Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 25 · 1 year ago

S01E24: Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day celebrations have changed over the years. Col and Aubrey discuss how it was different when they were kids and chat about the candy takeover, homemade Valentine cards and whether to give loved ones Valentine's gifts, and if so, what? They play a Romantic Comedy trivia game and discover that Col knows a lot more about RomComs than Aubrey does.

Do you remember when you were kiddecorating, like a shoe box for Valentine's Day for kids to putValentines in for sure? Yes thats the best it was either a shoe box, or if wedidn't have a shoe box, it was like a lunch bag, because a lung bag iscollapsible. She walks hoad Yo, fit that in your backpack. I don't know howI fit it in my backpack, but everyone had a shoe box really cut a hole in thetop and we would cover it in colored construction paper and decorate it like.That was the thing it had to be a she boux, a famous foot where it did reallywell every first half of February, because everyone's looking forshoeboxes harting in December January parents are like got to keep a shoe byfew box. You know I saw something online. The other day said you knowyou're an adult when just before throwing out a box, you think toyourself, but this is a really nice box. I might be able to reuse this be ableto use this Bockyeah. I've done that a few times lately with big boxes, and Ithink the kids would play with this box. I've noticed that and there's been likearound one or two big boxes, just like lying around the house and they drag itaround and I end up taking it out to recycling. You know how I decidewhether to keep it or not. I say well, can you fit in this box and he goes andhe gets in it and if he's like yeah, I'm like okay, we'll keep that fi e Wat's, a keeper beautiful. So we made these boxes and then I remember everyValentine that I got had to me from a specific kid right and I would to readthem and I was alike I would like read into it. Like I'd, read the message-and I remember thinking like: Oh they really like me. I think they reallywant to be. My friend like it was very interesting. Is it over me? But now weget this message home and they say please don't write, don't have yourchild right who they're too, because they want to just be able to put one ineach box without having to find the Kidyeah. Let's beat it up and I thinkthat's such a bummer. Well, there's two things that I can see. One is what, ifsomeone forgets to write a kid's name and they don't get a Valentine right,okay, but they send home a list, they would send home a list of the entireclass sure make sure. But I guess there is a chance you to sporget the Lonysone on the way to school. Some kid gets candy hungry on the bus could be. Oh, Ilost it. I lost yours little johnny yeah. What's your second one! Second isas a kid you can't wreck cause like the kidsdecorating, those boxes themselves, like you can't tell just by looking inthe box whose it is like the name has to be pretty loud and clear on the box,so it took way too much time. That's true! I remember for us: We had theirboxwas on their desk and their name was always big on their desk or you knewwhere everyone was sitting right. So you would everyone would walk around atthe same time and put the different kids ones in their boxes, but we allknew where everyone was sitting here. Did you go all out on your like box,decoration or just typical construction paper? Yeah mine was just typicalconstruction paper. I know I did him myself. Maybe my farients helped alittle bit. It was like pretty much me. You know so just yestruction paper.Looking real like a kid, did it some stickers? Maybe you know some markerhearts the reason he fancy the reason I asked if you went all out or if youjust did construction paver, because I know you had some other t projects as akid where whore my dad helped a little bit help a little bit. linkwing kind ofhave this amazing picture of me with it's like it's like a ORT with arickshaw. It's like a really well skulted Hor. Yes, that my dad helped medo out of clay and it's very clear that he basically did it an. I have thislook of pride on my face Li made, but you're holding like a little toolalmost as if you are- and I do remember like doing it like- I helped, but hevery much like kind of shaped the Horse, so it actually looked like a horse andit yeah. You can tell he helped a lot, but I definitely didn't just watch