Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 13 · 1 year ago

S01E12: Game Time


You may have noticed we like games. Not only do we play a game at the end of each episode, but we play games all the time! Today we chat about the games we played growing up and those we now play with our kids. We share research about the benefits kids get from playing games and what they learn from different types of games.

About a year and a half ago, Aubre andI decided to take a little road trip over to California during spring breakand on this road trip. We decided that we were going to try to get on theprices right and, if you've ever done, the prices right. You know that it'squite to Oma or deal. We actually went two days the first day. What whathappened? The yeah we just didn't get in. We were a few minutes late andthere was a huge line there already and we didn't get on. So we were, we werebehind, they cut off, but they gave us tickets that guaranteed us for the nextday. So that's when the real waiting game began. Do you remember how long wewaited before the axlens taping, three or four hours seemed like it was sixhours, probably three or four hours. That's that's an accurate answer andwe're sitting there in line and somehow I didn't even know how thishappened. Daddy girls walked up t, they were like kind of walking along andthey said. Does anyone know how to play Yeukir? U They weretrying to findpeople who knew how to play Uckhar in the whole win people, and I was like ID- we do. Did you already know its funny, because we had learned how toplay Eucre from Michael and Lori Grimes? Oh that's right. I had come to visit aHaf and Um. They taught us Ucre and I learned in college. I played in CollegeBot. That's how I ou yeah. So we said yes we'll play and we ended up playingfor like two hours at least three hours hid so much time in line playing ucreeveryone around us, solid arls from the Midwest. It was kind of an amazingexperience. Hey have f. The reason we tell that story is today is all aboutgames, so we're talking about games games you can play with your kids gamesHo play Te family if you've listened to any of our podcasts. You know thatAubri is the ultimate Gamer she loves to play Games. She loves to end eachepisode with a game and it didn't just start as an adult she's Ginta game, herher whole Li E. I grew up playing games, my family, it was they were like. Whywould we sit around talking to each other when we could be playing a gameat my time? While we play a game, my family was. Why would we play a gamewhen we can just sit her on talking to each or and it's not, that we didn'tplay games growing up? We just didn't play 'em that we play it all like everySunday night. We would play games, Thald sit around the table and play oremember playing picsionary a lot and that one was funny 'cause, my dad's, anartist and often when he'd go to draw something it would be from like abird's eye perspective or something righty view, Re d and so like it's thisamazing drawing, but usually he would lose 'cause. It would take too down forher. We could 't figure out what it was and then he'd be so frustrated and,like Beso upset that we couldn't tell what it is. Obviously it's this butyeah we played a lot of games. We play every Sunday night and my experiencewith games like I said I don't recall, playing a lot of games until I was ateenager or you know later, as an adult. I do remember my siblings coming overwith friends playing games and because of that there are certain games that Istill refuse to learn like settlers of Katan is that I do not know how to pronounce thisgame e. Some people say: Setlers feddlers, it's settler settlers ofsettlers of Katanan yeah yeah, that's true Anywa. I would like to play thatgame. I played that, but I like it, but you refuse to another game that Irefuse to learn for a long time. Scum, but I loves SGUM. We play it all thetime yeah and now one of our favorite games teach. You is a lot like avariation. Well, Genese, you se, that's the ultimate in my opinion, so kidsthat are Prek like there are certain games you can play with kids whenthey're, three or four years old and some good ones that we found Um. Wefound this game, this animal Bingo game that we actually found in a garage sale.This was the best lanohaor, but it was missing one of the cards, and so do youremember what I didyes hold on. So this game, it it's a Bingo game and it camewith five early, a number of circular cars. We got it from a garage sal andit was missing one, so you drew, I feel,... you drew one. I I D it I liked toit and colored it. So as a picture of what the card should have looked likeon the on the well, we didn't know, we just knew 'cause, we had the other onesand we knew because we had the pieces that were extra Wasmitin, so Irecreated one of them laminated. It we'll have to post a pick, and we stillhave that game. Yeah tenringrat those little Bingo Games. Those are good forkids, 'cause, they're, recognizing animals and shapes and colors and yeahand they're the dexterity of having to like pick up that they would like drawa piece out of the bag and put it where it goes and they're learning theiranimals right. We played with that when they were pretty little and likeconnect. Four is a good one for really little kids, one that I neverunderstood- and I know you always played this with our kids was candyland.Yes, is it pretty much just rolling dice? No there's no day it was a littlespinning wheel. Maybe it shoots a t e Latder conpusing, he sheis. I it'seither one it's either just spinning a wheel and going they wer. Just re thero yet base object to the gasure. There is you're racing to the end, and it'sreally good for kids B'cause. You have to count spaces like if they were afor,they got to move for and then what happened? I'm not saying that it's notgood for kids, I'm just saying it's the most pointless game in the world,because you're literally just spinning, there's no skill. It's spinningcounting who want there to be skill involved when you're getting twit athree year old. Yes, that's why you don't like playing games a three yearold yea, see I play with them. I'm like I recognize the the good for the kidsthey're learning how to lose, they're learning how to lose without crying andwhen I'm playing with him, I'm like You'e got a roll of seven or eleven.It's it's all or nothing here, theres t hihes always crying when they're that's a good one though, and both ofthose candyland and shoots and ladders they like I played them over and overand over and but I did feel like they were learning something right: they're,just learning, either they're, counting or they're learning their colorsthey're, definitely learning better hand, Iye coordination as they're doingthings well, even the patience of waiting for their turn. Ye and that'sall just taking turns yeah for sure and then we'd play car games like Gofish,crazy apes, old maid lots of those games. RMEMBORA game there's a reallygood game that we had growing up that my sister and I would play all the timeit's called picture picture. We we have it actually. My mom was cleaning out. Idon't know if it was the cabin or the garage and she had a box of old gamesand she asked if I wanted this picture picture game, I can't find it anywhereonline. We have it. The girls play it. It's a lot of fun is, is one of thosehey look at this image and write down everything you can everything that youcan think of for the next thirty seconds or whatever yeah, which isreally good for just helping them, get just those memory, skills, yeah beingable to have good, recall, fast, recall, right and then, when they're, a littleolder once theyr kindergartener a little bit beyond that Um there's lotsof an games like morphology junior is a fun one forgo. We have f Oli more ole,you have more poology. I forget the junior, that's a good one, your's goodtoo! You know it's it's. The cards are simpler, such things that are a littleeasier for them. Ten Ha all kinds of little things like little colored. YouKnow Marbles and squares, and all this stuff and- and you have to it's Alstkindof like pictionary, only or gestures like charades, but you have touse these little items to get people to guess. If that one ended up being amain staple for all the birthday parties that our kids would have to goto, we would go by or order online more father, we loved it and our kids lovedit. Yes, that's a Tun game. An now hold on that's different, though, and in mymind better than I think Lego has the creationary yeah too many small piecestoo many Legos more follows you junior if you're going to do a game where theyhave to build and create something look up, morpholag y junior way better thancreation yeah. I can't tell you how many times I've had to pick up thatcreationary game they just gets ever as they see it as Legos. It's like! OhYeah. Let's play this game now, Dad builed me an airplane. It's just kindof mess and then corcal cirkalls a really fun one and it was alwaysdiferent. It has the square black squares, smallblak squares with coloredsymbols on him, there's like circles and squares and clovers or whatever,and you have to build a pattern. Oh...

