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Accidental Parenting

Episode 19 · 2 years ago

S01E18: New Year's Eve 2019


Happy New Year from Accidental Parenting! Col feels like a kid again playing with all our kids' new Christmas presents, and we discover that Aubrey is impressively bad at Super Mario Land. Listen to this week's episode for stories about our best and worst New Year's Eves, as well as ideas on how to ring in the new year with kids.

Can you believe that it's already New Year's Eve? Well, tomorrow, when we publish this, it'll be New Year's Eve. Well, we published tonight. That's only ten says the person who's the two minutes from falling asleep. I'm tired. You have to edit too. Yeah, I'm not publishing tonight. Are you going to stay up with me holding the candle light? Now you're going to be in bed dreaming of Sugar Plumb fairies. I guess tomorrow to yeah, say this week good enough. So happy New Year's Eve when everyone listens to this. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Our kids were spoiled, as they always are. What were some of the greatest gifts that our kids got? Oh, we got a nintendo switch. We did get a switch. That's really the only one that anyone cares about anymore. It's love it, it's true, and we didn't get my parents got it for to be fair, but we did request that my parents got them this, which we got them some of other really, really good things. We got a big four Willard things that they write around in the cold of SAQUITY, not for wheelers call those like big bokarts, pedal petal cars, stars. Sure, big difference be to humor wheel. Oh Yeah, those the quads that our kids are running around on the coal to say pedal cars, settle cars. Yeah, they love those. They love those. So let's talk about the which because Aubrey and I we just went and picked up Adeline from a movie, but before that we were playing a little nintendo switch. Aubrey turns to me, she says, Hey, let's play Super Mario. Yeah, so cold turns on this Mario game where he's like, okay, I'll be Mario and your my hair, the cap and cappy, like here, you just follow them around and be my hat. Like no, you can like terrible I things and collect coins for me. IDEA. That was a melope loves being cappy, like I'll be your hat, dad. She's great at Yah, she's so good at yeah, like her be Mario and you ber hat. Let's not get into that numbers. Ever, she doesn't know how to be Mario, like I know how to be more. In the same way, I don't know how to be cappy. It's a certain set of skill. He knows to be just what to do to be cappy sheet, because as cappy you can like transport yourself into other objects and she loves doing that. So, like the bullets, she'll transport cappy. And Mario won't say the HAT. You have to call it Caffy, like it's around character. It is this hat. No, you need there is a whole introduction. This is Super Mario Odyssey, I I think it's what it's called, and there's a whole introduction about how the princess is being kidnapped by I need the buy in. I need to hear all. Yeah, okay, so the princess is kidnapped by I don't know, clouds, are bowser? Is it bows out of one of the big giant monster, turtle, pig, whatever things? They are kidnaps the princess and he's going to force her to marry him little freaky and Mario gets pushed off the flying ship and he lands on this planet where it looks like a whole bunch of ghosts wearing caps hats, and one flies up to and he's like Hey, I'm happy, I'll be and they yeah, I'm going to be your friend. We can go do this together. And so he puts the hat on and they're like one of the say so. It's like the way of Mario being to play real character. So anyway, Aubrey's apparently not down with Super Mario Odyssey. She wanted to play Super Mario Brothers three. It's the only one I'm familiar with which is not the greatest old school Mario Brothers game, Super Mario Land. That's a good is the one is one that I was playing right yes, the Yoshi one. So we played that for a little and Aubrey had never played it before. Not and...

