Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode · 10 months ago

S02E10: The Pre-Christmas Purge


Out with the old and in with the new! Col and Aubrey describe their holiday tradition of organizing and getting rid of kids' toys to make room for Christmas gifts. They discuss home organization companies and why they wouldn't let them near their junk drawers.

Hey abry and coal here before we sharewith you this most recent podcast that we just finishe recording it's a goodone, if I do say so, myself wanted to put a quick plug out there for apodcast that we happen to be guests on recently. Yes, our good friends andneighbors Daniell and Brende Greef have a podcast called dbest life and we wereguest just this past week, so you can check out their latest episode with aninterview with us. I can only assume and imagine whataubry just walked into the room with s she I'm getting ready for with all thegear oprep this podcast and she says: Oh I'm going to prepare a game, andthen she walks in with what I can only assume as a Cornicopia of items hiddenunder a DISHRACG. There's no Cornacopia, but there is a fun collection is so isa Cornicopia only that round horn shaped basket, or can it be referringto like a lot of different things? Maybe coul use Cornacopia to mean acollection of things. That's WHA, I ois is it I don't say like. Oh, I have aCornacopia of things here unless I'm actually holding a Cornacopia. How doyou spe? How do you spell Cornica, yr n? U Copia, first game of the day,spelling game, abbry point nes, spellit backwards, ai P, a symbol of plentyconsisting of a goats horn overflowing with flowers, fruit andcorn has to be a goats horn. That's funny because when you like draw oneand color it in school, it's never the size of a Ghoat Horn. It's like themouth of. It is because it's not a goat, torn. It's usually like a basket yeah.It's like a weeve o the shorn o Goit's Har, so 's, there's two definitions:There's the official Cornicopia, which is the Gotorn, which is a little bitcreepy, and there is the second definition an abundant supply of goodthings of a specific kind. So he walked in with the Cornucopia of goodies goodti of items. I don't know what in that word more abundant of something e. Sothat's for the game later, so I'll explain that in a bit and look at USrecording podcasts, I don't know if this is three weeks in a row, but Ithink so. We've done a little bit better and I think we've Gat a goal todo this, a little bit more. In fact, as I was setting up the podcast just now, I've decided that we have a littlesound mixing board for multiple microphones that we use to record intoI'm going to set it up permanently on my desk, so it's just easier leven upfor us to to record whell. I do recall the very first episode I sort oftricked you into saying: okay, we'll release one every Monday and you werelike Wais like Olo Woa, let's notcommit to anything, so I think you alwayswanted it to be like sporadic well that I did just. I noticed on sounder whois, our PODCAST hoastingprovider. They just came out with their top podcasts of two thousand and twentytop podcast to listen to fo two thusand and twenty in the parenting categorywere number one. Well, I mean there's a couple of there: I don't go there. Wewere the second of three we were mentioned. We at least on theirfacebook post parenting podcast to listen to so if we have any listenersfrom that welcome. This is accidental parenting. I'm coal, I'm Abra and wetalk about all the times we screw up. Has Parents? Yes, parenting, failsMarty, simple every thing and then a win in that description of that podcastto listen to. I noticed it mentioned that we are a weekly release podcastand I'm like Oh yeah. Okay, let's get back, we get. We got to get back tothat, so we we'regoing o e Yo, a o, email, hem and say about that. Wedescript O boutthat, okay, so we're back to weekly, let's Di Ur, I like ittoday today, Wer we haking about. We had an amazing day today, get have agood day because it's the two days before Christmas, so Christmas, AdamTomorrow's Christmas Eve. The next day is Christmas and about twice a year. Iget this bug or this be in my bonnet.