...yeah, that's the one. It's Kindaf likedominoes, but you can't match like you have to align colors in chase, but youcan't repeat exactly right: Yeah Yeah, that's good! I always get confusedbecause there are so many qe games out there. I was thinking cubet cubin t.Then I was thinking Qwelth yea and then I started thinking you said corcal. SoI started thinking Farkel, which is another one: TII canlet the Disaanan,some wit, an ones yeah or Sur, and then Mas ermained did you play mastermenegrowing up. I played that all the time goring I didn't growing up it wasn'tuntil we got married that I started playing master this little grid. Youhave these little colored pegs and one of you hides a pattern of colored pegsand the other one has all these chances to try and guess the pattern, and youare letting them know if something's right color, but in the right wrongplace, and it's really funy. You have dod when you're at the right, colorcombination, sort of thing. In fact I posted a picture of the speaking spell.I saw that target right next to it. That may have been a light bride, butnext to that was a mastermind. They sell the vintage versions of Massar. Wemay need to updars yesh, that's kind of old. I think what we what we did is wehad two versions of the game and we combined it into one that Ete was twiceas many colors to choose from and suddenly the game got really reallyhard. So we haven't played t at much, so I I have played with the kids, butit's interesting when you first play with them. They're, like this is sohard, it's breaking my brain and then to play with them a few times and theyget really good at it and, like you, see them getting smarter, it's a reallygood game for that. Right t definitely builds critical thinking, skills, Ohand then chess and checkers yeah, the kids play checkers. All the time nowwill ron you're, really good and lool is so good n Shl be e Methet, I be herthe first game. Then she took me the next one and then I said okay time forme to really show R. She beat me she be you when you're really tryanyway NASreally tryng, and we play the rules where like. If you have an option tojump you have to take, you have Tyeah, that's the real way to play and it getsquite difficult 'cause. She sets you up. She knows how to sents you up and well.She played chess first. So she knows that she's got to think aboutstrategies. Ju O, remember she played with Lucys that was like she she playedchest. She kinda had it for a little while, but yeah. So checkers is easy ifyou got chess down an which we also need to get a new version, becausewe've got a a one pieces like a red token, instead ofa red cheqker's, Pia, I think that happens with all chess and checker slosing the pieces. I know when we were kids. We had a chestset, it was a nicewooden chest set and one piece was like a plastic pand, because one of the nicewooden pieces got. We had a really nice like hand carved wooden, set growing upthat we always played and miraculously no peace ever was. I think they stillhave all thappeasns to that. One Mi played a lot with my dad chess growingup. Did you play wit, Hyour Dad, or did you play growing out Chano much yeah? Idid it a lot and we hade this other one called Kings court, which I don't thinkthey make anywhere either. We still have it there like these marble pieces,but it's kind of like chess and checkers, but a little R. It's a reallyfun one too. Some of these Games there's another game that you, the farming game, is Likarminggay,that's game which Yor at Idaho. What's the greatest game to play the farminggame. It's amazing, you have a farm and you have like your crops and then youdo like your hay cutting or your grain cutting and you might land on something.That's like frost freezes, your crops gher whenever it sounds thrilling right.Guy That game h. What was the other one with the the forest? ANDCHANCE forus?Yes and chanted forest? I don't think they make that anymore either. That's aare game you just you're like going around and when you get to a tree youcould look at the bottom of it and you they were all like related to fairytales, it'd be like a glass slipper or a a you know the pie paper's pipe orsomething, and then you you it's like racing to the end to anyway it's a goodone. My parents still have it, but it's Super Old Tan falling apart. I don'tthink they make it anymore. You know they don't build. Hem, like they usedtots Te, whoever made enchanted for us. If you hear this, you got to startmaking that one again, I would totally buy that game sleeping Queens. The kidsplay that a lot now, like a car game and there're a bunch of good card games.Now, like Um Tacocat, go chese pizza...

