Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 17 · 2 years ago

S01E16: Murphy's Mishap & Holiday Decor


You can never have too many Christmas decorations. Or can you? Col and Aubrey interview their good friend and neighbor Erin about holiday decor and the mishap that kept their Elf on the Shelf from being able to move all month long.

We have our neighbor are in here with us, hier, and welcome to the podcast. Hi, we're so excited to have you here. This is awesome. Thank you. In fact, this is the first interview that Aubrey and I have done where we are both interviewing someone, and that's why we're snuggled close together. You okay. So I took a picture. Hopefully you'll post it. Aubrey and I sweet, we're sharing a microphone. It's really something special, very sweet for sure. Look for that. That'll be posted. Yeah. So, Aaron, I don't know if you remember this, but the first really when we got to know you, you had you had come and introduced yourself as our neighbor and we shared contact information, but we hadn't really gotten to know each other very well and we left for California. Ya, sick, what a sick. But before we get to that story, that is that is a good story. Yes, but when she introduced our their themselves, they brought us a gift card. He did. It was like a fifty gift card to load. It was like at home, depot lows, whatever. It was gift card and that was the best. We were like, Oh, we're terrible homer something a lot about them. It was in I was amazing and it was really special. So thank you if we didn't say thank you five years ago. Yeah, it's just we we expect, you know, really high things from our neighbor. So we were like it's like here's here's the Gift Card, fix up your house exactly. Nice. All right, and we went to California and we were there like four days. When we checked our reo, no, someone came to the door. We saw like motion at the door. Someone rang the doorbell on our ring camera and we I answered and I was like, Oh, we can't come to the door right now, and then I look behind the guy I can see our front door is wide open. That wide open, and so I called Aaron and I was like we need a favor. Oh Yeah, you remember this? Oh, I do, because I like shared you and I was I felt really bad asking you to go and lock the door and like make sure nose in the house. But we did have we have like nest cameras that our motion sensor and we could look back and we're like we can see on our cameras that no one's in there. No one's have been in there. So otherwise we would have just called the police right if there was any. Well, I mean, why call the police when you can just call them when I'm there and I am just as tough a house sweetlier make sure no one's in. It was. Yeah, so, yeah, so you went and checked out the house, made sure everything was clear and locked it for us, which was huge because we were far away and it was kind of crazy that we had been wide open for days. Yeah, and I never even saw it, because I I can see your door from my house, but I never even it must have not been open enough or the right the right angle or whatever. I could be like the wind had just blown it open or something. So, yeah, I'm grateful that you were able to do that for us. I promises it won't have and again good. So we're talking today about Christmas decorations, a little bit Christmas Dacre, as you like to say. Right, Aaron, I don't know if you've noticed, but I am not a huge holiday decoration fan, you know, but the decorations that you have are very tasteful, their intentional list yes, and I really like them. I appreciate them because I they are very intentions. Yeah, we, yeah, we go very light on our decorations. But though you guys do a great job decorating your house for it seems like every holiday, every season. I really enjoy looking because my office, if I look out the window, I can see Aaron's house and I enjoy seeing there's it seems like there's a different set of wreaths for every month of the year, maybe every season. He reads, I say reefs, breath, wreaths, reaths, reefs, reaths. All right, that a reathes reads like breathes. Yeah, but it's like it's the way I think if it's like cloth clothed, like breathes breas, but read breathe ends with the e and wreath doesn't. I think it's wreaths, wreaths, which... hard to say about anyway. Wreath, I don't know. I don't know what's right. Well, explore further anyway. Yet tell us about the reads. You do when, every month? How often do you change them out? So I like to try to change them out for this season. So what I text as an important no, it's a front door magnore, a notification no. So I I typically like to change them out for every season, and so what I do is I will go to the store after the season and purchase them on clearance, because reads are very expensive and since we have a double door, I have to buy two of them, and so I have found that when I go after the season I can buy really good priced reads and then I store them all and just use them for the next year. Gami, yes, where do you store them? That's the problem is coal doesn't want to store my story stuff. I've actually been told that by you, one of your children. Yeah, that dad doesn't that mom wanted to buy a skeleton for Halloween. Mom I wants a Skeleton Dog, but dad doesn't want it because he doesn't want to store. That is so accurate. They really want the skeleton dog this year and I wouldn't do it because it didn't want to store any that because the lay times. They did. It's the car pool. I get all kinds of great information during the car polls. True, I get some good stuff from your kidses. It's really funny. I'm so grateful for that car pool. It's so nice to it is at least every other hot week. Yeah, no, I love it. But yeah, so we store them. I try to keep the box that they come in and then store them in the garage stacked up and we try and keep everything organized, but it's not. Do you guys have and you guys are going through a big remodel on your house right now? You it's going to be amazing. That hole is like watching the progress from his window. Yeah, I send them. I send him text message, picture updates when something new is happening. Oh well, yeah, just so you guys know, the new doors are coming. Yeah, Oh, you got the cabinet guy here yet? Yes, I love it. Do you guys have attic storage in your house? Do we store you? We do not. Okay, we do not. It's mostly we see stuff. Yep, and some of the pink white selation insulation and that's about it. That's all, like I it's like I'm finishing your sentence. Yes, so what like with you, this remodel that you're doing? You have to fireplaces actually, but they're both indisposed right now. Are you that you hang stockings or where did you put we have not, no, no where to put. You don't even have wreaths on your door. We have no wreaths on our door. We have no Christmas tree up, we don't have stockings. The only thing that is Christmas is our Elf. Yes, in this is hold on, don't tell me the name. The name is Aubrey. Do you remember helped me out? Bernie? No, not. Bernie starts with an M. Mumford, I should know this. I'm glad at least that your Elf still showed up, even though you're in the middle of Construction Day. Would be sad. And I think there's a story here right. There is absolutely as to us. So my kids have been and I have two younger kids and two older kids. My Mumphye, yes, yes, mercy, I interacted me. Yes, yes, Murphy. So my two younger boys, seven and nine, have been asking why Murphy has didn't show up. So we started our remodel in November and second week of November, and usually Murphy shows up the day after Thanksgiving or even the first, no later than the first of December. And so he was not showing up and the boys kept asking me if he was going to show up because of the remodel. And so, yeah, miraculously he showed up last week, I believe...