If you will to purge toys, yes and Inever get a bug to perch toys, so coal has to be the instigator on this to say:okay, let's go through the toys, let's get rid of some stuff and it usuallyworks out to be around the return to school. So kids have gone throughsummer. They've played with everything. They've made a mess with everything sonow they're getting back into school. It's time to clean everything out, getrid of all the junk and just organize so that we can. We can be an organizedhousehold and the one this time of year I feel like is usually a day or twoafter Christmas. The kids have gotten a few new toys and we end up goingthrough everything to make space. So I like to do it before Christmas. I don'tremember it being before. Ah Bu we were clearing out for all the new stuffwhich is kind of funny, our oldest daughters. They even had some thingsthat they were going through in their bedroom, and I opene up this one binthis. This bin of you know junk bin. Well call it and there were twoChristmas guifts that they had received last year. I said: Oh here's, that oneof them was a like a Karaoke microphone that silver one, that we got that weetcaryocame yea an I was like, but here's this microphone. I have you guys evenused this and Addy Arol Lis was like wait. What is that she didn't even knowshe didn't even remember getting it so I opened it up and it was the firsttime it had been open other than on crispan today, just to unsip it andthen dip it back back closed and they forgot it was. He was like. Oh that'sawesome I said Yah T is. I took it it's here in my office, you rane somewhone,put it under the tree. 'm Gonto wrap it it's going to give you the gift. Itkeeps on giving fom. We went through all the toys and this always is a bitof a fight because I'm never ready to get rid of anything. I am always readyto get rid of every throwing stuff in the get rid of Pilo. I'm sneakilyputting it back in a pin somewhere. I had you convinced on some stuff to getrid of. We didn't. We didn't downsize today as much as we have in the past.Usually it's just opportunity to throw away all the fruit snack wrappers thatthey stuff in the toy bens and find all of their missing socks that have goneand disappeared over the last least, but it heads on one of them where Colreally wanted to give away the Legos the old, the big Legos, the Dulo. Is itDUPLO, Hey, but they're the DUPLO ones are really big. We did pass thos long,but they're like the little tykes ones, you're getting confused as big, becauseo the big go te big ones are mega block. Okay, we got rid of the Megabo the megablocks. Those are us Sosa with that, because theyre uo ons mega blockstheyre literally a dimadoze, the DUPLO. We could sell those and get some decentmoney out of them, because they're still lego brand but and all of ourkids don't play with do PLO. My kids don't play with them anymore, but- andI even took a picture to like list them for sale, maybe or I was thinking aboutwho we could give past them along to then it was like. I need these, so I starto Gomup with reasons Wy weneed to keep in this is the greatest she came to me. Her number one excusewas eventually we're going to have grand kids and they're going to needchoice to play with, and I'm like grandkids that's at least ten yearsaway. At least I mean these. These toys are for three year olds, so it's atleast three years away. I tell you I, let's hope it's at least ten years away,I'm telling you, though I really hope that not hope. I'm warning you rather everyby annual perge toy purge, I'm going to fight to get rid of the duplo Li o,because there's no reason for itsays you're like it's way too long to haveto keep something asuing grandkids Ar Playi, and I was like okay, what aboutall the times when I need to watch someone's kids that are that age and Ineed things to end. My answer to that is you shouldn't be babysitting andwatching kids that aren't our own kids age, which is terrible. No onelistening agrees with you old on. I might be watching a neighbor's kid orfriends. Kid O! You not recall. That is...

