Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode · 10 months ago

S02E14: Grandpa Beck's Games


Aubrey and Col interview Grandpa and Grandma Beck, the creators of Gnoming Around, Cover Your Assets, Skull King and other Grandpa Beck's Games. We learn about their family business and some of their favority family games. Turns out that Grandpa Beck has a bit of a competitive nature in him and he doesn't like losing. As always, we end the episode with a game... about games!

Welcome back to another episode of accidentalparenting. We are so excited today we've got a very special set of guestsagain. Today we are interviewing the backs of GRANDPA backs games. Yeah,this is exciting. Do you guys want to say hello? Introduce yourselves?Hello, I'm Dampa back in. This is I'm from a back I love. I'm GRANPA Grama back, and we're going to start by asking you andawkwardly personal question. What I want to know is, if you had tochoose one food and that's the only thing that you could ever eat again,what would you each choose? Well, I do from Connie's before even hadthe guests, is it would definitely be ice cream. Answer for her first. I love it. Yes, is that because I were discussing the possiblethings we like and I knew that one before she even nice knew it.But in our little games we have two recipes put in in the boxes becausethat's going to fun little unique thing. And Tony has some treat called chrispickscrunch. That's in one of our games. It's them around game, and nowit's in our new doming around game. Okay, stuff is very addictive.It's a sadness, sweet and salty and a and tasty. It's youalways have me when the friends are we always I eat it all myself.So it's so that would that's what you would choose. The crisp crust ispretty good stuff. That I couldn't real health right, but I was herhomemade lasagna. I think it must be cauliflower. To seek cauliflower. Yeah, there, we didn't specify, but something that would sustain life. Justwhat you would do if the same life. This makes us really great las onyou that I really love. That's far as real food. So I'mgoing to say this is a sign of a really great marriage, one youknow exactly what her food choice would be into both of your choices were herrecipes. So well done. Okay, we want not really a big cooker, but anyways. So I suppose say, yeah, but you make a meanlasagna. Do make some pretty good las on you. Okay, we'regoing to introduce you by making some assumptions about both of you and then ifwe're wrong, which we might be of course, you can just correct us. So first I'm good. You two met at a comic CON Convention.That would be incorrect thing I was hoping. All right, how did you meet? We grew up Kevin the same going to the same church. Shewas like five, and nephew it's younger. So different generation in the same soour families were friends. But when I got older, solely are andshe grew up and we started dating wish series and school when I was inmy twenties, and so things were start if his friends and I just progressedover time. Her Dad actually took flying lessons from me. I'M A Iwas airline Piwid for for forty years and and one of my first jobs wasa constructor. Dad Two lessons and guys license with me and so we hadkind of hung me out and in that capacity and then just frimily friends andprogress one thing. They we started out just as we're really good friends andwe had a lot of fun together and so and we had a lot ofthe same life schools and OK, all right, I'm gonna ask another one. I'm going to make another assumption about your first car. GRANDPA back,your first car was a Nova, and grandma back, I'm gonna Guess Yourfirst car was a dotson. Oh my gosh, you're right, really,yeah, yeah, if I had a little, you would think I havesomehow stock to you online to find out,...

...but I really didn't. This wasway before there was online, which should have first started for the dayspeters, and think anyone would be hard pressed to find that information out online. Yes, it long, but my first car was a red Volkswagen bug. That would have really good. Yes, yes, until it so that's youknow, I've often thought, and you don't see many of those Volkswagenbugs on the road anymore, but I thought, wow, that would bea really fun first car for our for our daughter who's fourteen, get abore for us or for a son. But like no, no, that'sawesome. Okay, let me do one more of this. I'm going toguess first job. GRANDPA back, I think your first job was mowing lawns, and grandma back, I think your first job was, let's see here, was like a car hop, right. That's like one of the like onRoller Skating, roller skate at like a little fast food place where you'relike taking food out to people on Roller Skates. I really want that wouldhave been so much fun because I do love to entertain people and them andtake care of them. My first job outside of babysitting on housekeeping. Myfirst real job was I worked at the government motorcole. I was a fileclerk. Interesting, interesting, okay. And my first job fairly did somepart time things. My Dad was a school teacher. We do this somepartime, you know, clean up, put a warehouse and stuff and madethis bag. Is My first real job was there was a private country clubnear my house that would I didn't belong to anything, but I was adishwasher for a few years in the kitchen. They're never played golf there, right. I watched dishes and was a kind of its little bit of achef stopper back when I was fifteen or so, and that was probably myfirst real job at that for a few years. Okay, Gosh, Iwas really far off on both of those. So at this point in time,yes, we were far off. Right, at this point in time, will