Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 17 · 1 year ago

S01E16: Murphy's Mishap & Holiday Decor


You can never have too many Christmas decorations. Or can you? Col and Aubrey interview their good friend and neighbor Erin about holiday decor and the mishap that kept their Elf on the Shelf from being able to move all month long.

We have our neighbor air in here withus, hight er, and welcome to the Pudka H, we're so excited to heapy here thisis awesome. Thank you. In fact, this is the first interview that Ov Bran. Ihave done where we are both interviewing someone and that's why we're snuggled closetogether. Okay, so I took a picture. Hopefully you'll, pos, Aran we'resharing a microponeest. It's really something special face for sure. Lookfor that that'll be posted yeah, so aarin, I don't know if you rememberthis, but the first really when we got to know you Um, you had. You had comeand introduced yourself as our neighbor and we shared contact information, butwe hadn't really got to know each other very well and we left for California asEoi Sik, but before we get to that story, that that is a good story, butwhen she introduced o their themselves, they they brought us a gift car theydid. It was like fifty dollar gift car to low when Home Depot slash lowswhatever it was Gifthard, and that was the best we were like. Oh we'reterrible habore oe fimiy lot about teing was amazing and it was reallyspecial. So thank you. If we didn't say thank you five years ago Y. Ah, it'sjust we. We expect, you know really high things from our neighbors, so weere like it's like here's. Here's, the Gift Car Fixupt, your Nice. We went to California and we were therelike four days when we checked our re. Oh No, someone came to the door, we sawlike motion at the door, someone rang the doorbell on our ring camera and weI answered, and I was like. Oh, we can't come to the door right now andthen I look behind the guy. I can see our front door is wide open that Whi Don, and so I called Aarin andI was like we need a favor. Oh Yeah O. Remember this. Oh, I do I lik heroand I was, I felt, really bad asking you to go and lock the door and likemake sure nose in the house, but we did have we Hav like nest cameras, he hador motion censer and we oud look back and we're like. We can see on ourcameras that no one's in there no one's a been in there, so otherwise we wouldhave just called the police right. If there was any J, I mean. Why call thepolice, when you can just call when I be Terrand, I am just as tough hole,wee, make sure no one's n. It was so yeah. So you went and checked outthe house an made sure everything was clear and locked it for us and it washuge ecause. We were far away and it was kindof crazy that we had been wideopen for days yeah and I never even saw it because I I can see your door frommy house, but I never even it must have not been open enough or the right, theright angle or whatever yet like the wind had just blown it over in orsomething so yeah, I'm gratful that you were able to do that for us. I promises, I Wont Happen Again Good, so we're talking today about Christmasdecorations, a little bit Christmas decorps as you like to say, rank Aran.I don't know if you've noticed, but I am not a huge holiday decoration fanyou no, but the decorations that you have are very tasteful theire,intentional, yes, and I really like them, I appreciate them 'cause. Theyare very inten yeahwe yeah. We go very light on our decorations, but you guysdo a great job decorating your house, for it seems like every holiday everyseason I really enjoy looking 'cause my office. If I look out the window, I cansee Aaron's house and I enjoy seeing there's. It seems like there's adifferent set of wreaths for every month of the year. Maybe every season erananreriefs re breaths, reats rebaanrn, reats Um leats. That reaves reads like breeds yeah, butit's like is it the way? I think of it's like cloth, clothe like with breathes breree Bot mebreathe, ends with the E and wreath.