...the exact reason that we got captain'schairs in our SUV, so that we only had an fwe so that we only have that spacefor our own kids so that we wouldn't have to watch anyone else's kids,there's so many times where I really need to be able to pick up just onemore kid for soccer Carpool, and then we can ECAUS. It's amaz. I not want anextra scab. bioers are amazing, though you have to admit that so anyway, wekept the Lego. So you know who won that Figt for now? No, no, no, you won thebattle, but this is a ten year war that we will be fing, we'll see. If we don'tuse them at all this year, then I'll consider getting rid of them. Okay,next one more one, more thing that I would. I would consider throwing intothat. What category Lincoln locks those are as bad as Mekea block feellike we just bought those at a garage sale o ten years ago, like at least youknow how that's you get lincoln logs and it's only a few in each. No, it'snot yes. It is Lincoln, Lo, like three or four packages, what's Y happenelarge back because they used to come in the big cardboard cylinder right, yes, and that is two of those I don'tthink O. I think it's more than that. It's like a big Bin, not tolrigt,coming, let's get, let's, let's just take a peak, but those are allcars e o.We just don't have, I feel like we don't have enough to really makesomething. Big cols parents have at their cabin a giant collection ofLincoln logs that the kids are spoiled because they're like. Why would we playwith these here when the ones at the cabin we can make it al? This isinteresting times as big. Did you know that connect owns Lincoln logs? I didnot now that it's interesting, so there's this big tin. This is one ofthose items that we have and it's eighty three pieces, which is a lot inour kids, never play with them. Ever I n that's going to be a hard fin andit's only thirty dollars. I would be willing to spend sixty dllars in tenyears if and when you ever need them to not have to store them for ten yearsmore anotte college othing, like I don't want to get rid of them justbecause then let's get a sandwich bag. You pick out your five or ten favoritepieces, just like the day after Halloween, in my hope, Chec, and we puthim in. I was going to say that put hem in your hope chest funny get a littlebaggy. In fact it can, it doesn't have to be a sandwich back. It can be nicelittle doily. We can tie little ribbon around it and you can keep five to ten,no more than that. Okay. So there's a couple other things I want to talkabout as far as organizing at a house right, so we organize the toys. Weorganize all the kids tack got rid of all the trash here's. My Question: I donot understand how anyone pays for someone else to come and organize attheir house. This is he thing I saw this. Someone requested on facebookthether a Haim looking for a professional organizer Yeah and thesecompanies ill come in and they or I don't. The last thing I would ever want is forsomeone to open one of my junk drawers, yeah and organize that yeah, and Ithink I would make a really good professional organizer sure, because Ihave one philosophy: Throw it away: Yeah you're, really good. At perjhing.I can't tell you how many colored pencils crayons markers that mayor maynot work that I threw away. Do you know why? Because every year we buy morewhen it's back to school and it's a dollar for a twenty four pack. I can'ttell you how many times I've looked for something to find out that you threw itaway the day before and then I go and buy it exactly. I was looking for thatRed Colored Pencil, exactly yeah you're a good Hurjur, so we wouldnever need to hire an organizer because you take care of that. Though. Thatbeing said, we have so many junk driwers full of junk. In spite of howmuch you like to organize. Well, I could I could I couldo the EF A donxact.I know you know that Wan the Juk Chorce, but there are some people who wouldreally struggle with a professional organizer because they wouldn't wantsomeone telling them to throw things.

Awat me too right. That's why you don'torganize them, because they'd have to be like okay. What of this? Can I throwaway, and I would be like nothing I got. I need a drawers, oltee drawers in ourlaundry room. They got that. I have in my sits right now, let's three in ourbedroom, four five, second think of like six junckdors in the bedroom. Ilook my drawer none of its junk. Okay, I know exactly what'. I would say thesame thing about all of my drawers. I have a couple of receipts from Walmartjust in case. I need to return something from three years ago, right, yeah, but they're. In fact, while I'mnot working, I mean- and I am working, but it's a well- you have less hourhase fewer hours to world because of the holidays, not that I'm out of a job I have time to organize and to toypergh and