholo, like northeastern Arizona. Yes, okay, so I'm going to assume that you were born in Chicago, grew up in southern Aria. Clubs. Were born in Chicago and then moved shortly thereafter to southern Arizona. We just flew out just to have ready hospit on then flew back. I just wanted to have a more interesting city on your birthday. Good, yeah, perfect. I was born in Mesa, okay, Gotcha, and then you guys moved to southern Arizona. It was really, really well, my mom, my mom, lived in southern Arizona, but the dot, like the doctor that she really liked was a Mesa. So really like we just went to Mesa and then, because he wanted a cooler city on your birthday, to it. I guess I wanted to be like the cool kids. Right, it mayze, baby, I know. Okay, I'm going to say that you have one brother and two sisters. You are so I have one brother and one sister. Oh... close. I never get these right, but I do get close. Fine. Okay, your high school mascot was a rhinoceros. Be The best, right. Why are no high school mascots? A rhinocerous like every we have so many wildcats. Why are there no Rhinocero? Was It wildcats? Too many wild cats? Know, I cougars, Eagles, no, wild birds, webcats. It's yeah, there should be some rhinos. They're probably are. There probably are somewhere, like the Red Redmond Rhinos or something, but nobody that I personally know. It's a really good mascot. I've never heard of that. It really is. Or like should be hippos, like, yes, the hippops be awesome, Harrisburg Hippos. Maybe some somewhere, somebody'll get that right. Okay, first job, let's say. I'm going to say your first job was a hostess at Denny's. No, we didn't even get a Danny's in my town till I was like in college. Oh, I still don't have a Danny's in my hometown, super small town. Yeah, I was a violent teacher that was doing those jobs. Nice. How old are you? It's a great job for a young person. was like fourteen. I played the violin in church one Sunday and a lady asked me if I had teacher kids and I was like yeah, sweet, Nice, like I've had two lessons. But yes, let's do it, let's do this. That's a great first job. Did you continue teaching violin after as I did? I continue teaching violin up until we adopted our kids, so till I was well into my adult years. Yes, but you don't teach now? No, no, I do not, because everyone else has kids are home at the same time that my kids are home. Yes, exactly. That makes it more difficult. Yes, okay, well, let's get into it. Tell us a little more about you. We're going to talk about a business that you started, and so, first of all, have you always been interested in entrepreneurship or did it just sort of happen? No, I really have always been. I was like the lemonade stand kid. I always was doing little things. I did a few like direct sales thingies for a little bit and then I just was like, you know, I think I know enough that I can probably do this on my own. So and then what was your how did Your Business Start? Like? How did you first get the idea? So, for a long time I sold for a big direct cells clothing company that was really popular a couple of years ago and then I decided to get out of that. But I I live in a town where like Walmart, like that's that's all we canna tell you go. Yeah, so there were no like clothing options here, so I decided to just to start a business and sell clothing and then that just kind...

...of exploded. I just was selling out of a room in my house for a long time and then I decided I wanted a storefront, but I didn't want to have to pay the rent by myself, so I rented out space to a bunch of crafty vender like a crafty friends who wanted to sell their stuff. So and did they was at like just Saturday mornings they were there, or did they have the space full time as well, yeah, they would rent the space, so it was kind of like a consignment store almost. They would they rent the space from me and I like would do all the posting, all the advertising for them and and stuff like that. So they kind of gave them like they didn't have to be there. We were. We're open all the time. So it gave them just like a place to get their cool stuff out there. I love like talented people, but people who can make things are my favorite. So yes, and then getting everything that they're making available somewhere where people see it and can purge. Yeah, I feel like like et see, like people saw a lot on Etsy, but like everybody sells on Etsy. You know, it's really I feel like there's so much on on at the end. People really want to support like their local artisans and makes and stuff, and so I thought it would be. It was a really cool opportunity for local people to buy locals made stuff. So yeah, so how formal was your process? Did you write a business plan when you started? So I had a friend who did the same thing in another town, so I kind of adopted her business plan and I really just wanted to do it. My husband is more like the he's like the quick books guy and and that stuff. So I just was like let's just so get together and do a store, you know. So I did. I have like a contract. I feel like my business plan is probably the contract that I had for the vendors. So I mean, I probably wasn't as great as I should have then in that aspect, but I had a vision and I knew what I was doing, you know what I mean? I did yes, whole written lawyer saying Batcha. Yeah. And so who is involved now? I know your sister is. You'd mentioned your sister's sort of heading things. Now. What was the process in transferring that? Well, I haven't done all like the legal stuff yet, but really she came to work for me a few months ago and then, I mean I have four kids. I was I just was spending so much time at the shop and I have my kids are all adopted through the foster system, so they kind of have some extra and needs and they kind of need me around a little yeah more, you know. So I just I have I asked her to come up and work for me and then eventually I just was like hey, how about you just like take this thing over? And so I'm a little bit involved still. I rent out a booth from her now and I just, you know, I kind of help her with stuff.