him.Do it like. I remember him helping me do it and I use the tools, and so youknow we had a we had. I mean what parent hasn't had a moment like that,where they've helped their kids with a project, we actually had your dad helpaddy with on that shark yeah, there was... night she was like. Oh, I have aproject due tomorrow and it was like nine pm and we said, Oh what and shesaid I have to make an animal out of clay or something like yeah we're likereally so. My Dad was in town, so I called it I'm like do you happen tohave any clan? Could you help me make an animal and he said like ten secondslater, he sent back a picture of like a shark made out of clay. Thet washolding and then he painted it and he painted it. Yeah basically just made itfor her, Oh no, she painted it. He sent it home with us and we had to bake it.I was like that kind of clay they have to bake and then once it was cool inthe morning, she painted it at least, but he made it for her. Basically, Ithink the project that I'm most proud of that we did for I don't know if it was ou of yourpenelopene. Do you remember the Saturn Project? Oh yeah, that was a good one,and that was another one. Like Sunday night yeah, she was like. I have to dothis planet project and we found a good sized cardboard box and we did like aDirama with all these planets hanging down from from fishing line. It wasbeautifullis fantastic and I remember you I', involving her a lot and lettingher help. Yeah Wa, like you just did it. Yes, she definitely helped on thisprajact teacher riht, so yeah for Valentine's Day. I don'tremember ever helping our kids make a box. What do they put them in now? Idon't know because they, maybe they make something at school, but if so,they don't bring it home. I have no idea, I'm. I know I'm curious. Theyjust bring home a whole bunch of Valentine's unless every other kid haslike a box they've made at home and and I'm just dropping the ball. You know,if so, shame on the teacher. They should tell us they should tell us ifother kids are going to be making a Bort. Maybe I'm supposed to be the oneI don't know. Maybe everybody just knows that you're supposed to send in abox for Valentine's. I'm thinking I don't even know, did our parents know, I think it was, Ifeel like it was probably community. I feel like I made it at school Tbat.Maybe not I don't rememe, but here's the other thing that's kindof interesting. When I was a kid none of the Valentines had candy. It wasjust like a flat paper Valentine, I don't remember any of them having candy.So it's just a message. That's my I'm, like okay reading into the message, butrarely every now and then you'd get like a box of those conversations. Yeah,that's what I think rarely did. Any of them have candy. No, that's a reallygood point. You remember them having candy when Youre O, they were just justthe paper CARYEA. I don't even remember I don't remember a just remember themhaving candy just paper, and I remember every now and then just like you saidthe conversation hearts which conversation ar get this conversationhard, yeah, yeah and they're nasty, but such I think they changed. The resci mestill nasty used to be like chalk did't even make those anymore yeah yeah. Ifeel like tha ce any one out of business, O yeah. They still make him.We just had some last week last night last week, last year, yeah, but now every Valentine has candy. Ithink the kids will just like check it in the garbage if it doesn't have candy.So it's become a lot less about like the little message from a kid and morelike what candy did you give me for sure, yeah and and Valentine's Day hasbecome like a second Hello Lloween you supposed to yeah, yougot to get candy the're expecting candy and if I try to get just paperValentines that don't have candy thet kids are like No. No. No. These have tohave candy. My I have to be able to give candy to my friends, Eah Doddo, todo dude breaking news. You aready for this yeah. This is going to break yourheart Nico. The makers of those ever chalkyconversation, heart candies, has gone out of business and candy hearts havebeen discontinued for now at least January twenty third, two thousand andNineteen Huh. So as of last year, I could have sworn I saw. Some last showsere like the year old ones, that I believe that brocks still makes them.Okay and I think sweet tarts might do them and I'm sure those are better likethe original ones. The Super Jockey, you remember the Nio round, WayferCandies, Oh yeah, thase, a gruss to...