...and kill her bunnies kill her bunnies,which is so complicated that you don't want to learn how to play. I love ECEEST me this. A lot WT learding exploding onins, is a really fun.Oythose are always funny yeah kind of have to play those with older kids,'cause there's a lot of humor on the car lite it's funny, but but there aresome other really good co card games out there pretty much anything thatGrandpa Beck does Oh yeah GRANDP. You noticed I said GRANDAPA HISS GRANDPAback, not GRANDPA GRANDPA back, he does he's got I don't know five or six gemesout there. I think golf is a common one. That's that most people know how toplay my personal favorite of his there's two that I really love. One isCoverg your assets and the other is skulking skulking best game. It's Kindolike a spades type Trontatraaim with with hiriety and Nirants, and one ofour best vacations away from kids was in Mexico with two other couplessitting at the resort, and inside this resort there was a there was litlerestaurant t, Weletwas Harrle in the middle of the pool, though yes, it wasa pirate ship built into the middle of a pool, a Little Barn restaurant and wesat there late at night playing skoking fast. It was amazing, yeah, that's areally good game and they came out with a new like a booster packer like thesecond disom that had mermaids and a crack and like Iroe, even morecomplicated but really fun to jok out school king. That's that's. One of allof the GRANDPA back games are good. I just had GRANDPA I it is GRANDAPAsimilar to Costco one of our all time, favorite games- and we mentioned itearlier in the episode. Teach you MHM- and this is one it's a very complicatedgame. Very most Westerners do not understand the complexities behind therules of this Gyeah. I guess it was supposed to be like a Chinese game andthe instructions say like. Oh Europeans have a very difficult time. Learningthis game t at May. That may have just been a marketing ploy to get mwesterners to start playing. Maybe but the tricky thing about that game. Isthere so much strategy? It's such a great game, but it's hard to play withkids 'cause, it's kind of difficult strategy, that's hard for even adults,sometimes to learn yeah. When we first learned we were in San Diego visitingour friends there. They taught us how to play, teach you- and it was hard forme to pick up like the first two or three times he played it was K. I don'tknow, what's happening, we left San Diego and I was like Oh crut. I don'tknow if I can handle this game it's way over my head. Fortunately, there is aTicho AP for the IPAD or the iphoe a we both down Ownoado the a how learned howto play, and then we went back and were able to hang with her ID up prettyquick, but I think it's because I grew up playing games. I had played so manygames. I think they were surprised at how fast I picked up. I was like I'vegot this, but it's one of those games that it's a bit addictive and we endedup wanting to play it with each other and with other people. It's really hardto teach people, so we started to teach our kids and even though it's reallycomplex, we were able to take a Geler DECA car, a regular deck of cards,add in a couple of specialty cards and play the base and we can ot, simplifyit yeah for Sare Yeah. We actually call it Harley because they were HarleyDavidson motorcycles on the Arkas, hardly David, some motorsex ans andyeah. We play with them and they're they're getting really good at it. Ican see them getting a hang of the strategy and eventually we're going toBil te transition to real tacyou. It cannot wait, it's going to be awesomeand, in the meantime we can play with our neighbors yeah ther. We go reallyget ONA, Taughteur and ext door neighbors how to play we played withthem. We play once a week yeah, they picked it up fast and they same thing.They downloaded the AP and thelps a time to be able to play it. Onso we'vetalked about some of the benefits for playing games with kids at at a youngerage right. The mental development color shapes memory, you know even intoadulthood. There are lots of benefits. I I think that when you talk about people that aregetting elderly and older, they like to play games to stay sharp it you know,keeps them remembering things. Keep...