guys introduced yourself right. I got one of them right. That'simpressive. Will let you give us a little intro and before I do that, though, we know of the backs from GRANDPA backs games our family.As Aubrey mentioned, we love playing games. At the end of every podcast weplay a little game together and we'll play when with you today. Butwe came across GARRAPA backs games. We thought this is such a cool companythat you've established, that you've created, getting families together playing these card gamesas as groups, and we play them with our friends and we thought thiswould be a really fun interview. So let's let's give you an opportunity justto get us, let us get to know you a little bit better.Tell us a little bit more about yourselves. Well, we we've been married foralmost forty years now, kind of. We started off living in the inthe Seattle area, and we both, like I have five brothers. Tawnyhas two sisters, so we very family oriented. I spent like say, forty two years as a pilots just retired this year due to the pandemic. I was able to try a little bit early because as they wanted toavoid laying off some of the year. Guys and so know. I Iflew about twenty nine thousand hours a fine around the north, North America toHawaii mostly. We were very family focused. We spent every time conceivable activity withthe kids over the years with band and PTA and come scouting and boyscouting and and having parties at our house to keep the kids anxiously engaged andwe were very much working our whole years, you know, raising the kids andvery focused on that. All of our kids are adults and married now. Between they have between two and five... each. We have seventeen grandkids all together. It's grand. They are all working hard and being goodcitizens and good parents and we're very honored that our kids have all run tobe responsible, productive adults and they're all striving and they're all being good parentsand and that's a great blasting and we enjoy all kinds of we did alot of camping with the kids over the years and and adventures and we didn'ttravel to exotic places. We've got the kids out to a lot of historicalsites and did a lot of road trips and tips the beach and things.So we have a lot of fun times in different fans of Campers. Wehad a volks back and bug one point and a popped top camper and thentravel trailer and just a lot of fun activities. And we live in theNorth West where there's mountains and there's lakes and there's rivers and ocean and soit's a variety of places to go and explore. I feel like I knowyour kids a little bit because the pirates on your skull King Gamer based onthem. Right. Yes, the five pirates are illustrations of our five kids. and then tony is the Tigris, the special card that has the woman'sprogative between the win or lose. Yeah, he has. That's called the woman'sprogretive card. That's my favorite card. Yeah, that's a good one tohave. Save it to the end. You never know. skulking escape ora pirate? Yeah, yes, I'm the skull King, which inthe original game was invincible, but now with the Mermaids, I'm no longerin that's right, all right. And and technically the kraken. Right,Yep, yes, you never's going well, they's right. The cracking of themermaids were added in the in the expansion. The MERMAIDS are one daughterin law and then our artist is the other. Is the other nice ofthe mermaids, and that was how people for fund that. The crack ismy mother, mom. This is the job. She's more our listeners,for our listeners who have not played the game skull king, we can getmore into that on another episode, but go check it out and you'll geta good kick when you understand what the crap. Yeah, if you haven'tplayed it, definitely gotta go get it as the greatest game. It's sofun. So yeah, we want my mom is a really nice way tojust putting it in there. There perfect great disclosure there. Yes, okaythat. We want to know more about how you guys came up with GRANDPAbacks games. Like how did that happen? You know, how did you comeup with the idea to start a business and were there any stumbling blocksalong the way? Well, about after two thousand and eight mancial set back. A lot of the airlines were going bankrupt and they were cutting pensions andthey were cutting took a big pay cut of that time, about forty percentof pay cut, and so we were looking for something to add stability toour financial picture and I tried a couple real estate adventures before that. LuckilyI sold them before that crisis. But so I we had this we learnedof this game with face cards, regular standard cards, had a golf teamto it that our daughter learned and it was a great game. But Ithought you so much better if it was illustrated, if it had a bettermix in the cards, if it was optimized and if it was faces valuescoring. And that was kind of the impetus to be able to take thisgame we loved and make it better by having illustrations and improved way to play. And but I mean it was really hard to get start. We thoughtabout this for four years theoretically, and then we tried to work with differentartists and and everything was bad. It was hard. We had a hardtime getting it started. The first print room we dider, but actually,after I was designed, was totally defective. We have basically trash that whole said. Sorry, I know one time I called I had a question aboutskull king actually, and I called the customer service number and you answered.It was like, GRANDPA, back year, I was like what, Oh mygosh, I couldn't sleeve. You know you were answering. Instead ofsome kind of awesome I'm like, I love but that it's a small business. And GRANDPA, that's how I found...