...if you recall as a child, anyone out there listening, as a child, you'd be playing Nintendo or Super Nintendo, you're playing to player ones, Mario Ones, Luis G, and you're waiting for the other person to either pass the the level or die so that it's your turn, and you remember helps forever how painful it was to watch. It's right. Even if they're going fast, it's playful and you get to the point where you start to click the buttons as if you were playing to make the time go faster. I'm telling you, thirty minutes ago, when we were playing, it's like Aubrey was moving in slow motion. I'm like no, you can run fast past but you can jump harder. It's the fast button. Die Immediately. She kept doing spin jumps. To be fair, there's controllers are different than the one. I remember they are. That's if. That's my one gripe, if I have to have any, with the nintendo switch, is the controllers are a little bit smaller and the buttons are so much closer together. They're meant for chance. So I've got fat thumbs and you know adults are going to be playing this too. So every now and then I hit the spin button and jump off of Yoshi, but consistently Aubrey was doing your little twirl spins and just you could jump round just such a bottom butter. I don't even know what button it's called. Then there's like holding though be X Z. Why Roots Cube squared, all these extra buttons on the it's hard exactly. The Nice thing is you didn't ever have to wait very long for my turn to be over. Your turn came right away. Yeah, Nice, so fast. Problem is I also had to give you because in Super Mario World or land you can give the other person lives once they die. So she went through hers pretty quickly, so I give her half of mine. So we hit had three and then I had to give her half of might again once those were spent. I actually collected. I've got about ten lives right now, so I can bring you back and you can save it. Yeah, that's exciting. I don't know if you can. Yeah, you can. I don't know if I'm ever going to play again. I'M gonna. Well, that's a real life. I was worried that I'd have to watch you playing in slowmo. Trying to teach her how to fly was pretty entertaining to it's funny. I'm never, never been good at video games like that. I've never been. Yeah, tetras. I was good at Tetris. There's tetris on there. That's what. Okay, let's play Tetris. Yeah, you play Tetris at all and you a lot, and I'll pretend like I'm playing texts. So New Year's Eve. It's exciting. I love New Year's Eve. It's always a great time of year to reflect on, you know, the past year and and think about what you're going to change or do different, what resolutions are going to make. Given plants. Why are you going to put me on the spot like that? Who says I made any resolutions. I'm not a big resolution person. I think every time someone says, Oh, I'm gonna go to the gym every day, this shit like it. That's so easy to break. Oh, yeah, for sure, but I'm a fan of revolution, revolutions, and you love, I believe your revolutionary at heart. You say you want a revolution. I think I prefer mind sets over resolutions. Right to get US start a new mindset this yeah, I'm just going to focus on being happy, like just I need to focus on being happy. That's a good one for everyone. It is. You know, I kind of have a love hate relationship with New Year's Eve. I feel like there's this build up for it to be like really fun and have a fun time, and I've had some not so fun New Year's eves. This goes back to this goes back to your childhood. Oh, you remember this? I didn't even look at the notes. You know where I'm I know. Yeah, first New Year's Eve I remember I was supposed to go to a party. It was like, I don't know, junior high or something, I feel like maybe high school even, and my friends were going to pick me up. My friends were driving, so we had to be at least sixteen, Fifteen, sixteen, and I'm like waiting for them to get nobody had cell phones, you know, so I couldn't like call I could call their house. I think I called... of their houses at some point, maybe like ten or eleven, and they were gone, but they hadn't picked me up yet. I'm like waiting. My parents were having some party downswers with their friends. I'm like waiting, like watching for my window, waiting for my friends. Midnight comes and go and your parents are like hey, come celebrate with us. No, I think they even realized that I hadn't left, as it's like they're by myself. They never came and got me. Oh, that's so sad. Is Sad, and that's the first New Year's even and that's why all New Year's eves since that first one our anti climactic. Well, let's. I mean you can only go uphill from there, it's true. That's good. That's so sad, but you've had some other with one kind of like want whom? But we've had some really fun ones. I mean time you go to a new New Year's Eve party with good friends, it's a good one. Oh Yeah, for sure, we've had some fun ones. We lived in New York for a couple of years and I kind of thought maybe we would go and go to Times Square and sat ball drop. We know did way too cold outside for that. It was so cold and we had little kids, so it just wasn't doable. Well, your leave happed in there. We've had been friends who you know in Arizona and even who lived in New York, who would go do that stuff and it was just they made it sound like they were miserable. We had heard horror stories. For sure, wearing diapers and because there's nowhere to know where to go. It's like you're an astronaut for one night. HMM. But the New York ones were fun. I remember watching fireworks from the top of the building. Would go up to the roof and watch the fireworks and that was fun and we yeah, we've had some fun ones. We went to Boston and I was at the Fourth of July that I'm thinking of. Yeah, I don't think we ever watched New Year's Eve fireworks. We for sure did on the rooftop. That's fourth of July, because we spent every New Year's Eve here in Arizona when we lived in New York. That's right. There, New Year's even the fourth of July or two holidays that get fireworks. I'm kind of using the fireworks use. There was one fourth of July where Aubrey was waiting for her friends to come pick her up. Was the fourth of July. lates. We had a good one recently. Well, at