...them focused on different things, so Ithink there's a lot of different value in in being able to play games likethat yeah. I think it's also key that it's something kids can do that's funand that's not at all like screen. There's no digital, like everyoneunplugs, and so especially if you, if you can place a game clear all the wayto the end, without checking your phone or letting anybody now plug in thenthat's increasing attention span. We lactually looked up an article wherethe doctor was saying this will increase your kids' attentions span ifyou can play a board game all the way to the end worth it just for that Y andnot to mention- and I will mention not to mention the social connection thatyou get just playing with games, Blaing Games with other people and thenlanguage skills. There are a lot of games like boggle. I love Boggle, youwon't lay with me, do not play any word games with Haubr she's, going no win,it's so fun and passwords a fun one and then Il I just love playing with anyone.I'm like I'll do handicapped. You can write three letter, words and I'll onlywrite five letter ods, but they'll boost their language skillsright, they're, learning, words, they're learning how to spell all ofthat exposure to language is is so good for kids. Also Board Games are inalternative to time out. I read something that was talking about this.The playing games with your kids is one of the best ways to work on a parentchild relationship and they were saying it can be used to increase frustration, tolerance in achild so as you're playing a board game they're going to get frustrated ifthey're losing, like things are going to happen, they're getting frustrated,they build up a tolerance for that. They realize Ik, it's okay to Fiel, Tri!U Frustrated! I don't have to throw a temper tandrum. I don't have to lashout right. So instead of having all these, you know frustrations in yourkid and you're putting them in time out instead o sort of a preventive measurefor that y. A So. I like that, a preventative entoing, a enative ye twotime out when you say a replacement for time out. I was thinking, wait Youarein trouble quit hitting your sister. You got to play a borgame. Now we s canmiss you peese. Look on your face! Wait a second! I don't know that we want topunish kids by making them play. Mor Am risk three hours of monopoly, you'regon to get it. It does kind of sound like a punishment, have nevermonopoly's, not my favorite or risk pendemic. We went to this there's thisplace in Tempe. That's like it's kind of a coffee shop. It's a board game,Hoffee Shop, every board game. You can imagine there and you go and just play.Theire Board Games and the server was like. I recommend this game pendemic,so we tried it and none of us had played it youwere trying to like savecivilization from an epidemic, and it was awful. We couldn't figure it outfor Linstruction, but ye I'm not opposed to learning and playingpandemic. I am opposed to doing it in OA owhere, we're like paying by thehour to sit there. Iht Tlike, Oh you guys should play monopoly. This is agreat one dont you way. I recommended it if we were paying by the are. Ididn't remember that, but I think you're right and just like. Oh this waythey'll have to pay to Learne Arussion and then play and that's going to befive hours. Perfect. Everyone recommend pendemic, it's probably a great game,I'm sure it is yeah. Someday somedady will learn that one and then they teachthe value of team work, so lots of Bord Games, yes, you'relearning how to lose graciously right and you're learning how to wingraciously where you're not boasting, if you're winning right and then, butalso just the value of playing on a team and working together toward a teamgoal. You know sports are great for that, but also bord games. Lots of BorGames, yare playing- I was that's interesting. I was talking with a buddyat work who was telling me and he's done some research and taken someclasses in psychology. He was telling y this this famous psychology study fromthe seventies or eighties when they could do experiencs on onkids withoutletting them know that they were doing experiments. They pitted two summercamps against each other, so they were neighboring Sumbercans and theyintentionally went and rated the other one's camp and did something you knowstole their flag or something and hey. They did these things and tried toblame the other camps. So these these...