Just this is when I post on social media, this is when I pay the taxes. Like I still kind of help her out a little bit, but for the most part she's doing an awesome job. So the storefront is located in Snowflake, right. What is located in Taylor, which is connected to nearly? Okay, Gotcha. And what is the what's the name of the business or the place where everyone can come to see all of the business as house? Where is it and how does that work? It's called Blue Pond Boutique and it's just it's one we have one location and then it's like split up into little booths and so people can just walk around to all the booths. We're on instagram and facebook and twitter as Blue Pond Boutique. She just actually, because of all this coronavirus craziness, she just started shipping, so that's going to be a really cool thing for her. So yeah, Gotcha. So we're recording this a few weeks in advance, who probably won't post it for a little while, and we are right in the height of social distancing right at the beginning of coronavirus, at least in Arizona, and so it will be interesting to see what it's like when we post this episode right because things, yeah, you really do know. Then it might be a lot worse, we might be through it. We'll see. But right now there you probably people aren't really aren't being encouraged to go to stores. So has she closed for business hours, like people can't come there? Just things have to be shipped. She has been really creative. She's doing like a thing where you can order just like through instagram or whatever. Just pm her and order and then she has she still is employing her the employees that are there, and they just will run it out to you, run whatever it is. So she's doting like live videos. Yeah, she's doing like live videos so that she can show everything that's new in the shot and then people just drive up. It's like curbside delivery. So I thought that was really smart. And then she started shipping to so Gotcha. That is really smart, because I know a lot of people are concerned, like what is going to happen to the economy if all businesses, except for the essential services, have to shut down. How do all of these stores survive? How do people survive? And that is a great idea of one way to try and circumvent that and try and keep things going as much as possible and try to keep people employed. Like that's bad. Totally. I think these little small businesses are the ones that are going to get hit a hardist, you know. So, yeah, I know I was reading someone was mentioned or recommending there like, even if you don't want to get take out from restaurants, you could buy gift cards now, planning to use them later when you can visit the restaurant, which is also a great idea. By gift cards online in for any shop that might need the help right now. And you know, we're going to get through this and then we would be able to use it after so yeah, I love it. You know right, definitely, definitely ways that we can help keep things going, for sure. So what was the best thing about starting a company? So the best thing for... was connection and meeting people. I mean I'm relatively new to the town that we live in now, to Snowflake, three years relatively that. I don't think that's really new. But but so I didn't know like a ton of people here yet. So but everyone, like if a new business comes into town and everybody is there. So I got to meet a lot of really cool people through through the business, and also I loved having the whole cellar license so that if I just saw something I liked, I could be like, Oh, I'm gonna get that for oh you have shot like anything, I like them, like okay, yeah, the reason I met you and reached out to you. You know this, but for our listeners, you posted on a facebook group just sort of a post encouraging people to buy local, like don't buy everything on Amazon, don't buy everything at Walmart, like visit your the local boutiques and shops by local has this been something that you have been encouraging throughout the whole you know, the whole time through this process, or is that fairly new? No, yes, I I. I mean, like I said before, I love supporting makers and artisans and if I can support a person and not a huge corporation, I'm totally going to do that. I've kind of always been that way. So I just think everyone can use the reminder sometimes because you know, like Walmart and Amazon are so easy, but they don't need our money. It's right, it's taking over. The convenience is hard to pass up, but it's true. We there's so much we miss out on if we're not able to recognize and, you know, see and purchase handmade goods and things that people are making that are so creative and interesting and unique. Definitely I love that. What about what's the worst thing about starting a business? What have you found? I think the worst thing is you can't make everybody happy. There's always going to be someone that doesn't like the way that you're doing things, and it's hard to find information for like licensing and all the legal stuff that you're supposed to do. It's really hard to find the information out there for that. So that, I think that was the hardest. Such a complicated process. Yeah, especially when hated to be in there doing what you want to do and then you're dealing with all the paperwork and all these other things, like this is not yeah, yeah, exactly. And what about? So you had kids at home when you first started the business. Had you adopted any kids yet or was that all after Um, we had all of our kids. Okay. When, yeah, when I started the business, and that really was kind of why I started, because I went from being I was a teacher before we adopted the kids, so I went from like a supersocial environment, like I was always around other people, and then we got our kids and I really just like didn't leave my little kingdom. I think it's so easy to just get sucked into all the things I need to do at...