a memorable one. Let's say we had gone on a cruise right after Christmas and for New Year's Eve we were at Great Wolf Lodge and they were having this huge, oh big kids party party. We were such night about a dance party snow inside. The kids were so excited and then earlier that night, earlier that day, at like three or four pm a year's Eve, everyone started throwing up in the hotel room. We had to have the maids coming like clean the hotel room. It was like worse nightmare. Addie and ever were the only ones that weren't sick. You stayed at the other kids and Addie and I went to the Parti is just Han Asleep at like thirty. Yep, that wasn't last year, was it? Now it's a couple of years ago. Are you sure that wasn't last year. That could have been last no, no, it's lass. You were the cabin. It was two years ago. Oh yes, it was to you. It was really fun and trip, other than all of the vomit, the incident, let's just call it the incident. Incident. The New Year's even, Saddie and I had a great time. We went to the damn yeah, looked like it was an amazing party. Lay through the US to just hanging out. Ye Know, at least there was one other person besides me that wasn't sick, that could come. Yeah, do something. Okay, I said, had to like go to bed at seven in a hotel room that smelled like vomit. Because if you hit had to go to the kids New Year's Eve party as an adult by yourself, yeah, that would have been like I've been like, I guess I'll be reliving your teenage years all over again. Right, where's all the fun kids that I'm supposed to hang out with? They never showed. Or if I had been sick to that maybe would have been worse than that first year's Eve I remember. Maybe you know the whole days are the worst time to get sick. Oh yeah, like Thanksgiving, and it seems like someone. It's always flu season, so someone's always either got the flu or Oh, they woke up in the middle of the night vomiting Thanksgiving Christmas. I feel like as a kid they were a couple of Christmas New Year's combos where just everyone gets sick and when one person gets it, everybody gets everybody gets it, and it's a bummer if you're working, because you're like,...

Oh, I guess this is good, that at least I'm not missing work. But no, those are your days off. I don't want to be sick. No one wants to be sick on their day off or sure, we've been really lucky because we pretty much haven't had to work at all the whole like Christmas sneers this whole week, and it's been really fun. It's been nice night to work really yeah, though I am ready for the kids to go back to school. I'm being happy about them being home because I'm flu. We spend a lot of fun time with them, but it does get to the point where I can only handle so much. Can I have screen time requests? There's some of that. Well, they're just excited about the switch. That's true. That's our own fault. We're getting it true, we should have just bought them eat their own switch. That would have solved all the world's Montism to see their own man. They just needed more screens. That would that would make them so much happier if we just gave them all their own screams. Be Total monsters. They're already terrible about it. You know, my favorite, one of my very favorite scenes of all movies of all time is new years. You've seen wait, let me which when I'm talking about? Yes, okay, news. You've seen movies. Obviously, ghostbusters. Know what's the scene and ghostbusters? That's on near the marshmallow man. Isn't that a New Year's Eve? I don't know, Google I remember. You know that and I'm telling about they're the one that I'm actually talking about. It's from about time. Okay, you remember the new Yar's Eve party and you not great scene. So in the beginning of the movie it shows him at this new Ye's Eve party and there's this girl who kind of has a crush on him and New Year's Eve like they they ring in the New Year at midnight and he's standing right by her and you think maybe he'll give her a kiss and he doesn't. He like turns away and it's awful and she's sad and it's a sad and then not long later when he realizes he can travel through time and he he goes back to that night and red does it and he kisses her and it's amazing and Whitney Houston starts singing I will always love you. I think it's so good. That's a great movie. Let's just so. I've got an answer about ghostbusters. Hear it and if you Google this, ghostbusters to New Year's Eve. If you play ghostbusters to if you start it at twenty seven and fifty three seconds on New Year's Eve, Bill Murray will say happy new year at the stroke of midnight. We need to do that, for how amazing is that? But yeah, that's the one. Where's the giant marshmallow man? That's right. One. Is that he is with all of the Goo in the yeah, the Egore in like a sewers. Yeah, Oh, maybe that's new year's maybe that's notice the fourth of July. Le'd be funny if it work. No, but I'm trying to think. Why is everyone outside in New York City and everyone's like cheering for the marshmallow man. Yeah, seems like it was a parado their night's not. I'm thinking it's The statue of Liberty they're cheering for. is they're all outside. They fill, you remember, they fill the Statue of Liberty with the, yes, what looked like the big tub of Pink Hair Gel that we have when I was growing up, and then they turn the music on and they are able to control the Statue of Liberty walking down the streets of New York City on New Year's Eve. Gosha, I haven't seen that in so long, but I believe you, I only have vague little recollections. Yeah, I mean, but, but the other movie that you were talking about, that's a good time. That's a really good one. It is cry. I was cry at the end. That's one where I cannot watch that movie without crying, no matter how many times I see it. Yeah, if you haven't seen it, check it out. So let's talk about some of the things that we do with kids on New Year's Eve, because I don't want all of my kids to stay up till midnight. They're awful the next day. If they do, they're awful the next day anyway. But I don't want them staying up to to midnight on New Year's Eve. Often we've done some different things, like throwing a party at eight. Yeah, ring in the New Year at eight or nine PM. I wish eight. It's usually ten PM. Yeah,...