Doesn't I think it's wreaths readswhich is hard to say about he anyway e MHM. I don't know, I don't know whereit's Reua or fortanyway Ye. The tell us about the reeds you dowhen every month. How often do you change hem out, so I like to try tochange them out for the season. So what I tell you is an important, noINLAINDOOR GNR an notification. No, so I um, I typically like to change the mout forevery season, and so what I do is I will go to the store after the seasonand purchased them. Oncearance Jecase reeds are very expensive and since wehave a double door, I have to buy two of them, and so I have found that whenI go after the season I can buy really good priced reats and then I store themall and just use them for the next year. Genius. Where do you store them? That'sthe problem is called us. 'T Wan, TA, store W ors ihave actually been toldthat by one of your children that dadthat mom wanted to buy askeleton for Halloween Mo ally, wants a Skeleton Dog, but dad doesn't want itbecause he doesn't want to sno that is so accurate. They really. They knowther this Goinoo this year and I wouldn't do it because it didn't ran astor, Ytat, Heato say ded, it's the CARPOL. I get all kinds of greatinformation during the car pelter. I get some good stuff from your money.I'm so grateful for that Carpol, it's so nice. It is at least every other hotweek yeah! No, I I love it yeah, so we store them Um. I try tokeep the boks that they come in and then store them in the garage, stackedup Um and we try and keep everything ornized.But it's not do you guys have and you guys are going through a bigroommodel on your house right now, huge it's going to be amazing. Olis likewatching the progress from his Wi. Ah I send Hem. I send him text message,picture updates when something new is happening. El Yeno, the NGS are coming.Oh, yes, I love it. Do you guys have AUTOCstorge in your house Dedorg to you? Thirty do nine! We do not. It's Um mostly see stuff yetand, some of thepink Um wisolation insulation nd. That's about it! T AT'S ALLIK! It'slike I'm finishing your Senatenso W, like with you the remodel that you'redoing you have two fireplaces actually but they're. Both indisposed right noware: Don't you hang stockings or where did you put? We have not O no nowheryou.Don't ven have wreaths on your door. We have no wreats Ono. Do we have noChristmas tree up? We don't have stockings. The only thing that isChristmas is R ls. Yes, and this is Odon, tell me the name.The name is oey. Do you remember help me out Ernie? No, not herny starts within M MFORD IIEEL like I should know that,I'm glad at least that yourelf still showed up, even though you're in themiddle of Construction Agan, it wouldbe sad an income. There's a story here ritthere is absolutely asro, so my kids have been, and I have two younger kidsand two older kids, my mumby yeah, yes, O intet Eso Um. My two younger boys,seven and nine have been asking why Murphy H didn't show up. So we startedour remodel in November and Um second week of November, and usuallyMurphy shows up the dat after Thanksgiving or even the first no laterthan the first of December, and so he was not showing up and the boys keptasking me if he was going to show up because of the remodel and so um yeah,miraculously he showed up last week. I...

...believe last as so a little bit wh. Hewas very late and it turns out that he tried coming earlier, so he did try tocome on the first of December and because, like opere mentioned, we havea lot of um construction going on and remodeling. We have m ladders andscaffolding and all kinds of stuff everywhere in the house. So he came inat night and he tripped on a ladderand. He broke his leg, he hurt his head andall bandaged up and he has his arm iniceling. So he has a cast on his leg,um his head in a bandage and his arm iniseling. That means that Heche can't move and heles a note right to ee. He did he laughed and note explaining whathappened that he came the Ne that night and then he had to go back to the NorthPole for medical attention and that because of his injuries he is no longerhe's not able to move, and so he has to sit in one place for the rest of theseason and just watch the kids from the placethat he siti he ha o goodvantage spot hees right. He does. He has your frontdoor he's right about the front door, so he gets to see everything all thecomings and goings and H, yeah, so enon all the construction, guys too. Yes, very good, very good. So we have an LF.Her name is Juliett and when we first got Juliet it's likegetting a puppy, they have to be house trained. Juliet was getting an audience.She was a little little naughty at first, like we, we've got video ofJuliete colored markers marker, like Redmarker on the girls nonnais. Theyere tee were like three and nine, maybe, but she quickly grew out of that andshe's, not a nauty off anymore and she's. Just she's. Just nice is Murphy,a good LF, or does he get into trouble? No, he does not get into any trouble. Ithink he has good intentions of getting into trouble and then just neverfollows through with it. Just you know, buevery year. He thinks about thesegreat ideas, he're going to do, and then I think he just yeah he justkindoieon O in he phones it in he dulit Um. She she doesn't have to report toSantash. She doesn't have to go to the norpolon report unless she really hassomething to report o. So you know she only moves if something happened thatshe needed to let Sam to know about so some marning she's in the same spot,because there was nothing to report Dana this morning. She was in the samespot as yesterday morning, 'cause just nothing to report, and sometimes that'show it goes. It is it. It really is yeah. So as faras outdoor decor, I agree, I I like the trees that we have Um and I just I'm wondering, what's youropinion about and the kids love like, we will go on by grides to go and seeall of the decorations on everyone's houses, the kids, love them and all ofthe big inflatables R asass like we go and a see them all. But what's so sadfor me, is those inplatables. During the day when they're like it's Opresser,deflayed rosty has meltedright. Yes, it's a very sad sit when you seethem all on the ground. Just and I'm just so fascinated when um that we'llhave neighbors, who have so many decorations and like where do theystore? All of that I don't understand like do they get storage units? I haveno ID. You think that yeah you'd have to have a lot of storage for some ofthese huge inflatiese right. Yes, exactly and just when you have so manythings like we didn't have room for one skeleton dog, not even Wen, not one,not one anthey Aveimfer, so many Funtino we did get m one year. We got one ofthe it's the device that projects likefalling snow or lights on your house.