...last is, so a little bit late. He was very late and it turns out that he tried coming earlier. So he did try to come on the first of December and because, like aprey mentioned, we have a lot of construction going on and remodeling. We have ladders and scaffolding and all kinds of stuff everywhere in the house. So he came in at night and he tripped on a ladder and he broke his leg. He hurt his head and it's all bandaged up and he has his arm in a sling. So he has a cast on his leg, his head in a bandage and his arm in a sling. All Poor Guy, which means that he cannot move. He can't move and he left a note right to express what he did. He left a note explaining what happened, that he came the net that night and then he had to go back to the North Pole for medical attention. Yeah, and that because of his injuries, he is no longer he's not able to move, and so he has to sit in one place for the rest of the season and just watch the kids from the place that he's sitting here have a good vantage spot. He does. He does. He's front door, he's right about the front door, so he gets to seat everything, all the comings and goings and yeah, so it but I on all the construction guys to yes, yes, it's very good. Yeah, very good. So we have an Elf. Her name is Juliette, and when we first got Juliette it's like getting a puppy. They have to be house trained. Juliet was getting into she's a little little naughty at first, like we we've got video of Juliette Colored Markers, Marker, like Red Marker, on the girl's Nose Loos and he's not. They were like, yeah, you're like three and five maybe, but she quickly grew out of that and she's not a naughty Elf anymore and she's just she's just nice. Is Murphy a good Elf or does he get into trouble? Now? He does not get into any trouble. That's good. I think he has good intentions of getting into travel and then just never follows through with it. Just, you know, that's very every year he thinks about these great ideas he's going to do and then I think he just yeah, he just kind of like you, forget it in. He phones it in hate he does Juliet. She she doesn't have to report to Santa, doesn't have to go to the norpole and report unless she really has something to report. So you know, she only moves if something happened that she needed to let Sam to know about. So some morning she's in the same spot because there was nothing to report that night. This morning she was in the same spot as yesterday morning because it's just nothing to report. And sometimes that's how it goes. It is it? It really is. Yeah, so as far as outdoor decor I agree. I like the trees that we have and I just I'm wondering, what's your opinion about and the kids love like we will go on bike rides to go and see all of the decorations on everyone's houses. The kids love them and all of the big inflatables and they're obsessed. Like we go and see them all. But what's so sad for me is those inflatables during the day when they're like it's depressing. There were so deflated like frosty has melted. Yes, it's a very sad sight when you see them all on the ground just and I'm just so fascinated when that. Will have neighbors who have so many decorations. I'm like, where do they store all of that? I don't understand, like do they get storage units? Do you think I have? No, I don't. You would think that. Yeah, you'd have to have a lot of storage, for are some of these huge inflatormates right? And yes, exactly. And just when you have so many things, like we didn't have room for one skeleton dog, not even when I'm not one, not one firm for so many fun things. We did get one year we got one of the that's the device that projects like falling snow or lights on your house. Those are big for a while and we got one...