I've got. I've got a couple of projects, a couple of drawers thatI'm going to go through. In fact laundry room, that's my Goayeah! Thatwould be good, so I was reading one of these companies. It was a couple of women, I don't Rembethe Namy of the companies, but they are hired often by celebrities to organizetheir homes and they there was kind of like a Talla. They were going to likeshare the interesting things: they've, the weird stuff theye found incelebrities, homes and Ie tought you I thought you were just going. They weregoing to shares house to Orgat. I was like share. I need to hear this story aD. I don't remember names of celebrities, th Y. I think they said,but the the only thing I remember ters, aft, listers, Kno t wereis. Definitelypeople you know a listers, but they. The only thing I remember is they saidthey find a lot of baby teeth at celebrity soams yeah, that's like inte junk drawer. We have some loose baby teeth, yeah. We we've admit before that.We're really bad with with, in fact I'll refrase that the tooth ferry isnot very consistent at our house correct. But one thing the toothferryis consistent with is removing all evidence of rowing those teeth and yeah.He or she who, whatever that toohfairy may be, they get rid of the tooth. Mymom did keep them. In fact, I I think she just texted recently saying she wasgoing through something and found a bunch of my baby teeth. Are Youseriouss? I think se hop them all. It had teeth and a spinal column yeah. So I need to go out to Idaho andpick those up yeah, but not during covid. We were going togo to Idaho for the holidays. At some point yeah we werethiing thought aboutit. No commitment to our Suto obres fam, its alw, her Ma not be listn like O,we'll just ever know u. This year, two thousand and twentycovid. We decided, probably not the best idea. Well Yeah. You just thinkabout the worst case scenario. If we're there we're staying with family, if oneof US get for one of them, then we've got to figure out eve to we go staysomewhere else and if we're both sick driving fifteen hours sick, just notsound smis, in fact, you're driving fifteen hours with e kid soundsmiserable yeah, that's yeah! So, okay, are you ready to play the game? Anhov yeah? Let's see a thy other toysthat we've argued about getting rid of. Oh the Goldie blocks: Toys Yeah Yeah.They don ever use Thato those we do play them. The problem is that we don'tput them away as well as you would like us to do you get them out and we doplay with them see and that's the issue they end up like litter, sprinkledaround. If, if I could choose toys that my kids play with in Bulk Agnail magnatiles game, changer andthey're easy to put away an if you don't have magnatiles, you need magnasou play with them for a long time and they'll build like a big magnatiletower stell or something and then put Legos in a make. Lego Furnio, it's solegos, so MAGNA TAS is number one. La goes is number two, because the littleones here talking about your R, not the duplo, let's ditch the dupelo. In fact,I'm I'm going to start a campaign. I'm going to do some emails, some somecommercials, some big posterboards throughout the house, ditch the Dulo.I'm curious what other people think about, because our lego situation, wehave a couple of big bins of Legos and...

...that are just all mixed. Togch are kindof useless when they're mixed together, but every now and they'll be like let'sbuild a giant pirate ship and you want all of those shorces right, but thatusually our kids really prefer to follow the instructions and build theactual ship or whatever it is on the box. So we've started getting littletupper wares right little plastic containers to keep each individual Legoset in with the Instruction Hut. It's really not working because they buildit and then they don't want to tear it down or they'll, build it and they'llplay with it and lose chunks of it lose piecee sure al going to end up justinteves in there's no good solution there that I've discovered, but we dohave we've got a big bin of legods. We've also got one of those big scoopsack things whatever of those are amazing, yeah you just open it and itflattens on the ground and so that all the Legos you play with them and then,when they're done playing with them, you just pick up the sack and it scoopsclosed and you hang it. I love that the problem with our legos right now is, Ifeel, like we have too many likever there's not such a thing as too many,because I keep finding the little and these are the worst pieces. The littleflowers from the Lego, friends, riht so Lego, friends is all about flowers andlike there're, these little almost like a four leafed petald flower that has ahole in a mite doesn't stick on anything right. It's got, TA stick upthrough a stem and it's used there's like a million of