...out that your kids are the pirates. We like chatted for a few minutes. You probably don't remember that game.You answered these calls from random beetle myself phone numbers on the bottom ofthe boxes and we we printed was sold two eighty five thou last year withmyself when number on them. So few people have your number goes. Thatwas two hundred and five thousand just in the last year and two thousand andtwenty, wow. And then we sold other Fiftyzero through a licensing agreement inEurope. So three thirtyzero all together last year. That's awesome. That isamazing. So take me back to so two thousand and eight is when youkind of ventured into this with that GRANDPA x golf game, which, bythe way, I had played that with face cards growing up, and thenwe bought the GRANDPA back day a month. This is so much better, likekind of some added rules. I'm like you said, the illustrations onthe card. It creates more of an experience. Yeah, definitely, that'swhat we said. We have that game from actually started to start selling untilactually two thousand and twelve to four years after we start the company, toactually have a product to sell. Okay, and after after seven years of actuallyafter eight years of having that game and now having seven games, thegolf game was our seventh best seller of the seven, and so we justre released it as moming around with a lot of new twist, a muchmore interesting art and so that game was our founding, founding game, butnow we've retired it and made it anoming around as much better game that.The inside story is that. You know, when we're first imagining this, Tonysaid you really should have a different name than golf. That's that's notgoing to be a good theme. It's whatever that I was a lot ofpeople don't like golf. Yes, we found the school to golf for forfamilies, but not golf enough for goers, and so I shouldn't follow advice tenyears ago. But we've initially fixed this year and now it's so muchbetter game with the noming around. But she and our just really the greatjob of bringing in all these really cool, imaginative aussilenomes in the bitture. That'show smart, because I love that golf game, but I play withadults, it's true. I don't know if my kids would like it asmuch, but gnoming around like that really pulls kids in these great graphics.It's just a more fun engaging game in that way. So that's so smart. To reimagine it and rerelease it. Yes, and doing so well too. That we're doing. We added, we added some fun to spend toit and it's that's done really well. It's pretty exciting. It was ona list of one of the top twenty new games and in two thousand andtwenty by a reviewer group recently. Now that's great. That's right, especiallynow that thousands of games are getting released every year. Yes, thousand,some thousands of them. Yeah, we were really naieve when we started thiswhole thing. As like. It's probably a good thing, because I don'tthink we would have had the carriers to do it if we if we hadknown things long. That's a good point. A lot of entrepreneurs fill that way. I feel like. If they, if they really understood how much wasout there, how much competition, how difficult that we're going to be, they might not get started in the first play. So maybe that's agood thing you didn't know. Yeah, it was. I'm glad we Imean, I'm really glad we did. It has been a fun experience insome ways that are frustrating experience in some ways, but it's been a goodjourney for us to take together. Definitely interesting life experience, not always easy, but an interesting one. Yeah, what how did you decide? Likethe second game, when you move from golf to another game, expanding tomaking the company bigger? How did that work? We'll cover your assets again. Began with some of the showing us a face card game that was similarand it is tunny side. She says this is a great game and wegive we might find a lot. We made a thematic and that game,though some people I played it was really nowhere near as well known as theas the basic theme of the Golf Games,...