Those were big for a while and we gotlanning ere and we only did it one year. Did you get rid of it? After that? Didyou not keep it? No, it's in storage, so you you guys, Do Have Stori O. my storage is good Willif. I need itagain. I'll go back good will and bing oget some oder. Yes, yes, yes, okay! Sothat's in storage 'cause! I was going to say: If we have that story, butaren't using it, we could get rid of it and use use that space for a skeletondog. There may be another box of Christmas decorations that I did notget down and then there are some neighborhoods here. I'm wondering ifthis is a thing elsewhere in the country in the world, where, like everyhouse, decorates like Christmas on Camstock, you guys isgone and seen thatOh yeah, we, I have a very good friend that lives on comstock. She is the veryone of the first houses on the street and you have this claim to fame Erin.Oh yeah hold note on us. We get to actually go into the House and get thevantage plane P or the inside out. You just have to plan on thirty minutes toget to her how he has there's this line of cars. So little context Christmas oncomstock, these these block home Christmas light decoration, themeddecorations, got really big with what it was that great American Christmas,like contest or hthere, was like t v shows and a all these neighborhoodswould get into it and I'm not sure when calm stock, this ieit was the ER storthan probably, but they go all out and it's probably what thirty forty housesill see: Tor Sing together Ye and there's one that cs: they won it.The will and the whole thing for the country and Um they have to startdecorating in. I believe it's in September, that is in Sane. Can youimagine I had heard. Maybe you'll know 'cause. You have the insider Infr Imphothat if someone is to purchase one of those houses, there's some kind ofsomething in like their ccnrs or their bylas that they have to participate. Isthat right? I I don't think okayit Wud be hard to do yeah. I don't think so.So I was just told by my friend that she h she said that one of theneighbors moved out and then somebody moved in and they did not know thatthey lived on Christmas Oncomsta, that's a little surprise, yeah theholidays and they came over and said Um yeah. So I heard that we have this aChristmas light tothe a little Christmas lizy little yeah and theneighbors had to GE give them the news that yeah we are Christmas on comstockwow. So we usually start our interviews with an awkwardly personal question,but we got so excited talking about all this interesting sta excited aboutChristmas decorato asking me now Rihso. Our awkwardly personal question is: Who,in your family is the most accident prone? Besides Murphy, Oh yeah? Well,besides Murphy, okay, so that's going to have to be exavior. An exavior isour nine year old. Um Ezavier is nine he's Um and we just took him to the doctor,he's ninety one pounds and he's overfifetol. So he is just a big boyand I think, because of his size, he's very clumsy and poor poor guy he's justlike a big puppy that hasn't grown into their their big paws and big legs andbig. You know so he's just he tries really hard, but he's just so clumsyand Um. I think his. I think we had to crownhim the most clumsy in the house. When M, he managed to flush his h watch downthe toilet, the other night so um like like, like we said, we're doing alotterymodeling. We have one bathroom for all of us and so that bathroom gets a lot of use and isvery busy Um and H. I was putting something away at night and he comesrunning in and tells me that he h then... in the toilet, the watches inthe toilet- and I said what we run over and I asked him: Did it? Did it go downthe toilet B'cause? I thought. Okay, I'm oingntolook in the toilet, and it'sgoing to be at the bottom of the toilet. No, no watch it literally fleshed downthe toilet. An I watch was it I'm eenvisioting like a Swatchwatch, but Iknow that's, probably not a igas, your communicationyes tetackGizma Watch risn on those nice one. Yes, it was Oh, yes, but the good thing wasthat he was very upset over it so sure, so itwasn't like just something like oh well. Mom Dad would go, buy me another one,so he actually was extremely upset. After that he was getting ready to takea shower. That's why he had taken the watch off and so in the shower thewhole time, poor guy. He cried the whole time in the shower right afterthe shower. He was very upset. Very Very. I kindof feel bad that we're,like that's good, that he was so upset about Wayou. It's true! You don't want him tobe like yes, you ha m. no, you took it though exactly yes. Yes, he knew thevalue yeah. It was good. So we have some quick fire questions here for you,we I feel like we know a lot about you, but there are certainly things that wedon't know. Okay, so we're going to make some assumption yeah. I know thisfirst one so o you you, let me do it then 'cause. I don't think I knew Umand then just correct if I'm wrong all right. So I'm going to say you grew upin Oh, I might know this Florida. Yes, O close, I grew up in Miami Arizona. MyAnn Really Yegr. Every time you say Miami.I thought you were talking about Florida. I know well that's a hnmoinception but yeah. I grew up in Miami Glomiam Arizona shot out to Miamivandals. Um Yeah, my Gloami! That's really funny! I think any less of younot growing up Adan Amthank, I'm going to take a stab at this next one, I'mgoing to say that your first job was at a fast food restaurant. Yes, really,yes, mereking! What else is there that's? Well Mexican Food Acen wouldhave been the nextone Eh wower. Your king was my first job. And how long didyou work there? Not Very Long because Um, like I wouldn't say, maybe less than amonth I used to work kind of like the laterafternoon night shift. Maybe the closing shift and my mom came to pickme up from work one day, because I was fourteen and f fourteen fifteen and shewaited outside and waited outside and finally she's knocking on the door andweares air and where's Herin and Um. She said she and I'll remember this forforever, but she said I came out and my entire face was shiny, greasy oily andwhat happened was I had been cleaning the friar and my mom said that is it.You are no longer working there, so I did not work there very long, Um butyeah. My First Job Burger King cleaning, the friars. It was actually also worksat burking. We have that in common, and I think I worked there about the sameamount of time. Yeah Yeah. I think it's not it's not a long term. Yoang T indwas 'cause. It was a little bit of a drive to get there. I was carpoolingwith another girl and I can't remember I feel like maybe she quit so I didn'thave the right anymore or something weird like that. So yeah short livedfor me as well. All Right: What about Um? I'M GOINTO! Guess you when you werea kid what you wanted to be when you grew up and I'm going to guess youwanted to be a arospace engineer. Rononscience M...