them floating aroundthere. I throw thos away. When I find. Oh, that's good to know yeah, I don'tLitt like I didn't actually realize those were Legus, because I look alleverything if I find it I' Look in the bottom and I see if there's a littlecircle yeah so that it could hook on another Lego and if it's not there, Ijust throw it away so I'. I don't know what this tiny thing is and that's thething with a lot of our legos and I feel like if they could do this wouldbe a genius invention. You Know How they have those automated coin. sordersyou put your coins in and it OIE, oangos sort om by color size way shortof my size, my size, I don't care about. Color, keep brick separate from all theL, any whatever filter. Out of the light, little tiny pieces you need halfas many as you think you do. Building Bole my woness, I'm going to see ifthey H v just need to have, I mean adde could do that pay or five bucks and shewould organize them Lego. Maybe ten. What do you call that Lego, sordermachine? There's? Another thing I want tomention: We have what we call the minies, which are bins now of there's.Toys have just gotten tiny, loel dolls, so tiny, all these other little minitoys, hattremals, and I don't even know what the names of all these things are.But they have all these tiny, tiny toys, and so we end up just putting them allin one bin, and then we have to put them up very high, because if they getinto them they just become they just explode and get it everywhere, and sonow they have to ask they say: Can we play with the MINNIES and we get down abin of just all these tiny toys? Yeah and that's another thing. I have a hardtime getting rid of any minis. We could filter out, we could use, we could getrid F of two thirds of them and they'd still be happy with all themen. Theyprobably wouldn't even notice. Okay. So I just Ta away a couple of the squishyones that what are those called where and they end up like collecting lint,because they're kind of gummy feeling almost like a hand that you Wuico allthe squishies yeah. I tried to throw a few of those way away and Georgia dugthrough the trash bag and found them and was so mad that I had put them inthere. She was Wa, but you were going to throw Iway. We have Toai theothersil yeah, because the kids are out of school right now for the holiday breakand we got them involved and they just want to play with all the stuff thatwe're going through and trying to sort. That's the best way to get your kids toplay with their toys is trying to tell them you're going to thow them all awaythrough it and give anything away. Okay. So here I found this. This is a legomachine that sorts legos using artificial intelligence and comet. Well, it was it's homemade,it's a universal Lego, sorting machine, but it was built out of ten thousandLego bricks. So it's made of legos to sort legos, that's another reason notto get rid of any of the LEGOSYOGO. Not...

Duplo, though get R, ditch Hashtag thatit's Nota good holiday project for you to make a Lego, sarting machine out ofour lege, yeah, don't I feel like if you had, if you used the Legos to makethat there wouldn't be any legos left, you would take all this is a prettyornate machine and it may be on maybe beyond my abilities, all right. Let's play the game. Okay.What game do you have this? Is this? Is The CORNUCOPIA Game Yeah? Can we callit the CORNECOPIA game? Sure? Okay, okay, so I have on this sheet pan. It's like a CU. You have abaking sheet, have a baking Chee. Is this a jelly role? Pen? Yes, it's ajelly role, pan covered with items that I found in one of our laundry room,junk drawers and I'm going to give you thirtyseconds to memorize them and you can describe them out loud. That might helpa little bit and then I'm going to cover it, and you were going to see hom.Okay can remember so out of one of the junk druors. Yes, can you tell me whichjunk Jura was because I'm going to mix before we start this game, I'm going tomake some guess hat, be fun, Itas the one closest to the garage closest tothe door closest to the garbage? Okay, okay, so there's definitely somesunglasses, maybe pair of goggles, probably some pens now to all three ofthem really y. Ah Tho thing are in the library cards, something like that.Maybe yes, okay, LET'S START THESO! How much time do I get thirty seconds tomemorize and describe alloud what you see here and how how many items arethere? I did not count. Okay, I'll count as you describe. Okay, so we've got a screwdriver. We'vegot a padlock. We've got a Leatherman toal hand sanitizerahead lamp. There isa gift guard battery a Metro Card, se, Shell, a button, a business card yepthat is a business cartes. That choice doesn't eher Chander Public Limbreao.That's a library card, some gum, a key, maybe a marble. I can't see that Irubber band it SD, cart