...but for unique and it's it isvery unique play. It's very simple to play but engaging for all agesand engaging to play many times. So it really is the perfect storm ofa game that can cover a broad demographic which is really one of our ourgoal in making games, ones that little kids can enjoy, parents and grantscan all enjoy together, because that brings the generations together and we love seethe pictures of whole wide range of ages enjoying time together. It really makesthem feel good. That's it's really interesting. With cover your assets. I don'tknow the the original game and face card game that that's based off of, but I'm trying to think of what it could be. I can't evenimagine playing cover your assets space cart with normal cards. It's so much butit's in broad weather. We have really right about all ages. We've playedthat with our very young kids and it's such a great game for teaching killedkids to like to be a good sport, because when you steal, you knowtheir top cards are. Kids would get so angry and cry and we'relike, okay, you know, this is great, this is teaching them. I now we play with them and it's just it's no mercy. Iwill steal their top cards if they're not covered, if they're not protected.It's this is true. Kids need to learn to roll with the punches alittle bit, to know that they can't win every time. There's going tobe a chance to come back, to get behind, and so it reallythat way. Those is not real as far as the values or anything right. It does these people to kind of not be so sensitive, you know, and and to not be quite so easily noted by things are going theirway. So what were some of the Games that you played with your kidsgrowing up? You mentioned you spent a lot of time with them withoutdoors,camping, scouts, sporting activities. What were the sum of the Favorite BackFamily Games? I really loved Millbourne some time I was a kid and evenwith our kids that was a favorite and we played a lot of phase tenand rookie games with rookie P payl kinds of games. We played risk quitea bit for a while. I got banned because I got little to emotional, but I got a way to make the work, because if you playwith four players and instead of playing to win the whole world, if youif you play to win three of the four capitals and you give yourself doublearmies every time instead of so kind of stell raised the game, then youcan play a game about forty minutes and it's okay. Doesn't drag cons along. So that's a good way to make risk not quite so painful. Yeah, that was always the one that I stayed away from as a kid.I'm the youngest of four kids and I usually got beat up pretty badly inthe risk and monopoly categories. Yes, are you going to tell him whythat game was banned? It's got to a too much arguments, because somekids we get to no no, that is not why. That's not why. I think we made the real story. Let's hear it. Go ahead.The front and I are playing risk together and we decided that at midnightthe game would be finished and whoever went to head win. Okay, allright. So it was brunt's turn. He knew I was going to blastam out of the water on the next turn, I was going to totallytake over, and so he just he looked at the clock. That startsstill like ten minutes or something, so he just wouldn't take a start.No, no, no, no, we're not that amazing. Such afunny story. Very good to me. I need to go get a drinkof water. I'll be right back. That's great. No, it soundsvery competitive. So Aubrey's family very competitive gamers in nature and they've got somegreat stories about similar not not exactly that similar, that exact story, butyou know, the family's cousins, aunt's uncles leaving in the middle of thenight because there was an argument over a... It gets intense really,oh dear, but playing games really taught us to be a good sports andas soon as the game is over, we're competitive during the game, butonce it's over, you're happy. For however, one there's no anger,does nothing but build good relationships for it, and I credit that to playing gamesso much as when we were kids. Yeah, I want you to knowthat I laugh about that story. I just think it's really, reallyfunny. I don't want to. I found the game for a little whilefor Brotty, but I still play it with them. So, but theoptimal real man work better. So yeah, Nice. So game. Have afeeling at your fan base is getting pretty big now with many games you'reselling. I'm wondering, you know, are you still able to personally respond? You're still putting your cell phone number on games, or is it becomingtoo much? Well, we actually in our new we've kind of gone througha a graphical refresh on the Games. We're working, working on that still, but the new packaging is much more even forward about my availability. Beforeit just the bottle of box. Now it actually says called it the back. You like to talk to you, and so I actually putting myself outthere in a bigger way. But I do get lots of calls and taxand emails. For the Christmas weekend, the four days I got a hundredtwenty text messages or more than that, and about fifty phone calls and emails. You know that I respond to. Over the Christmas weekend, which waskind of crazy, but in some people called just because they want to sayhi. Some people some natures of them playing, which I love to see. Other people call with it actual question. You're luck. I'll just call andsee if I'm going to actually answer the phone. Yeah, but occasionallyto sleep or I'm driving a car or or in a restaurant where I can'tanswer. Sometimes I can answer right. I always try to respond. Ireally do try and answer everybody's question calling and it may get to a pointpeople tell me I'm crazy to you can try, but I do try tobe responsive and I really do enjoy the chance to visit with people and tolearn about their enjoyment of the games and to hear how they've SI. Peopletell us they they just have had so many fun times player Games. Thatjust makes us feel honored were able to be a part of their of theirtime and because really it lives. So many things you do that you haveto do, like you have to go to work and you have to wellgrass and you have to cook food and to Londry, but sometimes when youcan sit back and put all things away and interacting together playing games a specialtime and so rest to be a part of that peak hours of time isa very big promised for us. We both love peaceful and so it's probablyone of our favorite parts of the whole business as having a chance to talkto different people and and I wish I we could sit around the table andplay games. So all of all people who call, it's so fun totalk every friends call from the guy from good. We have friends here inArizona who met you at Pinterest pinners conference here at West World and they liketexted us immediately because we had played grandpather. We just met GROWP up back there. Were so impressed with how friendly you were and they were so excitedbecause they are like Selfie with you. Made it on your instagram and it'dbe like you are, you know, for your getting to that famous,you know, level where people recognize you and they're so excited to run intoyou and take a Selfie. How's that been? Is it? You know, I know you love people, but are you getting recognized more and more? It isn't often happen when I'm not at a show, but people Iwear this bowler hat when I'm shows because it's kind of my look and andso people recognize me from that. But it is fun when people come upto me and say, Oh, we just we we play your games lectionwe just have this connection. You know, it's just it's a really unique thingto have this opportunity to have this...