...camps really hate each other and itworks right turns out you, you pretend vareate, a rival n how o rive yeahexactly, but then their goal in doing that was now that we've got thisrivalry. How do we fix it right? How do we undo the rivalry and they found thatin order to do it to undo the rivalry they mixed teams so th y, they tookeveryone from the summer camps and put him in mixed teams and had to make themsolve like a challenge. I don't know if it was like a headend competition orsomething that felt like you know: Life and death and airquotes, not ha hislife and death, but then coming together as a team and working togetherto complete this challenge, it fixed the rivalry no longer with a rival, sothat just made me think of that when you're talking about I'd say like ateam building activity, that a company would do where they're bringing peoplefrom different departments and mixing up the teams aloing them to build those.Yes heme social interactions to solve a problem yeah. Definitely so we need toplay game. Of course, before we play a game, I think you should talk aboutyour game book. Oh Nee, kit, onfinnish. It isn't finished now that I have twojobs, so I don't never have time to write. ABRY's plan was when th, whenthe twins went to school, that she was going to write a gameboock and shestarted it Hu and has completed a good portion of it, basically focusing ondifferent types of games that you can play with different numbers of peopleand group sizes and even ages. I think you've got a broken unto types of gameslike road trip Games, Card Games got or we should only talk about road trip,Games, yeahhres, so many Frentroi Gams to play with kids and we have atendency to just give them each a device. That's like the best. I Love Road tripgames. So let's talk about a few yeah, the two that we would always playgrowing up. One was ghost, and I sai you can't spell if I've let her worcan't spell a word. So if you've got four people playing, you can't spell ayeah, so each person go or next person as like a M, and you get to where youcan't. You can't spellafie letter words Arou to keep going and either bluff. Ifyou don't know a bigger word and they can call you to find, I think Iti was agood one, but my personal favorite. We called it the e game and it was thegame where you couldn't say any words that had the letter e in itanultimately. It ended up with all of us sounding like Tarzan in the carsaying you talk court. No talk, Gwhen, someone wouldsay a word Withan Einit, we would all say ha ha ha. You is out the e game th, we played it with ourkids and it's been fut Han. We have some somegood ones. Th M celebrity one where one person says like a movie star and theother one has to say a movie Sar who wis in a film wit E, that's right andif you can't think of one you have to bluff, and the next person connects thamovie star right. So you just keep going or calls if they think thatyou're bluffing and if they call you have to say the movie, the two are intogether and that's a fun one and we've done that, one with in in caravans onroad trips like via tect or calling people on the phone or Waki talkesyou'll be driving along and as a team, we're supposed to connect. What the twocharacters are that a that are in play, similar to a seven, what eight sevendegrees of Kinoya degree ie that eater Bacon Kevin ba o. We found out thatChameleon's a good road trip game on the way home from that same trip. No,it's a different different STIP TO MEX you're driving yeah well, but everybodyelse and even the driver could be was kind of like on your team participating,and I think I was planing for the Dr Yeah you're Kindof Plain togee was alittle team yeah. That was a good one for the road trip, but one of mypersonal favorites is one that we're actually going to do for today's game.Oh let's hear it yeah. So this is a game. Where m you just have to come up with any tribue question. Youjust have to know the answer and...

...ideally, if there's a third personthere to check you sur like so then, if you don't know the answer, but thethird person does know the answer, then I would get a point. So it has to bestuff. That's common enough that everyone in the car is probably goingto know ranker. But if you do know the answer, you get the point right an yougot to go around Soso, I'm trying to come up with the question that someoneelse would know the answer to whut you et, I won't yer. So I'll. Ask you minefirst Okand, then we'll hear yours right ookay! My question is: What isthe chemical symbol for iron for iron? I believe iron is the good old, peanut butter, p B. Oh, I think that'slead. Oh No is it really? Iron is fe, fe hole to c t R. NO think you're rightwell, is if nobody else in the car knew that I would not get a p in the caryeah. Okay, I'm going to go back to my days as a history teacher who said thefamous words, give me liberty or give me death, JohnAdams, patrock Henry. We both got. I BRONG SO AL right turnsout we're both dumber and a bag of hammers. All right, so we're both idiots see yonext time.

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