...home and you never see anybody anymore, and so that was kind of why I started the business, so that I could say I had I could have something for me and still kind of have some kind of a social life. You know, I still got to talk to people and serve other people. So definitely, I think every mom out there this is resonating right because there's, yes, there's so much value in being a mom at home, but like to be meeting New People and having other outlets has can be so helpful and it depends a lot on different personalities. To write. Some of us are really need to work and need, you know, the other outlets and some don't, so it's very much case by case, right, for sure. Yeah, I'm curious. Have you had any experiences where people were either extremely supportive of you starting a business with kids at home or the opposite. I mean you're going to have haters no matter what you do. My husband has always been very supportive of really anything that I want to do. He really understands that that I need my thing, you know. Yeah, I feel like, you know, they're always people, I mean like you were just talking about, some people are just totally happy to just be at home and do all the home things and I think they just don't understand that need to do something outside of the home sometimes. So I did have some people just say just little, I mean little remarks like will don't ignore your kids or make sure that the babysitters not raising your kids, you know, just little things like that, but you just think I got it. Thanks. Thanks, really imp yeah, yeah, you just take those kind of things with a grain of saw and just yeah, I gotta do what's right for me and my family and that might not be as trying for everybody's family. So right for sure. Well, as you know, our podcast is called accidental parenting and we talked about the winds and fails of parenting as we all figure it out as we go along and where, you know, we're now training to talk to Moms who've started businesses and see, you know, kind of like how's that working? Are there more winds or fails or both? Can you share a recent win or fail that you have experienced as a parent? Well, I mean related to business. I'm not doing the shops so much anymore, but I have started life coaching and my kids are really like into it. They ask me all these questions about it and I just think that's so cool when your kids can be like proud of something that you're doing and interested in something that you're doing. So that has been a really cool thing and it's something that I can bring them into with me. They loved they loved coming to the shop with me and stuff, and that was really cool to spend that time with them. I think any time that you can involve your family and something and make it a family effort, that that's like the best. Yeah, no, for sure. I kind of love that and I love that you can really tell your entrepreneur spirit because even when you're...

...sort of passing the reins to your sister for that, you're like and now I will start a business as a life coach. I know it's ridiculouss like in your nature. You know. I always tell people that I have business, Adhd last just what I do. Like I do a thing for a little bit and I'm like, well, that's not fun anymore. Time to my mom. Move on to this, pass that to someone, move on to something. Yeah, I could see you be you're more of a business starter, you know, and some people, maybe we're, want to stay with one and see it to the end and grow it and grow it and whereas you can pass that along to someone else very happily and then move on and start a new thing, which is I thought. I thought that it would be so hard to peck because, you know, this is it was my baby, like the blue pon boutique was named after a pond that I swam in when I was a kid, and like I built these relations, of relationships with these venders and all this stuff. I thought it would be really hard to pass it on, but I really was just excited to give her a fully formed business and I was just like, all right, you sound good, but like it. Yeah, well, I kind of. If you are willing, I would love to talk about the financial aspect of that for minute. Like first of all, is the business, you know, doing well, successful, like when you pass it along to her. Was it making money? Yeah, we haven't ever had a month in the red. I think because the way the business is set up, it's renting out other spaces. Is probably exactly like I made sure that they're the benders rent would pay my rent pretty much. So that that makes it a whole lot easier to kind of stay afloat in a small town and probably everywhere for a business like this. We don't really have any necessities, like there's nothing there that you have to have, you know what I mean. So it's kind of it's kind of tricky. You have to do a lot of advertising and stuff, just keep reminding people that were there. Yeah, it's been there were a couple of months where I chose to put the money back into the business instead of paying myself, but really it's done really well and it's interesting because we have some months that are just like amazing through the roof and some months that aren't, and sometimes it's hard to gage with those months are going to be. The business is only a couple of years old, so you know, as time goes on will be able to kind of pinpoint what's going on and prepare for those months. But yeah, but overall it really has been. I've been really pleasantly surprised. Yeah, now that's awesome. And then when you went to to sell your business to your sister or pass it along to her, that definitely would be affected where it's a family member. You know, if it's someone you don't know, it would be a very different, more formal situation where you're selling a business. How was it different where it was a family member? I wouldn't have been as involved had it been outside of it, like a stranger or somebody outside of the family.