...anywhere. We only did it one year. Did you get rid of it after that? Did you not keep it? No, it's in storage. I'm so you. You guys do have storagees. My storage is good will. If I need it again, I'll go back to good will and pick up I'll get it similar. Yes, yes, yes, okay, so that's in storage, because I was going to say if we have that stored but aren't using it, we could get rid of it and use a use that space for a skeleton dog. There may be another box of Christmas decorations that I did not get down and then there are some neighborhoods here. I'm wondering if this is a thing elsewhere in the country, in the world, where like every house decorates like Christmas on calm stock. You, guys and Scott and see that. Oh yeah, we I have a very good friend that lives on comstock. She is the very one of the first houses on the street and you have this claim to fame. Are And oh yeah, holding out on us. We get to actually go into the House and get the vantage pipe from me or the inside out. You just have to plan on thirty minutes to get to her house. Yes, there's this line of cars. Yeah, so a little context. Christmas on calm stock, these these block home Christmas light decoration, themed decorations, got really big with what it was that great American Christmas light contest or something. It was like TV shows and all these neighborhoods would get into it and I'm not sure when calm stock this this neel like it was your for that, probably, but they go all out and it's probably what thirty, forty houses, oh, all sing together, sink together. Yeah, and they actually won that contrast. They won it the will on the whole thing for the country and they have to start decorating in I believe it's in September. That is insane. Can you imagine? I had heard, maybe you'll know, because you have the insider Info Info, that if someone is to purchase one of those houses there's some kind of something in like their cecin ours or their by laws, that they have to participate. Is that right? I don't think so. Okay, excited be hard to do. Yeah, I don't think so. So I was just told by my friend that she she said that one of the neighbors moved out and then somebody moved in and they did not know that they lived on Christmas on comstock. That's a little surprised. Yes, holiday seas and they came over and said, Um, yeah, so I heard that we have this Christmas light to say a little Christmas, just saying little yeah, and the neighbors had to Geah give them the news that, yeah, we are Christmas on comstock. Wow. So we usually start our interviews with an awkwardly personal question, but we got so excited talking about all this interesting stuff, excited about Christmas decoration asking now. Okay, so our awkwardly personal question is who in your family is the most accident prone, besides Murphy? Oh Yeah, well, besides Murphy. Okay, so that's going to have to be Exavier, and Xavier is our nine year old. Xavier is nine, he's and we just took him to the doctor. He's ninety one pounds and he's over five feet tall. So he is just a big boy and I think because of his size he's very clumsy and poor, poor guy. He's just like a big puppy that hasn't grown into their their big paws and big legs and big you know. So he's just he tries really hard, but he's just so clumsy and I think his I think we had to crown him the most clumsy in the house when he managed to flush his watch down the toilet the other night. So like like, like we said, we're doing a lot of remodeling. We have one bathroom for all of us and so that bathroom gets a lot of use and is very busy and a I was putting something away at night and he comes running in and tells me that...