...thiy'd be Amazing Abou. What I AZI SAS!Thank you. Thank you. O M, you! Yes, thank you. No, I wanted to be a nurse O.Yes, I wanted to be a nurse Um. I am not an in your personality, though,like you like to help people you're very generous with your time and Tel, Ithank you. A 't you're, a good personali you mser calling Aaron. I didIDID all right next question and I think this is our last question on thequick fire. Your favorite Christmas decoration, I'm just going to go withthe tree in general mm. Well, trees are beautiful, but no it'sanything that is home made. Oh, so I really love Um the St little teams atwalhed. Yes, yes, the things that the kids make. I really like that and M. mykids know how much I really appreciate like home, made cards and decoration'cause every year. My older kids will ask me what I want for my birthday orwhatever, and I always tell them just to make me a card like and they'retwenty two and nineteen, and I still ask them to make me a card withconstruction paper and markers and they do, and I just lso my favorite yeah itwould be, it would be. The homy Christopher still makes sure Hammecar,please ta on M, that's thingwe dance to introduce your kids. Tell us about yourkids. How old they are wh T. are they okay? So I have. My oldest isChristopher, he's twenty two years old and he is a city, a Chanler firefighterand yes, he still makes me homemade cards with construction paper andcrayons markers and stuff. My daughter, Drina is nineteen and she is applyingfor nursing school, so she's in her second year of College at CommunityCollege and she's, going to be um she's going to be applying for nursingschool next month. So we're very excited for that. So she will be thenurse like I wantit to be she's going to be at tords for you ye H, and then Ihave my nine year old eavior and he is Um. Just you know, like I said, he's littlebit clumsy and growing into his size, but he's he's a great little kid Um andthen I have seven year old o'rion and he again is just he's my baby and he isvery sweet and loving and he 's he's a great little one too so tha my littlebrood awesome, Um yeah, it's funny with in Carpool um one time. Orion Mi'vealready told you about this, but I like checked my phone or something and hewas like you should not be looking at your phone while you're driving and Irealized he was like right over my shoulder like a Dao orl. She was likesitting. Therei was like you're right. I down I'm like and please go buck alot. Oh yeah, I mean we live right now.That's on Meno! I'm like okay, let's make sure we're buckled before we go.It's like a block away, though so I'm a little Leni on Thatan. I need to besafe with your children at's, let alone mine all right. So Shal we wrap this upwith a game. Do you have a game planned? Of course you do. Yeah you're rig athiking. Oh, she doesn't have a game and it's funny on our little Um Word Duckthat we share right here. It's like cold, don't look past here, so that youwouldn't see the game right. So this is what we're going to do. I'm going togive you guys Song Lyrics Christmas Song Lyric, Oh okay, how are you goingto take turns Earon's going to go first and you have to give the next few wordsright and we'll see who you get a point? If you know the next, you wore it soaarin. First, your song is last Christmas right last Christmas. I gaveyou my heart, but the very next day you gave it away yet, and I put eas or WorLseeokay Co. Yours is all e want for Christmas. Is You I won't ask for muchthis Christmas. I won't even wish for snow and I just want to keep on waiting underneath the missle toe that is okay.I did not know that. I know it's Maria Carey is that Okayi did not know thoseLS. I did ty to Hon t lteorcoling N,...