...something like that. So we'll ring in the new year at ten PM and then try to get them to go to bed. Sometimes works. Yeah, but does our kids get older? This is going to be exciting because Addie is going to her first like New Year's Eve dance. Yeah, I'm all excited about that, which is going to be awesome. She's going to have a blast. She's going to have a really good time. The downside of that is now we have to stay up to make sure that she gets right home, or gets home, and that's a whole Party. Get that and take care and care of she's got. She's getting right home from another mom so, but we're going to be here, I preach, don't have to go get her. Don't have to go get her. Yeah, so let me Nice. We are lucky enough to we've got a couple of different Shin digs to go to tomorrow. I keep saying to a couple of tonight O it's New Year's Eve when we release this episode. For a couple of years we've had this really fun Family Party at our in Cole's brothers House and they do a big white elephant gift exchange. If we talked about how fun those are and just like food and fun, Fund lots of games and it's really, really fun. We love that party. So we're going through that and then after that ends, we are going to a roaring Twenti s New Year's Eve party, since tomorrow's Day will be two thousand and twenty. That's idea is perfect. It's very NASIC to have a twenties party. Yeah, and I made a flapper dress, so stated about yeah, it's going to be really fun. So, yeah, I don't want to have to go pick up addie's we're going to be at that party. Are we doing anything other, anything special for our kids, other than the the you know, Family Party? I think with twenty, sure need to ring in the New Year with them. I don't know. If they're not going to do it earlier that party, then we'll have to do it here. I haven't thought about it yet. I probably should. We should probably plan that, especially if we're having a parenting podcast that's talking about gets here tomorrow today. We will do that. Yeah, cool. Well, that's all for New Year's Eve. That's it. Yeah, I mean all this play game, for sure. There's nothing else. You didn't talk about what your resolutions were. My resolution is to being more present with my children start taking my kids to church again. I had kind of given up on that up they are so hard at church. It's like boring and and but I'm I see the value of taking them and they you know, they just learned to be good people and they learn values that I want them to have. That I'm not that good at helping them learn at home. So that's my resolutions. I will get them ready and get them to come with me and try to help them love it more. You also earlier today you gave a hint at one of your resolutions, because you're jumping back on the Diet competition at competition. Yes, we had kind of started this restarting on the second because I want to really eat whatever I want on or stay that's a holiday. But yeah, we do. It's my sister and my daughter and a few people are going to do a competition where you get like points for you know, you get a thousand points for an hour of working out and then you get points for not eating after seven and points for drinking sixty ferns while or something like that. So you at the points. So they healthy lifestynds. Oh, you don't want the details. I think it's fun to say you're let no, no, I'm just I'm just saying, yeah, those are really good details. But healthy like general. If I were to rate those details into a box, sure, put them in a filing cabinet. Points for healthy left filet cabinet would say healthy lifestyle habits, and that's that's a competition. You're racing each other, first person to each thousand points. So no one can eat any fried food or sugary treats or anything unless they're the first one to get a thousand points, and then you get a cheat. Yeah, so the more people that do it, the harder it is to get a thousand points because you're racing all these people. So it's really fun. It motivates me. I'm not motivated just to like be healthy or be skinny, but I'm motivated by competition. Though. Earlier today I said, Hey, I was going to get something at the store, but then I didn't hear like Oh yeah, that's fine because starting on this second I'm gonna get skinny again. And I it was funny because I was in the car driving and right at that point in time, somehow