...really grossxcep o chocolate ones aregood. I don't know still very chocky. I wonder why they went ont a business ecaus, a gross, so a lot of parentsmake homemade valentines. We did this one time and I felt like parent of theyear. You remember we did it one time ght now yeah Ook, pictures of Itas,Addi and penelope. They were probably like what six and four ye h they wereholding out their arm, and then we took the picture in printed them and thenthrew their little hand. We put a sucker, so it lookd like they wereHandi holding out at sucker. For you right. We Ere, like Oh yeah, so greatevery year, we're going to make Comi Valntin. No, we never di it again, oneand only one inm done a lot of people. A lot of parents make Homa valentinesevery year and they're, always so amazing. I say good for them. Yes,except let your kid do it: they should let their kids make the homemadeValentine's. You can always tell that the kids didn't make them like they're.Just like a school pester like look amazing, yeah, they're, great I've,some of the my favorite ones, I've seen there was one where it said: you're aQudi with a little cuty orange. Oh that's clever! It was clever, but it'sfunny because the kids were like E. I got this cty orage ore like mad becauseit wasn't candy but OC. Rs like this is the best idea, because if I see a Cuti,I'm like oh sweet Acuti and my kids see Cuti in their lunch they're like I knowthis is the worst a a Lotso weird another good one I saw was it said youwon my heart and it was like a tick techtogrid with harts and exes. It wasa really cute. Okay. I can't remember what was that Ti Ted? Oh Yeah Itas,like Hart that was really cute all right and then another one was. It wasa bubble gum one, and it said I choose you, okay, so that one may sound homemade, but it's ripped offfrom he simpsons episode. I know which I did had never seen the simpsonsepisode, but you remember this is the first love note you ever gave me do youremember then hold on. Let me tell the sensof the story, verse, okay, okay, solet me think of the name: It's not Nelson lasses! IT'S CUTA! No, it's not the one.It's not mill house o! That's who I was thinking Oway, it's the one who talkslike Thisnot, no house; no, no! It is he's in Lisa's class, simpsons and just googling this right.Now I choose you. It is what's his name: Ralph Ralph, Wigham,Ralphie, police, chief chief Wigham's son, okay, right and chief Wigham iskind of a loner little bit yeahmy name's Ralph, and he doesn'thave a lot of friends and when I think this might be the only Valentine thathe gets wat, you mean Ralph, theloner or chief Wegam. Ralph is okay, yeah,the Sun, okay and I thin so much of the simpsons in case you can', Tel Lisa,you're missing out, and so are our kids. But that's okay. Lisa gives him abalances because I don't think he got any I'm en. This is a little bit fuzzy.In my mind, box is empty, so she hands him one and he ends up falling in lovewith Lisa, because she gives him a Valentine and the Valentine says I chooto choose you and it's a picture of a train, Happy Valentine's dday that Ihave gum attached to it. Probably not so I guess the homemade here's thething, though I don't want my kids chewing bubblegum. I know you hate you hate having thekids have gum, the the more gum there is, the more likely it is to be intheir hair to get caught in the carpet to go through the Washer. You know partof why I don't Lakt kids have Gom is remember, we lived in New York City andthere were those black circles everywhere on the sidewalks from hestep on Il stippon gum and just letting it become part of the time. My kidscan't figure out how to keep all the fruit snacks and a little container orthrow the rapper away. How do I expect them to be responsib responsible enoughto throw gem away so by anyway back to your love, nout, okay, yes, Leve, notEga, we had just started dating and it was this little card and it said Ichoose to choose you, and there was a...

...cute little ove note, but I didn't getit. I was like you had no idea rip that off of the sersons in you're like upfrom the simpsons. I was like. Oh you, oh, so your actions like go what yout?Oh, that's cute, like a homemade meleti. No, it's it's one of the greatestvalentines cards of all time. I know what I love to soon vallans day is makeheart shaped food with the kids m. You know this. I've done this for severalyears. We often will do pizza e on the grill and I'll make the heart shapedcrust, and then one year I made little heartshaped Pepperonis. That's a littlebit more of an. I took forever otied to get little tiny heartshape like cookiecutters, but I couldn't find anything small enough or I did find one, but itwouldn't cut it well enough. It wasn't sharp enough or whatever so that I hadto like cut them with a knife. It took a while. Well, you could do it withscissors, but you'd have to cut each one either way. Yeah I Maka waste of alot of tepperany. I yeah had all the little pipper any bits on one one:little extra pizza for me, the discarded pizza, yeah and then we'vedone heart shaped cookies, of course, and Ar we have a little heart, shapedpiemaker, and then one year we use the heartshape piymaker to cut hearts outof Tortias and made Hart Chams AES ideas. I forgot about that yeah thatwas fun yeah, so yeah hartshap food is the fun Valentine's tradition. We'venever done like gifts, yeah we don't really getour kids. Valentine's presence is that I could do other parents