Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 25 · 2 years ago

S01E24: Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day celebrations have changed over the years. Col and Aubrey discuss how it was different when they were kids and chat about the candy takeover, homemade Valentine cards and whether to give loved ones Valentine's gifts, and if so, what? They play a Romantic Comedy trivia game and discover that Col knows a lot more about RomComs than Aubrey does.

Do you remember, when you were a kid, decorating like a shoe box for Valentine's Day for kids to put Valentines in? For sure, yes, that's the best. It was either a shoe box or if we didn't have a shoe box, it was like a lunch bag, because a lunch bag is collapsible. Shoe walks. How do you fit that in your backpack? I don't know how I fit it in my backpack, but everyone had a shoe box. Really cut a hole in the top and we would cover it in colored construction paper and decorate it like that was the thing. It had to be a shoe box of famous footwear. Did really well every first half of February because everyone's looking for shoe boxes starting in December, January. Parents are like, gotta keep a shoe box, shoe box around. You know, I saw something online the other day said you know you're an adult when, just before throwing out a box, you think to yourself, but this is a really nice box. I might be able to reuse this, be able to use this box. I've done that a few times lately with big boxes, when I think the kids would play with this box. I've noticed that and there's been like around one or two big boxes just like lying around the house and they drag it around and I end up taking it out to recycling. You know how I decide whether to keep it or not. I say, well, can you fit in this box? And he goes and he gets in it and if he's like yeah, I'm like, okay, we'll keep that. Favorite wants a keeper. Yeah, beautiful. So we made these boxes and then I remember every Valentine that I got had to me from them, a specific kid, right, and I would read them and I was all I would like read into it, like I'd read the message and I remember thinking like Oh, they really liked me. I think they really want to be my friend, like it was very interesting. There is little for me. But now we get this message home and they say, please, don't write, don't have your child right, who there too, because they want to just be able to put one in each box without having to find the kid it out. Let's beat it up, and I think that's such a bummer. Well, there's two things that I can see. One is, what if someone forgets to write a kid's name and they don't get a Valentine? Right, okay, but they send home a list. They would send home a list of the entire class. Sure, make sure, but I guess there is a chance you just forget. You lose one on the way to school, some kid gets candy hungry on the bus. Could be oh I lost it, I lost yours, little johnny. Yeah, what's your second one? Second is, as a kid, you can't reckone the kids decorating those boxes themselves. Like you can't tell just by looking in the box whose it is. Like the name has to be pretty loud and clear on the box. So it took way too much time. That's true. I remember for us we had their boxes on their desk and their name was always big on their desk. or You knew where everyone was sitting right, so you would everyone walk around at the same time and put the different kids ones in their boxes, but we all knew where everyone was sitting. Or did you go all out on your like box decoration or just typical construction paper? Yeah, mine was just typical construction paper and I know I did them myself. Maybe my parents helped a little bit. It was like pretty much of me, you know. So just construction paper looking real like a kid did it some stickers. Maybe you know some marker hearts. The reason the fancy, the reason I asked if you went all out or if you just did construction paper, because I know you had some other art projects as a kid where or my dad helped a little bit. Helped a little bit linklingk. I have this amazing picture of me with it's like it's like a work with a rickshaw. It's like a really well scolded horse. Yes, so that my dad helped me do out of clay and it's very clear that he basically did it and I have this look of pride on my face, like looking there need but you're holding like a little tool, almost as if you are and I do remember like doing it, like I helped, but he very much like kind of shape the horse so it actually looked like a horse and it yeah, you can tell he helped a lot, but I definitely didn't just watch him do it, like I remember him helping me do it and I use the tools. And so you know, we had a we have, I mean what parent hasn't had a moment like that where they've helped their kids with a project? We actually had your dad helped addy with one that shark. Yeah, there's one night she was like, Oh,...