Okay Aron. Your next one is Fhelisnovvy dod, okay, okay, Vali snuvy, dod, repeated Prospero, blike, aniel,Philici that Nice right low Miami, an you see that yes, cvery cold walkingin a winter wonderland yhe'll say. Are you married we'll say no man, but youcan do the job when you're in town later on by the fire. What wwait waitlater on shoot later on? Well, is it yes, it well MHM!I don't! I don't remember it's funny 'cause I googled Um, frequentlymisunderstood Christmas. Songrto Find Isinfor you y. What is it we'llconspiteour spire dream by the fire? So that's where yougot to figh it's funny. 'cause I kept thinking. PERSPIRE ILIKE JUS ranwhatdoing by the fire. You do perspire my wo, Yeh, sounder, so t t, I thinkyou should get somewhat of a Qintan. W would have had to be comtni ven O thatserotonspire as we do. What by the Iras we dream as we doall right, yeah, a aof them doesn't unless you guys know of some well enough to maybe give me oneif you know of O, how can we OPRA? Let's Somehin R, I don't think that'svery easy to stump Babbry, true, not with games anyway, not with game,though Christmas dog lyrics. I really don't know that. Well, the kids arealways asking to listen to Christmas longs in the car. I'm like we'll, listen to one and then I'm likeokaylet's just change the RA. I can't handle it very long. I don't Kn W llitdepends. I don't like the pop Christmas on the radio, but there are specificones like clash in him or like Indi. I like Indi right. She and him is Zoi deChanel with what's his name of the Guetarist Yeah Him Tryin Don. Mr No isa different. Oh no they're him! I it know they erand. That's very good! Ireally like that and soufion Stevens Aaron. Have you listened t? I told youabout it once 'cause the band Joe member, you were saying you like: BanDo music, I'm like you, have to listen to suit, go Om and Lo rhisthmas, Idon't knowyeahhn emerge and then they do a Christmas album andthen suthiond Steven. He has like a full orchestra and a lot of it's likeBanjo or but Um, beautiful and and unique sounding right. I love that. Ilove his Christmas album, but the average saw no on the radio. I justkindaf do it. I don't want to hear it yeah, I'm with you, I'm with you. Thereyeah and here I am trying to Google, frequently misunderstood Christmaslyrics to try to Stonenoo. Let me seeme backum at night or I'm just G, the ones.I know really well Noo. What about silent night or one like that that Imight actually know you could just if you know too easy, hang em I's like I'm, finding them Te Yeah it's a little tricky with Colinasharing this microphone, I'm like too far. Sometimes maybe and one of USdidn't brush our teeth this morning, atit I'm just kng you're. Talking aboutyou, no, let's see how about this. It's not necessarily a lyric. But what did my true love give to me?On the ninth day of Christmas, nine drimmers drumming e Earlyewell, well Mayit, twelvedurmers or twelve germers iming, eleven tipers piping, ten mad o milking ithat'sspeaking of that correct me. If I'm wrong, but I thinkthe very first year you guys moved in. Didn't you Gise Christmas Carol. Yes,we did, you did didn't yeah, we had m... of our friends. Has these what werethe where they bell yeah th all made out of like a steel pipe or somethingthat you they hit with the metal and yeah? We had a little Bell Coir, Ithink, just whenever you were singing that that I just got a flash memory,and I remember this tone deft singing somewhere somewhere back in the back ofmy mind, asogging a memory alright, so I've got. The answer here at is nine.Ladies Dancing, I forgot about the dancing ladies and actor Christmascaroling, it's great. Until someone starts singing the twelve days ofChristmas 'cause, then it's like all right. These guys are going to be herefor a while just close the drap bt, very close, the door ahardernd. Thankyou so much for letting US interview to interview you. Today. It's been a lotof fun: Oh Yeah, so much fun. Thank you. I Havn't talk to you later. Okay,.

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