...he did watches in the toilet, the watches in the toilet, and I said what? We run over, I say, and I asked him did it did it go down the toilet, because I thought, okay, I'm a look in the toilet and it's going to be at the bottom of the toilet. NOPE, no watch. It literally flushed down the toilet can of watch. Was that I'm envisioning like a Swatch Watch, but I know that's probably not accurate. Love that had to go get it. If it was right, was it your Communication Watch thing? Yes, it is, me Tech Gizmo Watch, rises nice one. Yes, it was. Oh, yes, but the good thing was that he was very upset over it. So sure, so it wasn't like just something like, oh well, mom, Dad will go buy me another one. So he actually was extremely upset after that. He was getting ready to take a shower. That's why he had taken the watch off, and so in the shower the whole time. Poor guy. He cried the whole time in the shower, right after the shower. He was very upset, very, very UN kind of feel bad that we're like that's good that he was so upset about it. Way that it's true. You don't want them to be like yes, I mean doing he took it serious. Exactly. Yes, yes, he knew the value. Yeah, it's good. So we have some quick fire questions here for you. We I feel like we know a lot about you, but there are certainly things that we don't know. Okay, so we're going to make some assumptions. Yeah, I know this first one. So I'm Oh you you let me do it then, because I don't think I knew, and then just correct if I'm wrong. All right, so I'm going to say you grew up in, Oh, I might know this, Florida. Yes, close, I grew up in Miami. Okay, are is Zona. I'm Miami are is. Really, every time you say Miami, I got you were talking about Florida. I know. Well, that's a common misconception. But yes, I grew up in Miami, globe, Miami, are Zona. Shout out to Miami bandals. Yes, yeah, my GLOB my, that's really funny. I don't think any of less of you not growing up in I think I'm gonna take a stab at this next one. I'm going to say that your first job was at a fast food restaurant. Yes, really, yes, burst key is there in Globe Miami. That's well, Mexican food, the Mexican sad to been the next one. Yeah, yeah, Wow, burger king was my first job. And how long did you work there? Not Very Long because, like, I wouldn't say maybe less than a month. I used to work kind of like the later afternoon night shift, maybe the closing shift, and my mom came to pick me up from work one day because I was fourteen and fourteen fifteen, and she waited outside and waited outside and finally she's knocking on the door and wears Aaron. Where's Aaron? And she said she and I'll remember this for forever, but she said I came out and my entire face was shiny, greasy oily, and what happened was I had been cleaning the friars and my mom said that is it, you are no longer working there. Yeah, so I did not work there very long. But Yeah, my first job Burger King, cleaning the friars. It was I actually also works at burking. We have that in common, and I think I worked there about the same amount of time. Yeah, yeah, I think it's not. It's not a long term. Yeah, I don't mine was because it was a little bit of a drive to get there. I was car pooling with another girl and I can't remember. I feel like maybe she quit, so I didn't have the right anymore something weird like that. So, yeah, shortlived for me as well. All Right, what about? I'm going to guess you when you were a kid, what you wanted to be when you grew up, and I'm going to guess you wanted to be a aerospace engineer, rocket science. HMM. Thank you. Amazing if I have amazing news, Jesus.