I have a project due tomorrow and it was like nine pm and we said Oh what, and she said I have to make an animal out of clay or something like. Yeah, we're like really. So my dad was in towns I called it. I'm like, do you happen to have any claim? Could you help me make an animal? And he said like ten seconds later he sent back a picture of like a shark made out of clay that he was holding and then he painted it and he painted it basically just made it for her. Oh No, she painted it. He sent it home with us and we had to bake. It was like that kind of clay. They have to bake and then once it was cool in the morning she painted it at least, but he made it for her. Basically. I think the project that I'm most proud of that we did for I don't know if it was out of your penelope. Do you remember the Saturn Project? Oh yeah, that was a good one, and I was another one like Sunday night. Yeah, she was like I have to do this planet project and we found good sized cardboard box and we did like a Diorama with all these planets hanging down from from fishing line. It was beautifully fantastic and I remember you. I'm involving her a lot and letting her help. Yeah, well, like you just did it. I remember. Yes, she definitely helped on this broad ject teacher right. So, yeah, for Valentines Day, I don't remember ever helping our kids make a box. What do they put them in now? I don't know, as they maybe they make something at school, but if so, they don't bring it home. I had no idea. I'm I know, I'm curious. They just bring home a whole bunch of valentines unless every other kid has like a box, they've made it home and and I'm just dropping the ball, you know. If so, shame on the teacher. They should tell us. They should tell us if other kids are going to be making a boy. Maybe I'm supposed to be the one. I don't know. Maybe everybody just knows that you're supposed to send in a box for Valentines. I'm thinking I don't even know. Did our parents know? I think it was. I feel like it was probably communicat. I feel like I made it at school, but maybe not. I don't. But here's the other thing that's kind of interesting. When I was a kid, none of the Valentines had candy. It was just like a flat paper Valentine. I don't remember any of them having candy. So it's just a message. That's why I'm like okay, reading into the message. But rarely, every now and then you'd get like a box of those conversations. Yeah, that's not I think rarely did any of them have candy. No, that's a really good point. To remember them having candy. When you were they were just just the paper car I don't even remember. I don't even they would just remember them having candy, just paper. And I remember every now and then, just like you said, the conversation hearts. which conversation are gets? Those conversation her yeah, yeah, and they're nasty, but such you. I think they change. The rest epe still nasty. Used to be like chalk. Do they even make those anymore? Yeah, yeah, I feel like the company one out of business. Oh yeah, they still make him. We just had some last week. Let's not last week, last year. Yeah, but now every Valentine has candy. I think the kids will just like chuck it in the garbage if it doesn't have candy. So it's become a lot less about like the little message from a kid and more like what candy did you give me? For sure? Yeah, and and Valentin's Day has become like a second hallowellueen. You're supposed to be yeah, you gotta Get Candy. They're expecting candy, and if I try to get just paper Valentines that don't have candy, the kids are like no, no, no, these have to have candy. My I have to be able to give candy to my friends. Yeah, Duoo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doodoo. Breaking News. You ready for this? Yeah, is going to break your heart, knee go. The makers of those ever chalky conversation heart candies has gone out of business and candy hearts have been discontinued for now, at least January. Twenty three, two thousand and nineteen, Huh so, as of last year. I could have sworn I saw some last shields are like the year old ones that I believe that brocks still makes them okay, and I think sweet hearts might do them, and I'm sure those are better like the original ones, the Super Jocky, you remember, the Nico Round Waifer candies. Oh Yeah,...