my audio got put on mute and then she continued to talk and I it's like, so you didn't eat it here on the responsor reaction, but I said Ha, you're you're like totally skinny as... is. You can't get any skinnier. But she didn't hear that because the audio was on mute. That's right, you just didn't say anything and then I realized that I had lost the audio or whatever. But yeah, so anyway. So it's really side. That's another resolution. Yeah, it's still it's the fun of the competition for the most part. Yeah, yeah, so that's a good resolution. I usually do they like, Oh, I'm gonna go to the gym more, I'm gonna work out moremony this is the time of year that Jim's really make their money. I'll get busy. Yeah, get busy for the first few months and then that tapers off. I just canceled our one gym membership because there's a gym closer to us. I'm like, I think I'll go more often if it's a lot closer. I don't know. I don't want to be a fifteen minute drive, but I will miss that one because that has the cardio cinema or it's like a movie theater and you're in this dark movie theater doing the you know, Cardio Machine, and I love that. I miss that a lot. Cardio cinema is the best, but I need it to be closer. So I'm realizing New Year knew me. I'm realizing that I missed a big opportunity. When you ask me what my resolutions were, yes, I was going to say that one of my resolutions is to be less judgmental. Have you seen this meme? Yes, it's amazing, the one about the or. No offense to anyone out there who believes in or cells or essential oilshos, just such oils. Yes, so there's this meme out there says hey, what's your New Year's resolution? And the person says my New Year's resolution is to be less judgmental. What's yours? The other person says, oh my youth, my resolution is to start using more essential oils, and the first person says, you just made me break my resolution. Says, I just broke my resolution. That's is really earning. I sent it to my brother in law. He's a doctor and I know he doesn't really, you know, buy into the essential oils. So I think he really liked in fact, I know you liked it because we saw his daughter today and hey, Kayla, and she was like Hey, my dad showed me this, and you're like, Oh, I send that to him, and I was like, wait a second, I showed that to you. That's sorry, I forgot that. You show it to me. Thanks for you from immediately sent it to Matt. Let's proclaimed all the credit. Yeah, okay, let's play a game. Okay, this is what we're going to do. I have a couple of words. You've actually guess. I had you get a couple words to remember. Yeah, I could. I only thought of one off the top of the head. So I haven't grabbed each of us. If you scroll down, there's six you, but you know, I mean I think of a word for you. Just put them there. I haven't, but I haven't seen them at all. Yes, I mean, glance at him now. So we're going to do a spelling backwards game. Okay, so three of these will be for me and three'll be for you. I'm going to give you one and you have to spell it backwards without pausing. Right. She can't like stop and think about it, and I get I can be thinking and spelling, but it's I don't have to share, do a bit, a bit of it. I can't. I have to go as fast as I can think about it. Yeah, right, okay, okay, so I'm going to give you the first one ready. Okay, I hope I know how to spell it forward. Yeah, toast, toast, ts AOT. Well done, shows that was the easy one. Were start with an easy and could give me my easy one? Okay, here we go. It's funny because these are all I'm looking at, these words. These are all New Year's related. Yes, when you said toast, I thought breakfast. You were thinking of like, Oh, that's an interesting Martin Arrolst. All right, your first word is party. Okay, why? Tea are a p very good, well done. MM. Okay, here's your next one. They're going to get a little harder. Let me find it here. Midnight, midnight, midnight, t G. No, it's okay. Sorry, I missed I made that face like what? Yeah, I heard you breathing. Is I had my eyes close and I heard your breathing in my headphones. As I know, it as heavily. All right, midnight. There we go, because I'm visualizing it. T H G I and D I. Am well done. That's a tricky one because of the silence. It's like two words. Yeah, that's true too. All right, okay, what's my next one? Yours is noisemaker. Okay,...