Thank you. Thank you very much. You. Yes, thank you. No, I wanted to be a nurse. That's good. Yes, I wanted to be a nurse. I am going to say that. In your personality, though, like you like to help people. You're very generous with your time and town. Thank you. That's your good personality. You, Mr Calling Aaron. I did. I did all right. Next question, and I think this is our last question, on the quick fire. Your favorite Christmas decoration? I'm just going to go with the tree in general. MMM, well, trees are beautiful, but no, it's anything that is homemade. Oh, okay, so I really love the stud little teams that all kids made. Yes, yes, the things that the kids make. I really like that and my kids know how much I really appreciate like homemade cards and decorations, because every year my older kids will ask me what I want for my birthday or whatever, and I always tell them just to make me a card. Like and they're twenty two and nineteen and I still ask them to make me a card with construction paper and markers, and they do and I just love it all. So my favorite, yeah, it would be. It would be the homemade Christopher still makes you a hand cart. Please ask me. That's that's a thing. We don't as to introduce your kids. Tell us about your kids. How old they are? What are they up to? Okay, so I have my oldest, is Christopher. He's twenty two years old and he is a city of Chandler firefighter. And yes, he still makes me homemade cards with construction paper and crayons and markers and stuff. My daughter, Drina, is nineteen and she is applying for nursing school. So she's in her second year of College at Community College and she's going to be she's going to be applying for nursing school next month, so we're very excited for that. So she will be the nurse and just like I wanted to be, she's going to take up that torch for you. Yes, and then I have my nine year old exavior and he is just, you know, like I said, he's a little bit clumsy and growing into his size, but he's a great little kid. And then I have seven year old Orian and he again is just he's my baby and he is very sweet and loving and he's a great little one too. So that's that's my little brood. Awesome. Yeah, it's funny with and Kirpool one time, O Ryan, and know I have already told you about this, but I like checked my phone or something and he is like you should not be looking at your phone while you're driving, and I realized he was like right over my shoulder, like not knuckled, shows like sitting there, like you're right, I go down. I'm like, and please go buckle up. Oh yeah, I mean we live right now. That's on me, though. I'm like, okay, let's make sure we're buckled before we go. It's like a block away, though, so I am a little lay about that, but I am interested. I need to be safe with your children. That's her, let alone mine. All right. So shall we wrap this up with a game? Yeah, let's. Do you have a game planned? I do, so, of course you do. Yes, you're I am thinking Oh, she doesn't have a game. And really look, it's funny. On our little word doc that we share right here, it's like cold, don't look past here, so that you wouldn't see the game. Right. So this is what we're going to do. I'm going to give you, guys, Song Lyrics, Christmas Song Lyrics. Okay, I'M gonna take turns Eron's going to go first, and you have to give the next few words right and we'll see who you get a point if you know the next few words. So, Aaron, first, your song is last Christmas, right. Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. Yes, and I put it easy for words. Okay, cool, yours is all I want for Christmas. As you I won't ask for much this Christmas. I won't even wish for snow and I just want to keep on waiting underneath the missiletoe Nice. That is right. I did not know that that. I know it's Mariah Carey. Is that okay, but I did not know those lyrics. I did try to time on those little harder. Huh. Okay, Aaron, your... one is Philice, Navy Dad. Okay, okay, at least Navy Dad repeated Prospero like annual pelly. See that Nice right, glowed Miami, represent Philly. See that. Yes, per spade on, all right, cold walking in a winter wonderland. Okay, he'll say, are you married? We will say no, man, but you can do the job when you're in town later on. By the fire. What we wait, wait, later on, shoot, later on. Will is it? Yes, it will. I don't I don't remember. It's funny because I googled frequently misunderstood Christmas Song Lyrics to find the gain for you. Yeah, what is it? Will Conspire, inspire as dream by the fire. So that's where you got the fight. It's funny because I get thinking perspire. I was like, strands, we sweetly. What are we doing by the fire? You do perspire by would yeah, so that. Yeah, I think you should get somewhat of a point from yeah, well, I would have had to be confident and say will I even go that? Even say first conspire as we do. What by the fire, as we dream, as we dream? I'm all right, yeah, no point. Some of them doesn't, unless you guys know of some well enough to maybe give me one. If you know of AH, how can we know prep? Let's stom Aubrey. I don't think that's very easy to stump Aubrey's true, not with games anyway. Not with game, though. Christmas Song Lyrics, I really don't know that well. The kids are always asking to listen to Christmas songs in the car. I'm like we'll listen to one and then I'm like, okay, let's just change the ring. I can't handle it very long. I don't know. Well, depends. I don't like the pop Christmas on the radio, but there are specific ones, like clashy and him, or like Indie. I like indie right. She in him is Zoe de Chanelle with what's his name, the guitarist? Yeah, Him and John Mere. No, it's two different another him. You know, they were and that's very good. I really like that. and Sufi on Stevens, Aaron, have you listening? I told you about it once because the Banjo member. You were saying you like Banjo Music and I'm like you have to listen to soufion Sven's Christmas album. Yeah, so I just shown Ech. Okay, and then they do a Christmas album and then soufie on Stevens he has like a full orchestra and a lot of it's like Banjo or but beautiful and unique sounding. Right, I love that. I love his Christmas album, but the average song me so no, on the radio, I just kind of do it. I don't want to hear it. And Yeah, I'm with you. I'm with you there. Yeah, and here I am trying to Google frequently misunderstood Christmas lyrics because you can, to try to stump out of your head that I know. Get Right now. Let me see, or I'm just saying all the ones I know really well. No, we're right now. Know, what about silent night or one like that that I might actually know? You could just if you know it too easy. Hang on, it's like I'm finding something. Yeah, it's a little tricky with Cole and I sharing this microphone because I'm like too far sometimes, maybe, and one of US didn't brush our teeth this morning. Side. I'm just kidding. How you're talking about you? I'm kidding. Oh, let's see, how about this? It's not necessarily a lyric, but what did my true love give to me on the ninth day of Christmas? One nine drummers, drumming. I don't know, I didn't either. Look at them. All Right, twelve, twelve NIGGAS, twelve drummers. Are Twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, ten made of Milking Hey, I just think that's right at all. I speaking of that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the very first year you guys moved in, didn't you? Guys? Christmas Carol? Yes, we did. You did, didn't you? Yeah, we had. One of our friends has these. What were those?...

Where the bells are that all made out of like a steel pipe or something that, yeah, say, hit with a metal and yeah, we had a little bell choir. I think. I'm just whenever you were singing that that I just got a flash memory and I can't remember this tone death singing. Yeah, somewhere, somewhere back in the back of my mind, I jogging a memory. All Right, so I've got the answer here. It is nine ladies dancing. I forgot about the dancing ladies. And back to Christmas caroling. It's great until someone starts seeing the twelve days of Christmas, because then that it's like, all right, these guys are going to be here for a while. Just close it to rapids. So good. All right, are and thank you so much for you letting US interview to interview you today. It's been a lot of fun. Oh yes, so much fun. Thank you all right, talk to you later. Okay,.

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