...those are gross too, really gross. Except a chocolate ones are good. I don't know, still very chalky. I wonder why they went out of business, because they're gross. So a lot of parents make homemade valentines. We did this one time and I felt like parent of the year. You remember we did it one time? Yeah, pictures of it was adium penelope. They were probably like what six and four? Yeah, they were holding out their arm and then we took the picture in printing them, and then through their little hand we put a sucker so it look like they were handy holding out a sucker for you. Right. We're like, Oh, yeah, that's so great. Every year we're going to make Camie Valentine. Now we never did it again. One and only one and done. A lot of people, a lot of parents, make homemae valentines every year and they're always so amazing. I say good for them. Yes, except let your kid do it. They should let their kids make the homemade valentines. You can always tell that the kids didn't make them, like they're just like a school buster, like look amazing. Yeah, they're great. I've some of the my favorite ones I've seen. There was one where it said you're a cutie with a little cutie orange. Oh that's clever. It was clever, but it's funny because the kids were like, Oh, I got this cutie orange. Are Like mad because it wasn't candy, but I'll just he's like this is the best idea, because if I see a cutie, I'm like, oh sweet, a cutie, and my kids see cutie in their lunch they're like, I know, this is the worst, I don't want this. So Weird. Another good one I saw was it said you won my heart and it was like a tick tech togrid with hearts and x's. It was a really cute. Okay, I can't remember what was it said. Oh, okay, yeah, it's like hearts. That was really cute, all right. And then another one was it was a bubble gum one and it said I choose you. Okay, so that one may sound homemade, but it's ripped off from a simpsons episode. I know, which I did. Had never seen the simpsons episode, but you remember. This is the first love note you ever gave me to you remember the no hold on, let me tell the simpsons story first. Okay, okay, so let me think of the name. It's not Nelson, its glasses. It's cutely. No, it's not the one M it's not millhouse. Oh that's who I'm thinking it was. It's the one who talks like this. Not millhouse. No, no, it is. He's in Lisa's class, Simpson's. I'm just googling this right now. I choose you. It is. Oh, what's his name? Ralph, Ralph Wiggam, Ralphie, police chief. She will GAM's son. Okay, right, and chief Wigham is kind of a loner. Little Bit. My Name's Ralph and he doesn't have a lot of friends. And when I think this might be the only Valentine that he gets, is what you mean? Ralph's a loner? OR CHIEF WIGUM? Ralph is okay. Yeah, the Sun, okay, and at leastee much of the simpsons. In case you can't tell Lisa, you're missing out. And so our kids. But that's okay. Lisa gives him a Valentis it? Because I don't think he got any? I'm in this is a little bit fuzzy in my mind. Boxes Empty. So she hands him one and he ends up falling in love with Lisa because she gives him a Valentine and the Valentine says I Choo Choo choose you, and it's a picture of a train. Happy Valentine's Day that I have gum attached to it. Probably not, so, I guess the homemade. Here's the thing, though. I don't want my kids chewing bubble gum. I know you hate, you hate having the kids have gotten the the more gum there is, the more likely it is to be in their hair, to get caught in the carpet, to go through the Washer. You know, part of why I don't want kids have gone as member. We lived in New York City and there were those black circles everywhere on the sidewalks from step on it, step on them and just letting it become part of the side make. My kids can't figure out how to keep all the fruit snacks in a little container throw the wrapper away. How do I expect them to be responsible, responsible enough to throw gum away? So, but anyway, back to your love nout. Okay, yes, still of note. You Gay. We had just started dating and it was this little card and it said I Choo Choo choose you and there...

...was a cute little of note, but I didn't get it. I was like you no idea, ripped that off of the seasons. I'm you're like it's from the simpsons. I was like, oh you. Oh, see your actions. Let go. What cute? Oh that's cute like a home made maltae. No, it's it's one of the greatest Valentine's cards of all time and I love you. Bound can say is make heart shaped food with the kids. Hmm, you know this. I've done this for several years. We often will do pizza, yeah, on the grill and I'll make the heart shaped crust. And then one year I made little heart shaped pepperonis. That's a little bit more of an it took forever, a little bit. Try to get little tiny heart shaped like cookie cutters, but I couldn't find anything small enough. Or I did find one, but it wouldn't cut it well enough. It wasn't sharp enough for whatever. Yeah, so then I had to like cut them with a knife. It took a while. Well, you could do it with scissors, but you'd have to cut each one either way. Yeah, am as a waste of a lot of TIPPERONI. Yeah, they had all the little pepperoni bits on one one little extra pizza for me, the discarded pizza. Yeah, and then we've done heart shaped cookies, of course, and heart we have a little heart shaped pie maker and then one year we use the heart shape pie maker to cut hearts out of Tortilla's and made heart shape. That's dus. I forgot about that. Yeah, that one was fun. Yeah. So, yeah, heart shaped food is the fun valentines tradition. We've never done like gifts. Yeah, we don't really get our kids Valentine's presence. Is