R E K A M E S io, and very good, very good. It's tricky because you have to spell slowly so that you can be thinking of the next couple of years. Otherwise you're going to have a big pause while you think. Yeah, okay, you're next one. Okay, countdown, countdown, count ice. Have to visualize it. Countdown, all right, and WO D T and you o see Nice, Yep, countdown. All right, your last word, resolution. and Oh, I t l Oh, I got lost. Well, that's okay, because I messed up on my scion the you. Yeah, that's funny, resoltion I always get. I'm going to try and go faster. Two things that I was getting up staff is New Year's e fourth of July and Resolution and resoltion, resulion. Yeah, you know, resolution and without the you it was revolution that. You're like, Oh, revolution, revolutionary as that's right, then resolution revolutionary. My New Year's revolution is. I don't have anything to say here. I don't know. I guess that's it for us. Happy New Year's everyone. Yeah, I think we should play a different game. Oh, okay, I'm gonna beat it back with the game. You had another one, didn't you have another one that you said, oh, we don't want to repeat yet. Oh, we should do it. I was thinking, I can't think of it was now, Oh, the one that you had such a hard time with. That was some weird Associated Association. Know. Why did I come up? Why did I think about this? I'm okay, if the spelling backwards, well, let's do a couple word association's honey. All Right, I'm just going to pick random words out of past episodes that we have here on our word doc. When you say the first word that comes to mind reading, okay, Murphy bed, you're gonna say. Help there, Elpha. We do reference Mrvy Yell in what one of our part one of our previous episode, Murphy bed, the Murphy bed in fact, the owners of Murphy the Elf also have a murphy bed, do they? Yeah's office. I didn't know that. Yeah, that's nice. Okay, field of dreams. What is the what is the context that you look, we're talking about kids playing soccer and having it boost their self esteem. Okay, we'll review of all. This is this lily got cuffs. How perfect. This is our New Year's eve episode. And this is two thousand and nineteen in review via Word Association. going. Okay, you're getting a lot better at it, by the way. At least you're like saying a word. Thank you. liquorice. Tradition, toast, like I'm thinking, but at not breakfast toast. I'm thinking like Oh yeah, toast, hoast. Okay, yeah, your seet. Diversity, inclusion. Okay, that's a good one. Curious what this is? Tradition enables us to show his founding fathers and celebrate diversity, all the sorce yeah, like, yeah, although I was Thanksgiving traditions, I believe, Lineman mark. Yeah, Yep, fiddler on the roof. That was mark. Yeah, and fiddler on the roof. Okay, okay, let's see, go back another one here. Frozen too, was I mean it's the new frozen. It was a good one. All Right, I'm going to look up some words for you. All Right, okay, go all right, business being. That was the title word and of our podcast. All right, let's go with relationship goals, maybe a little resolutions and goals. When that I didn't admit some...

...relationship goals. All right, let's go with Botox. I stumped her like blank, I'm drying a blank wrinkles. Okay, all I could think of. We're all the people, the names of all the people that I know who have botox. You know, all these names are fling through my Majnifer, Cynthia. I don't want to call out. I'M gonna call out everybody I know. WHO's everybody shot? So I think everyone I know who gets botox would not be ashamed. Like they would not be embarrassed. I'd be like, Yep, don't call them about it, just in case. It reminds me. Once we did this. It was like a silent auction and somebody put that they would do botox treatments for the and then so there's like a whole list of all the people signing up for it, among brothers, all the people I know, Pud no, but it wasn't the people. It wasn't the women signing up. They would put their husband's husband's were signing him up. That's no, no, it was the woman putting their husband's name because they didn't want to. They forgot about that. All right, let's go with. Oh, by the way, the only word that I could think of because, as I'm saying, you're trying to think of one to one. What did you think? I said Botox, and the way that I said at the exit room made made me think of buttocks. From them, yeah, from the glutiest Maximus region, from you might recall, but from such movies as forrest Gump, and butocks from yeah, like really. Okay, all right, let me wander with husband, wife. Okay, one more, that's more interesting. What one more, better, one, better, one. All right, let's go with consequence. result. That was I don't know, I'm not good. I'm worse at this than you are, licorice ligurs. All all right, here we go the zoo. Derito's chips. Mine are all really boring. Maybe my boards are too boring. Let's trys. Torito's a star old episodes. Why is this a Doritos. Let me find that one again. Deritos, Theridos? It's probably like guessing about somebody like your favorite food is Doritos. I don't remember that, though. Yeah, I lost it, telescope, I'll the only a was I insane, which I know has nothing to just tell scope. Now you're going to learn to hate word association. Trampoline, broken leg. Yeah, well, you thought too right. Yeah, all right. On that note, happy New Year, happy New Year.

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