For her, I I think she's my younger sister, so I think that I'm a little more like, how about trying this? You know, I'm more involved than than I would have been, and it's easier for me to tell her. Well, like I've done this for a long time, so it's easier for me to tell her, like maybe try this thing and see if that works, to give her advice for your consulting services, as she's taking the advice. Wells that are not but there's wants that. Yeah, I think some things she understands that this is a thing that I've done for a long time. So I think that she kind of she she tries the things that I say and really she needs to figure out her own thing to what works for me may not work for her. Yeah, now, that makes sense. Well, I I'm excited. I want to come up to snowflakes. was make a special trip up there just to blup on Cutie. Now check it out. Yeah, for sure, or right now. You know, I couldn't have something shipped exactly a little while before I'm able to anywhere. Okay. So, Caitlyn, as you know, we like to end our episodes by playing a game. I am a huge game player. I love every game. So so we're gonna play a game. This is what we're going to do. You're going to open the Internet browser on your phone and you're going to read the three most recent searches and then describe them, if necessary. If it's maybe like a website that no one will have heard of, then then just sorry what it is. So for me, I'm not sure if you have an iphone, but it'll just be like the bottom three are the most recent, right, okay, so I'm opening mine. I'll share mine first and then we'll have you share yours. Okay, all right, oh, my bottom one, this is not surprising, is Con Academy I have. My kids are home. All kids schools are closed right now, right. So kids are home and I have been searching and trying to find options for them to study at home. So that's the first one there. Okay, now you share your first one. Okay, my first one is tangled. Kingdom name. So you know the movie tangled? Yes, quarantine and that being the name of the Kingdom, is corona. Oh Really? Yes, how crazy is that? That's interesting. I would not have remember that. Do you see that? Some of where you did? You Remember? Like how I saw on facebook summer said look up the name of the tank looking interesting, which I think. Doesn't it just mean crown in I think I know friend, just cohnes. It's probably really close to that in Spanish too. Yeah, trusting. I'm just they got the name of their kingdom from the word crown. That's kind of UN original. Yeah, I know. Okay, is my second one? This is also not surprising. Coronavirus incubation period, how long before symptom shows an article? MMM, yeah, that's the kind of things we're googling right now. Yeah, okay, what's your second one? Mine was coronavirus and Navajo County.

So yeah, like, I'll see. Let's see the numbers. One are the new numbers here? Yeah, exactly. Okay. My next one is an unsubscribe. That's funny because I'm people all of these emails from companies that are saying like this is what we're doing, you know, the these are the measures were taking out of the coronavirus, and a lot of them are companies that I haven't gotten an email for some time or I've been getting emails but should have UN subscribe a long ago. So this one's from mountainside fitness and I haven't had a membership there in probably three years. So I got the email about what they're doing, you know, they're closing their hours or whatever, and I immediately was like, okay, it's time. I need to unsubscribe. I thought it's like what are these people doing? From Marketing, I've been getting all these emails like from places I haven't heard from him forever. So like why am I? Why have I not heard anything from them forever? And you know, I came back to I feel like I haven't gotten an email from mountain fitness in years. I could swear I had unsubscribed. For me, it awhile ago, but so maybe they have like a way to send an email to everyone who is on their email list and also everyone who ever UN subscribed, to let them know as they're closed for coronavirus care. Right, I'm subscribed again or for the first time, I'm not sure. Okay, what was your third search result? Wayfarer Nice, it's always said. I'm just hanging out in my house looking at all the furniture that I need. So right, good time to do some online shopping. Yeah, totally all right, Klyn. Thank you for joining us. Good job on the game. It wasn't so much competition game as just like tell me what you've been googling game. Well, we were very close and all our coronavirus. It's true. Actually everyone's kind of researching the same thing right now. How do I entertain my kids at home and how many people have been have tested positive for coronavirus? That's what we want to know. Oh Man, the time or we'll see. Well, thank you so much for being on the podcast today. Yeah, it's just fun to talk to people who who are entrepreneurs and are, you know, have that mentality of starting a business and the excitement of getting it going and just find out, you know, what that experience was like. So thank you for sharing that with us here. You're welcome. Thank you all right. Thanks, Kyle. I will see the next time. That was a wonderful interview. But I do have one bone to pick. Okay, let's hear just what. All right, I don't get to play games anymore. Oh yeah, because I just played the game with the person I interview. Yeah, you're doing the parentrepreneur thing and you always play the games and it kind of spoils some of my miss you missed the Games a little bit. Let's play game, me and you right now. Do you have one? Let me think. Oh, I know what we could do. Okay, they have this French textbook behind me. Oh, you just happen to have a French textbooks. You have this book here. I also happen to have an American History...