that? I could do other parents get kids? I don't know. I don't really either. Our grandparents will get our kids Valentine. Yeah, my parents always got us like a little something as a gift and my mom gets our kids stuff, and so does your mom, which is fun. But yeah, we haven't. I do. That's my present to you. Heart shaped food. Yes, they love it here. My presence them is the fact that they have everything they have. They're okay with not getting something extra from me on Valentine's Day. Yeah, a lot of people hate Valentine's Day. If you it's a devisive holiday. All right, if you're not dating someone or not married, like it's kind of a bummer. Everybody else's. For sure love holiday and you're like wow, wow, yeah, but they do. They do, like a lot of singles meet ups and sure, Galantine's days, Gallantine's days, night, guy and ty and night doesn't work. No, guy in time. No, yeah, I don't really like. We've gotten nursed each other gifts for Valentine's Day. Sometimes, I I'm not. My love language is not receiving gifts. Right, it's acts of service. So, like, you do something Nice for me. Clean out the fridge, I've mentioned in the past. Do the dishes, make the bed, Everything Gore to deal to me. Yes, then, like getting me what flowers are, chocolate or whatever, but you have got me flowers, and I am I love that. It's so nice just for to have someone have thought of you and go out of their way to get you a present or something nice like. It is nice, but it's I certainly don't expect it. Sometimes you've gotten me like a plant, like a potted plant, which I've loved that too, though I've still I have a really hard time keeping plants alive. I just noticed there's a little cactus on one of our shelves in the kitchen. That is, I think alive. I but water that in a long time. That's any thing about cactus? Yeah, to water and bring off and they sururvive. Yeah, even compared to most succulents, because succulents are a little finicky in our home. Yeah, the CACTUS M yeah, whereas the Basil Plants for the counter, I don't know how long it's gonna last. Yeah, it's struggling. Yeah, it's not doing so hot. What about you? Do you feel like I should be getting you Valentine's presence, because I don't always. Yeah, I don't know if I ever. Have I ever given you Valentine's bread? No, I maybe once got you like a tie. Nope, I feel like you should get me presence. Yeah, and I can give you some suggestion. Let's hear him. Are Pods, Bro, you could get me. Actually tried to get cold Air POD, air pods pro for Christmas and they were sold out everywhere in the whole country. Like what if I flies? I lost you, I lost my original are pods and I needed a replacement. And are pods, Bro, we're sold out. So I got impatient. Just by air pods. I still keep hoping that your original ones will turn up. Somewhere that we'll just find them. I've told the kids. I said, Hey, if you guys find him laying around the house, they're yours. Whoever finds them, you get to keep them. Yeah, I don't know if they've looked at all, but that could be my Valentine's Day gift. If someone find...'re old are you here's? Oh you found my old air pods. Happy Valentine's Day. So how about a more realistic gift? Idea new grudge door opener. That's romantic. Yeah, Hashtag like practical gifts around here. Yeah, I know we need to go to grudge her open her because ours is so loud and it's right below Cole's office, my office, and so whenever tries I picked over my office opens, you can hear it. No, it's Nisy because the last five or six years I've worked from home and it hasn't been a problem because you've been driving your car, which is parked on the other side of the house in the garage, and you can open and close it and I don't hear anything in my office. But now you discard your car because you like to drive the electric car, which, course, obviously let's gas no gas and every time you open the garage door it's like super loud. I had someone on a conference called the other day. Were like what is that? No, no, he's what's going on? Can anyone else hear that? It's like hurting my ears. As like Oh, sorry, guys, that's my wife opening the garage door right below my office. It's loud. We got it on the podcast once when I was interviewing amy well Iver, remember, and you got home and the garage are open. I'm like, Oh, that's so loud. That was called like fifteen seconds later again. Just what is that? Sorry, guys, she just left drudge doors closing. She's gonna be back in thirty minutes. You're going to hear it twice again. Yep, sorry. So Valentine's Day gift a new Drugge Door Supper, but we have to get a super nice one. See, that's the problem. It's not like I can just go and get you something like that. I have you would need to be there to pick it out. I don't know, like you're the one doing the research about what it so really, if I'm going to get you a present, it either's going to be something you don't like, because you haven't picked it yourself, Yep, or you're going to have to come with me to get it. Yep. I like garage door opener for Valentine's Day. Really, the kind of I want that don't even have in retail stores. I just some I'm in visionish and you need to be happy with that present. That'll work too. Let's Talk Valentine's Day movies. Who there are a lot of fun. Well, so, when you say Valentine's Day movies, I just think of like chick flicks, like every romantic comments kind of how it goes. Yeah, because there are a few that are except effect to Valentine s d like Valentine's Day. Yeah, did you ever watch that one? I remember it had like a lot us, like a listers, like a bunch of stars, right. Yeah, well, yeah, one of those movies