get kids. Idon't know I don't really either our grandparents will get our kidsdalentine yeah. My parents always got us like a little something yeah as agift. An my mom gets our kids stuff, and so does your mom, which is fun butyeah. We haven't. I do that's my present to you heartshaped food. Yes, Ilove it here. My presence to them is the fact that they have everything theyhave they're, okay, with not gettingsomething extra from me on Valentine's Day, yeah, a lot of people hateValentine's Day. If you it's a devicive holiday Al Right, if you're not datingsomeone or not married like it's kind of a bummer, everybody else's Shor,love holiday and you're like Wa yeah, but they do. They do like a lot ofsingles, meetups o sure, galantines, Dath, gallontixe, DAS, night, guy andtin doesn't work no gying time, no yeah. I don't really like we've gotten oureach other gifts for Valentine's Day. Sometimes I'm not my love. Language isnot receiving gifts right. It's acts of service. So, like you, do somethingNice for me clean out the fridge I've mentioned in the past. Do the dishesmake the bet everybiger deal to me? Yes, then, like getting me what flowers orchocolate or whatever, but you have got me flowers- and I an I love that it'sso nice just for to have someone have thought of you and go out of their wayto get you a present or something nice like it is nice yeah, but it's Icertainly don't expect it sometimes you've gotten me like a plant like apotted plant which I've loved. That, too, though, I still, I have a reallyhard time keeping plants alive. I just notice there's a little cactus onone ofour shelves in the kitchen. That is, I think, alive. I haven't watered that ina long time. That's anything about CACTUS yeah to Waternberg off and theysurvive yeah even compared to most succulence, because seculance are alittle finicky in our home yeah, the Cactus Yeah, whereas the basil plantson the counter. I don't know how long it's going to last yeah, it'sstruggling yeah, it's not doing so hot. What about you do you feel like? Ishould be getting you Valentine's presencs, because I don't always yeah.I don't know if I ever have have I ever given Y vantince bres. No, I maybe oncegot you like a tie. No, I feel like you, should geto presenceyeah and I can give you some suggestion. Let's hear him arepots Bro, you could get me actually trying to getCOL Airpud ar puts pro for Christmas and they were sold out everywhere inthe whole country. Like what, if I fly, I lost yeah, I lost my original airpods and I needed a replacement and air putspro were sold out. So I got impatient and just butter pots. I still keephoping that you're original ones will turn up somewhere that we'll just findthem. I've told the kids, I said: Hey. If you guys find him laying around thehouse they're yours, whoever finds them you get to keep them yeah. I don't knowif they've looked at all, but that...

...could be my Valentine's Day gift tosomeone find your older, you here's! Oh you found my old air pudshappy Valentine's Day. So how about a more realistic gift idea: New gradge door, opener MTHAT's, romantic yeah Hashto, like baol gifts around hereyeah. I know we need ad new graduate up in her ECAUZE. Ours is so loud and it'sright below cols office H my office, and so when Ev we tri oi toer, myoffuands. You can hear Noa Liyo because for the last five or six years, I'veworked from home and it hasn't been a problem because you've been drivingyour car, which is parked on the other side of the house in the garage, andyou can open and close it, and I don't hear anything in my office. But now youdiscarge your car because you like to drive the electric car, which courseobviously LIK s no gas and every time you open the garage door. It's likesuper loud. I had someone on a conference called the other a they werelike. What is that Nalways? What's going on? Can anyone else hear thatit's like hurting my ears? I was like, Oh sorry, guys. That's my wife openingthe garage door right below my office. It's lad. We got it on the podcast oncewhen I was interviewing Amy Web. Remember and you got home and he garagsEr up and I'm like. Oh that's, so lad. thes call like fifteen seconds lateragain: Yes absut. What is that sorry guys? She just left drudge doors,closing she's gonna, be back in thirty minutes, you're going to hear it twiceagain: Yeh Sorry, so Valentine's Day, gift new grage Dor surpener, but wehave to get a super nice one see that's the problem. It's not like. I can justgo and get you something like that. I have. You would need to be there topick it out. I don't know like you're the one doing the research about whatso really. If I'm going to get you at present, it eitheris going to be something youdon't like, because you haven't picked it yourself or you're going to have tocome with me to get it Yep. I like a Rog door opener for Valentine's Day,really the kind I want that don't even have in retail stores. I just Samgi'mlikeish, and you need to be happy with that. Preson that'll work too. Let'sTalk Valentine's Day movies, oh they're, a lot of fun! Well so when you sayValentine's Day movies, I just think of like Chickflix, like every romantic co,thits kind of how it goes yeah, because there are a few that are eccetific toValentines like Valentine's Day yeah. The did you ever watch that one Iremember it had like a. It was like a listers like a a bunch of stars right,yea, well, yeah, one of those movies where, like an Oer, Oh