Textbook. This is what I'm going to do. I am going to read a word in French and you're going to say what it means in England. Hole. Okay, a lot of them. I'll try to find ones that kind of sound the same in English. Katy and Khan, could you use it in a sentence please? MMM, Jay and Khan. So I'm at that. Could I have the origin of the word? No. Could you spell the word for me, please? Say. Oh, you a O and and no. Spell it in English place, CEOU Aronne Coeo. You are, oh, and Andy Kron. Is it like coronation? Very close. What is it? It's funny that that's the first one I saw, because it's like coronavirus. Oh, it means a crown. A correct. Okay, coronavirus came from crown, something like. I think corona coronation came from crown. Yeah, okay, interesting. All right, here's another one. On Lisa. Li Say so I'll. Li says it's on on as I. All right. Could you use the word as a sentence, please? Yeah, bad, Lisa, Matt No, Oh, goes the coronavirus, which I don't know. Could you, could you say the sentence in English, except for the word. Sure, there's no Li say right now, because of coronavirus? Yes, Oh, yes, public gatherings, high school. Oh, yes, correct, there is no high school. All right, let's do another one. This will be good. On Smoking. Okay, smoking is it. Could you use the word in a sentence, please? HMM, yeah, yeah, Bo and smoking of fat, which means he wore a smoking to the party. Oh shoot, well, that throws things off. Turns out the word isn't smoking. No, he wore a smoking a smock. Good, guess what is it? Tuxedo. Okay, it's a formal smock, exactly. Yeah, okay, I get it. And another one. Let's do one more. Okay, MMM, see ECLA, see Akla. Could you spell it please in French or English? English, English places. IE CL C acla. You wanna sentence? Way, way, wait, Siec Eli, cycle, like a bicycle, similar to cycle. Yeah, Siecli, get in a sentence. A, yeah, twice, Yacle in English place. It's like she's just thinking in French, Eng English at the same time. This is what it's like to live with Aubus. Doesn't help you. O French. Okay, let's say this... the twenty one seek La Century. So that all right, big hind that was it was a pretty big hit. All right, now I'm going to I'M gonna play a game with you with a history book here. That is going to be bad. All right, I do have a high school history textbook in front of me and I've opened up to the glossary. Okay, terms and definitions. All Right, and I'm gonna say a term and I want you to tell me what it is. What is the BESSEMER process? believes. Use It in a sentence is not going to help me know. Okay, that is the process by which law is broken. That is incorrect. I hang on, I got to find the right page because I opened up to the Spanish glossary. Hang Up, I'll get there. The best summer process, I believe, and I have not read the definition yet, it is the process by which steel is made from iron by burning all of the imperfections in the metal. Let's let's just check here. Hang on one second. A cheap and efficient process for making steel developed around eighteen fifty pressive. All right, it's clearly let's find another one here. All right, last one here. What was the Manhattan Project? Ores had to do with computers. There were like some super computers, and I feel like I can see Ferris Bueler, let's see, in the movie the Manhattan Project. then. What's this? More Games? That's what I'm thinking of. Did that have to do with the Manhattan Brand Owt at all? Hmm, I mean, did I have to do computers? MMM, nope, okay, I don't know. The Manhattan project was the top secret development of the atomic bomb and World War Two. Sure there was at least one computer used. Sure, all right, let's do one more. Okay, give you one more chance. All right, last one. What was the Kansas Nebraska Act? That was when they drew the state line between Kansas and Nebraska. No, would make sense. I mean it was when. Yes, it was when they were deciding whether or not Kansas in Nebraska would be a slave state or a free state and they decided to let the citizens of the population of the state decide. Oh, what do they decide? Well, that just caused a bunch of people to move to Kansas in Nebraska so they hook could help swing the tide either way. Interesting. So like if you were from the north, you're like, Hey, let's go to Kansas so we can help influence slavery there. It was just a tricky way to populate those states that never really wanted. I guess that really was how do we get people to move to Kansas and Nebraska worked? You know, they still have that same question today. We like Kansas to Braskolan days. That's how they do it. I have a really fun is that a thing? Yeah, nebraskall and days. We went once. My Dad was there for an art show, and so we all went. I remember we were. We were that's it, Ding, I'm just trailer. So we went like our camping trailer, and I remember the cops came because my brother and I were calling one... from a payphone. Oh yeah, that's right, and yelled this is a great story because like, Oh yeah, it's fine, we called them, but it was from a payphone, so they're not going to be able to track us. Yeah, so, Huh, there's a pay phone here. What's a rout? Oh, there's a camper right now. Are Not knock knocking, trailer. You kids been down nine hundred and one one on this pay phone. They caught us. How did they now? Did they know? All right, well, thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.

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