where like an honorable gas lives kind of ens humble like cats like that. That's exactly cats is the new valentines day, by Oh cats was a great valentine that. You guys gotta see it. If you hadn't know, haven't seen it. No, probably not going to say ad home. What about? What's your favorite romantic comedy? Favorite romantic is that a rom calm? Is that what they call it? FAVORITE ROM com sure, that's just short for romantic comedy. Yeah, but it's a rom calm. I was yeah, that's what they call her. Yes, okay, you were saying sure, like Oh, yeah, you just made that APP like, no, that's nothing, it's okay, favorite rom calm. I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedies. I don't think I have a favorite. What about Joe versus the volcano? Okay, so that's your we were talking about this because we were talking about Valentine's Day movies. Obviously Valentine's Day, and then any Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks movie, sleepless and see out all you've got mail. Those are Valentine's Day ish, just because there. Yeah, and I said we were at dinner and I said, Hey, if you're going to throw those in, you have to throw in Joe versus the volcano, because that's a that's a love story. Oh for sure. The best thing about that movie is how Megrayan is like ten different people. Would you like to hear a poem? Would you like to sure long ago, the delicate tangles of his hair covered the emptiness of my hand would you like to hear it again? Yes, that's a great movie. It's long time, it's gone a long time. Delicate tangles is love. Those like sleepers since Seattle. You've... mail not my favorite. I haven't seen him in a long time, but I remember kind of being like yeah, about time. I've already talked on here. That's my favorite. Wrong Gun, for sure. When I was thinking, I just thought of is he's just not that into you. Oh, that's a good one. That was a good one. I did like that one. Yeah, what about return to me and UNTAMED HEART? I I don't think I've ever seen though. I liked both of those. Yeah, it's they're both about like hurt surgeries. Okay, so it's kind of the metaphor of like does your actual physical heart have anything to do with you or like whether you can love or yeah, you would love, and I liked both of those. Sarahdipperty easy, though. That was a good one. I've never seen it. You've never seen Sara, nobody, I thought was not together. Yes, I mean, I love that. Maybe when we saw it together. Yeah, yeah, so now that I'm thinking the wrong common that I like are like the guy version of the chick flicks like yes, man, oh, that's a great show, such a good one, but it's totally like a guy romance comedy. Yeah, for sure. Dinner for Schmucks, that's not a romantic comedy. That's just a COB is. It's a love story there, Love, love. Oh Yeah, remember anything about love? Yeah, the guy who's fiance gets mad at him. Oh yeah, it's a look a comedy. No, totally okay. So we're going to actually play a games, so I don't want to go into too many more because that might ruin the game. So what we're going to do is I'll start. I'm going to read a very brief synopsis about romantic comedy of Sorts. Okay, and then you see if you can name the title and you wee paird of you for me if I'm reading the bell for winners, for winning answers. Sure you've got one right above you there. If you can do it without hitting any microphone spring here, I can grab on. You're gonna hear my chair Creek. Okay, just a moment. I'll read the first one. Ready. Two best friends on the run pick up a hitchhiker played by Brad Pitt, who steals all their money. They then make a shocking decision. To avoid the cops. Two best friends on the run, they pick up a hitchhiker played by Brad Pitt. You same's moving the cops. I don't think I've seen it, but could it be thumb and Louis? It is that's a romance movie. Well, okay, first of all, Ding for me. Yeah, that's true. I like but so when I googled like romantic comedy, Trivia or whatever, that one came up. So I haven't seen it in a long time. So it must have something to do with romantic comedy you like. That's a stretch. Yeah, that's a bit of maybe one of them had a crush on bread pit, but then he totally robbed him. I've never seen the movie, so I couldn't tell you. All Right, I've got one for you. One thousand nine hundred forty South Carolina, a millworker named Noah and a rich girl alley are desperately in love, but her parents don't approve. Noah goes off to serve in the war. Allie falls in love with someone else. I'm crying. Just think the notebook. I always cry at the end of the notebook. It's such a good movie. If you would read that description to me, based on that right there, I would have had no idea. I would have been like Pearl Harbor, allly and Noah, I didn't know that. Yeah, I mean the names. I've seen that maybe several times without me several times that that was going to spoiler something for the in case you haven't seen it, I won't spoil the end, but it's a tear jerker. Yeah, have you ever seen it? I think so. Yeah, clearly didn't impact you like it impact with me. Dinner for schmocks versus the notebook. Come on, no, yes, man, versus the notebook. Sometimes you just want to cry, sometimes you need that lethargic cry. Lethargic? I'm not sure what what I'm game for. It not lethargic. I'm just like sitting there half Como Tos, just crying. I don't even go on and cry. I think the word of looking for his Cathartic when you just need a cry. The notebooks a good one. Okay, here's your next one. Oh wait, wait, wait, oh, yeah, one in one. Yeah, based on Jane Austin's classic novel, the Bennett Family has no male air. So the young women must marry rich...