gos, ives kindof onsomli cats, ikcats the new Valentines Dayba, ohcats was a great Valentine's Ay. You guys got to see it if you Havn't know, haven't seen it. No, probably not Goin,to stand home. What about? What's your favoriteromantic comedy, O juce favorite romantic? Is that a ROM COM is thatwhat they call it? FAVORITE ROM COM, sure, let's just short for romantic,comedy Yeah Yeah, but it's a wrong com. I was yea, that's what they call hit.Yes, okay, you were saying sure, like Oh yeah, you just made that up like nothat's othing, t's, okay, favorite ROM COM, I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedies.I don't think I have a favorite. What about Joe versus the volcano? Okay, O!That's your! We were talking about this because we were talking aboutValentine's Day movies, obviously Valentine's Day and then any Meg RyanTom Hanks movie sleepless in Seattle. You've got male. Those are Valentine'sDay, ish, just because theyre yeah and I said we were at dinner and I said Heyif you're going to throw those in you have to throw in Joe versus the volcano,because that's a that's a love story. Oh for sure, the best thing about thatmovie is how meggrain is like ten different people. Would you like tohear Abouem? Would you like to Shur long ago the delicate tangles of hishair covered the emptiness of my hand? Would you like to hear it again? Yes,that's a great movie. It's long! It's go a long time. Delicate tangle is love.Those like sleepiss in Seattle. You've... maile, not my favorite. I haven'tseen him in a long time, but I remember kind of being like yeah about time. I've already talked on herethat bout' my favorite wrong com for sure what I was thinking I just thought ofis he's just not that into you h, that's a good one. That was a good one.I did like that one yeah, what about return to me, an untamed heart. Iresdon't think I've ever seen that I liked both of those yeah it's they'reboth about like hurt surgeries, okay, so tat's kind of the metaphor of likedoes your actual physical heart have anything to do with you like whetheryou can love or yeah. You would love, and I liked both of them very DEP,pretty easy, though that was a good one. I've never seen it you've never seenSAR nobity. I thought I was hot together. Yes, I E. I love that, maybe when we saw itOgaiter, yeah yeah, so now that I'm thinking t the wrongcommovies that I like are like the guy version of the chick flix like yes, man.Oh, that's, a great that'sh, a good one, but it's totally like a Guy RomanceComedy Yeah for Sure Dinner For schmucks. That's not a ROMENTIC COMENY!That's just a god: It's a love story. Is there in love like lovoh yeah.Remember anything about Lia, the guy whose fiance gets mad at him. Uoh Yeah!It's lit just a comedy, no totally. Okay, so we're going to actually playgames. I don't want to go into too many more because that might ruin the game.So what we're going to do is I'll start. I'm going to read a very brief synopsisabout romantic comedy of Sorts. Okay, andthen you see if you can name the title and you should we pared of few for meS'r doing the bell for winners for winning answers. Sure you've got oneright above you there. If you can do it without hitting Genni microphronespring here I can grab you're going to hear my chair creak. Okay, just amoment, I'll read the first one ready two best friends on the run pick up ahitchhyker played by Bradpitt who steals all their money. They then makea shocking decision to avoid the cops two best friends on the run. They pick up a hitch hiker played byBradpitt, je a MFIN lecops. I don't think I've seen it, but could it beThumbe and Louis? It is that's a romance movie, Wow, okay, first of allDing for me yeah, that's true I like, but so when I googled like romantic comedy Trivi or whatever thatone came up, so I haven't seen it in a long time, so it must have something todo with romantic comedy Yu, like that's a stretch yeah that'sat, but maybe one of them had to crush on bread pit, and then he totallyrobbed him. I've never seen the movie. So I couldn't tell you all right: I'vegot one for you, one thousand nine hundred and fortySouth Carolina a mill worker named Noah and a richgirl Ali are desperately in love, but her parents don't approve Noa, goes offto serve in the war. Ali falls in love with someone else, I'm crying just me the notebook. I always cry at theend of the notebook. It's such a good movie. If you would read thatdescription to me, based on that right there I would have had no idea. I wouldhave been like Pearl Harbor, Sally and Noah. I didn't know the YeahI man Sames I've, seen that movie several times without me several timesI that was going to spoil something for the in case you haven't seen it. Iwon't spoil the end, but it's a tiear, jerker yeah. Have you ever seen it. Ithink so. Yeah clearly didn't impact you like it impact. It me dinner forchmock versus the note book come on. No, yes, man versus the OT book. Sometimesyou just want to cry. Sometimes you need that lethargic cry lethargic cut aI'm, not sure about what I'm looking for it. HE NOT LETHARGIC! I'm just likesitting there, half comatos, just cried a Leve o o o o cry. I think the word of loo for isCathartic when you just need a cry: the notebooks, a good one. Okay, here'syour next one wait: Wait! Wait! Oh Yeah, a oneof one yeah based on Jane Austen's,classic novel, the Bennet Family has no male air, so the young women must marryrich husbands. Elizabeth refuses,...

