S01E24: Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day celebrations have changed over the years. Col and Aubrey discuss how it was different when they were kids and chat about the candy takeover, homemade Valentine cards and whether to give loved ones Valentine's gifts, and if so, what? They play a Romantic Comedy trivia game and discover that Col knows a lot more about RomComs than Aubrey does.

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Episode 7 · 1 week ago

S02E07: Bilingual Parenting

Heather Koziol of The Future is Bilingual podcast joins Aubrey to discuss raising bilingual kids. She and her husband are raising their children speaking both Polish and English, and she shares advice for anyone wanting to help children develop a love for language learning.

Episode 6 · 5 months ago

S02E06: (Par)entrepreneurs: Senita Athletics

Jenna and Maddie join us to chat about their athletic wear company, Senita Athletics. We walk a fine line of TMI, or maybe we cross it a bit.

Episode 5 · 5 months ago

S02E05: Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Col & Aubrey chat about the origins of mother's day and share their fondest memories of their own mothers. They play a trivia game and discuss the best and worst TV moms. Col successfully eliminates any chance of a sponsorship opportunity with Hallmark.

Episode 4 · 5 months ago

S02E04: (Par)entrepreneurs: Junior Hero

Aubrey interviews Thea Greaves about Junior Hero, the nonprofit she runs with her family. They play superhero trivia/would you rather and it turns out no one likes Tom Holland except every teenage girl.