...husband's Elizabeth refuses, preferring to marry someone she chelas. See. Yes, what's the name of the movie? US? Pride and prejudice, correct, doay? All right, well, that good two to one. Let's go with this. All Right, a holiday gathering, some throwing it off a little bit. A holiday gathering threatens to go off the rails when Ned Fleming realizes that his daughter's Silicone Valley millionaire boyfriend is about to pop. The question. What was that movie? How it was so funny with the guy from breaking bad? Yes, is the DAD. Hmm Man, I can't remember what it was called it. It's the girl who was in the politician right with Ben's light. And what's his name? Is the main guy? I should know his name. Again, FLA, no, in this movie. Oh, the guy. Yeah, going to marry. Yeah, I'm not going to say his name because I can't think of the films. I can't think of the name of the movie. It was funny, though. Why Him? Why Him? Yeah, yeah, that was a fun two to one. I take a commanding lead. That's true. Okay, ready, this film from one thousand nine hundred and eighty four co starred Daryl Hannah as a mermaid named Madison. Wow, it's not beaches, but it's like something dust, Moon, Moon, something moon struck. Incorrect. What is it? Splash, splash, oh, that's awful. Okay, okay, we're even. We're even. Wait, nowhere, now you're I'm still ahead. Your two to one. Okay, here we go. A vacuum repair man, moonlights, is a street musician and hopes for his big break. One day a check immigrant who earns a living selling flowers approaches him with news that she's also an aspiring singer songwriter. What? This does not even sound familiar. Yeah, Oh no, I did see this. A pair decide to collaborate. This is a great movie and the Music From It was song they compose reflect the story of their blossoming. What was the name of that movie? That was a good film. I can't think of the name of it. Once. Once, yeah, that's a good soundtrack. Once. If you haven't seen that movie, Gu'll see it. It's really good. It's all a little slow. It's not slow, I mean it's no, yes, great, it's No. Why Him? It's not as much of it comedy. It's more just a romance. I say it's like a musical romance. Yeah, okay, one more for you, Sandral Bolok Star, says Lucy, a woman who saves Peter when he falls. So good and trained, so good. Got It already while you were sleeping. Yes, I got I give you weight, easier ones like you. All the ones you did. I've seen, but are like harder titles to come up with once. That's a hard title to come up all right, I've got another one for you. All Right, wait, if that's for me, three to one. Here's the description. Chicago Library and Henry suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes him to drift uncontrollably back and forth through time. What on one of his sojourns, he meets the love of his life, Claire, and they marry, but the problems and complexities of any relationship are multiplied by Henry's inability to remain in one place at one time. Oh, the time traveler his wife. Very good, very good, way to save yourself. That's why the time traveler's wife. Very good. Right. So that's the end. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. You one, three, day, three, T two. Nice. Well done, well done. Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Yes, I'm sorry, Aubrey, that I'm going to be out of town. No, I'll be back. I'm going into all be back. Always out of town on Balentin's Day. Yeah, fountains and my birthday. Yeah, I got to see the other family. They're they're more demanding, like they would not you know. Okay, with the one day year that I get to spend with that other family, one... they you get me on all the other holiday. That's true. That's more important. I'll take Christmas. They can have Balentin's, but I will be back the thirteen and we can celebrate Valentine's Day together on the fourteen. Awesome. Will see you next time. Happy Valentines Day. Valentine's Day.

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