...preferring to marry someone she tusee.Yes, what's the name of the movie sprid in prejudice correct day, all right, O?Well, Dat good two to one: Let's go with this all right: a holiday gathering, some throwing itoff a little bit. A holiday gathering threatens to go off the rails when NedFleming realizes that his daughter's Silicone Valley, millionaire boyfriendis about to pop the question. What was that movie, how it was so funny with the guy from breaking bad? Yes, asthe dad man, I can't remember what it wascalled it its the girl who was in the politician right with Benwit and what'shis name, is the main guy. I should know his name again. What no in thismovie, Oh think, I yeahin o marry yeah, I'm not going to say his name. I can'tthink of the rounds. I can't think of the name of the movie. It was funny,though, why him why him Yeh yeah, that was the FUC Todo one. I take acommanding lead! That's true! Okay, ready this film frone thousand ninehundred and eighty four Coastar Darrel Hannah as a mermaid named Madison wow, it's not beaches, but it's like something dust, Moon, moon, somethingmoonstruck incorrect. What is it SPLAH? SPLAH? Oh, that's! Awful! Okay, okay,we're even we're even wait. Nowhere NOYI'm still ahead you're two to one okay. Here we go a vacuum: RepairmanMoonlights is a street musician and hopes for his big break one day. Acheck immigrant who earns a living selling flowers, approaches him withnews that she's also an aspiring singer songwriter what this does not even sound familiaryeah! Oh No. I did see that a pair o decide to fa right. This is a greatmovie and the music from it was Solca. They compose reflect the story of theirblossoming love. What was the name of that movie? That was a good film. I can't think of the name of it once once. Yeah, that's a goodsoundtrack. Once if you haven't seen that movie Gusse it, it's really good,it's a little slow! It's not slow! I mean it's! No, yes, an GREATM! It's! No!Why Him? It's not as much of a comedy, it's more just a romance isay! It'slike a musical romance yeah! Okay, one more for you Sandra Bullick Stars asLucy, a woman who saves Peter when he falls so trange, so you got it allready.While you were sleeping yes, I got that gave you weight easier ones like youall the ones you did I've seen but are like harder titles to come up with oncethat's a hard title to come up all right. I've got another one for you allright! Wait! If that's for me three to one here's, the description, ChicagoLibrari and Henry suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes him todrift uncontrollably back and forth through time. What on one of his sojourns, he meetsthe love of his life Claire and they marry, but the problems andcomplexities of any relationship are multiplied by Henry's inability toremain in one place at one time. Oh the time, traveler this wife very good, very good way tosave yourself the TIF, the time traveler's, wife, very good right. Sothat's the end winter winter. Chicken dinner- you won three dored. Two Nicewell done well done. EAH, happy Valentines! Today, everybody! Yes, I'msorry, a'bbre that I'm going to be out of TI, no I'll, be back! I'm going anway back, always out of town on Valentine's Day y Valantanse, an mybirthday yeah. I got to see the other family ethey're more demanding like lit, wouldyo not knowit wit, the one day year that I get to spend with that otherfamily one day.

Tyou get me on all the other Holliday,that's true, that's more important I'll take Christmas. They can haveValentine's, but I will be back the thirteen and we can celebrateValentine's Day together on the fourteen, a IMOs Seo same happyValentin's, a Valentines do.

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