and a box of waterproof matches. Seventeen seventeenis, did I mention the SSHEW? Yes, you did memories. Remember Gess said aboutalready: I'm ready cover it up seventeen items here we go so I'm Goingta go with the rubber band Nice. The button, you, okay,what rubber band the button? The Metro Card, the library ECARD, the VictoriauSecret Gift Card, the screwdriver we've got the padlock, the sea. Shell: WE'VEGOT THE HEAD LAMP: We've got the battery. We've got the difficult okay, I mentioned the padlock mention thescre. The leathermantool we've got, the marble did th y alreadymention T, I think that's new okay, we've got the boy. Thi is tough. There was a pen,maybe I think there was. I tried to convince you that there was a let's yeah. Maybe you take a look there?Oh chewing gum, okay, and how many did I get twelv? Thirteenreally old, that it's crazy. We have this metrocard used to put in like adigital camera. Oh, the SD card, Yep, okay, what else did misyou would takecamping the headlamp? I said the Oh waterproof matches. That was theeasiest. I can't believe I forgot that one I think I got fourteen or fifteen.Oh I didn't get. The ansanitizer did, I even say the CSHOW, the key.There was also a paper clip that I didn't mention before impressive,though you did a lot better than I would have. I feel like now. The beautyof this is I'm going to take all of these things and just throw them rightback in that nothis is an opportunity for me to get an early start on mypurging of the large room. Jodlock, don't know the combination to it, throwthat away Yep that Hanna Tizers, probably six years old, Yep subwaymetro card. That's why do Le Gont have...

...that when wis the last time we were inNew York, twothousand and eight, we went there for oh true. This might knowfrom a trip a couple years after that, but still all right that go wis aCaroban, do not throw it away and Gom battery might be good. I don't believein having gem around the house, the well give it to me I'll put it in mypurse because I do believe in having them all right. torly those matches andthat's my library, hard Buti, don't know why it's a Nich. Canyou did the the Chanler Public Library assume that's what it was? Yes do. Theyhave the ability for you to just take a picture of it and scan it from yourphone. No, I don't think so. I could find out, but when you go to check outbooks there, you have to put that card on their reader and then you scan yourboxy. So I don't need it to check out to like get books online, but I ti aners through like a little infrared thing or yeah. I guess maybe an thepicture on your phone would work. You should try it because we need to startdoing that. This brings up another good story. Then we'll wrap this up. Theability to take pictures of library cards cost CO cards, whateverit ISSRANC, gyled, insurance, cart and then save them into your phone becomesvery useful because we are dealing with someinsurance headaches with providers who have been using old insurance cards,then billing them and then billing US- and it's an I has weird, both dentaland health. I confirmed with them that they had the new one, but they stillbuild Mi, the old insurance and the previous one paid, which makes itreally complicated because OL still on the group insurance of the previousemployer. So we have to contact hr from the previous implayts. Very complicate.Millions of dollars are wasted every year, because companies continue to payfor x employees insurance. Even though they're I mean it's EITE, one insurancecompany Paino there, but some some insurance company, some board member oninsurance company is losing some dollars right. So there's twoopportunities: one check your insurance off. That dos is opportunitying throgand to Lego sorder. If you come up with that idea, that's an affordable, a Legosorder for the masses, not one that you have to build yourself. That uses aithat Oune Bas size based Lego, sorder, interesting. That would be. That wouldbe good, and with that we will leave you with a teaser of what's going tocome out in our next week's episode. We've created something very specialfor Col. I think you should on full credit. I I got this idea to commemorate twothousand and twenty with some coworkers using a poem and then we also built wemade a poem for our neighbors Commemorating Two thousand and twentyand the strange year that it's been so our next episode of accidentalparenting will be an Ode to Two thousandand twenty a year in review inpoetry, well, post that New Year's- yes, maybe maybe the week after Christmas,I'm not going to commit to this roon, now no commitment from you, but this isour last episode. You know before Christmas. So that's right! VeryChristmas, happy holidays, and we will see you next time.

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