...connection with people around the world andfor them to really value our involvement in their in their time. It's reallya unique, special kind of little opportunity to reach out to people and tobe a connected with people, which is very unique. And I get aphone call a day from a guy can Kuwait and a person from South Africacalled me and and it's got email the day from a guying career had aquestion, and so it's it's a big world, but it's really interesting tomake these little connections and when we make friends of people at shows and things, it's I'm a people person. I really enjoy being people and it's justreally a special thing to be able to be a part of people's lives insuch a weird way, but but in in a little way, to beable to be a part of those lives. But such a problem. Way Right, you're helping people have these positive, amazing experiences with their families. Soit's great. We are very honored. We're not we're not looking for it, like we're just normal people. We don't want anybody to feel worriedabout us, to just want to be friends with everyone. Yeah, andhow fun it's like. I don't like it when people put us on anykind of pedistal thing. It's sorcer or normal people. We like to meetpeople and talk with Com and share stories and hear about their families. It'slike that's that's what's most important to us. Well, if it makes you feelbetter that that story about GRANDPA back delaying the risk game takes you offof the heather. Your back on even playing field that everyone else. Allright, we're off the yeah, there you go. There you go.We're just normal. But we try to put how to play videos on thewebsite so people can get the questions answered and I've had one little one littleguy in New York that's called me like four times in the last two dayswith questions about one of the Games and I I've been helping him, butI wish you would watch the video. That's well and get the more yousell, the more it's going to get to that point where, okay,is there an online customer service presence and managing and maintaining that? I guessthat takes me to my next links to those videos. Yeah, my nextquestion is this is very much a family business. Your kids are characters andsome of the Games. Are Your kids involved in other aspects of the businessright now? Yes, our youngest son and his wife pioneered the concept inthe development of antiquity quest. Okay, our oldest, second oldest son,is the mastermind behind cover your kingdom and bears and bees and he's a lotof work for us and helping us to do this, all the work thelast couple years of improving the quality of the game and the the printing.He's really helped us to bring lots of new talent and he is most ofour rule right now because he's really improved that, which is hard to doreally. Yeah, he's really been helpful to that. And our youngest son'swife is to our office manager. She has most of the invoicing and allthe kind of office stuff that I'm not that good at and she's much betterat and she enjoys it. What I did because I had to now becauseI liked it all. And Yeah, our oldest daughter, Lonnie, thatis the are. She manages all of our facebook and instagram stuff and andand then all the kids help out wherever they can, in different ways.But those of them was testing as a family, but was at the mostactively involved in actually functions where we have them on the pay roll. Andbut we when we have a couple years ago we decided to make it sothat all five of our kids are five percent shareholders, and plus our artistwho did most of the art work for all the Games, she's a fivepercent shareholder as well. And we put times folks down as well, justto help them out in their old age. So she's kids. All she getsthese your old here, except for him falling her the cract and right. So tell them that hopefullys. I was in this podcast which is morethat story. But yeah, we'll make sure less l she hasn't good podcastmuch, but I will give your email address or anything. But yeah,but, but the kids are all excited...

...and it's really great to be ableto help them out like one our youngest daughter's husband is in dental school andthey had pretty kind of old are looking forward to having the third baby.So the profit sharing film last year allowed them to go out and buy adecent car that's uniform. So yeah, that's that's really cool. So withall of that, what is and you've talked about potentially redesigning and updating,going through that process of updating some of the Games, but in general,what is the future look like for GRANDPA backs games? Well, we've beenvery blessed and started off with the wishing to prayer and a hope and noknow, it's anything and was at one point. It was a six figureloss before we turn the corner. But we are very productively enjoying the growthof the Games by likes. We grew by sixty five percent last year andJanuary this year was up sixty five percent of the year before. And sowe and we have new distributors and Australia, New Zealand, UK and Games firstnow being done in Korean, in Japanese, and a lot of thingscoming up. And it's a big world. As a big country, we havenew games, we have new games in the works. So you know, we just have lots of fun things coming up, both in getting theGames we have out more widely, but also getting adding new games. Wedon't want to add games until they're absolutely ready, and so we will probablynot add games that rapidly because we really have to make sure that the perfect. We want to make sure everybody can trust that they buy one of GraphicsGames going to be a winner, not going to be any and any nonperformers and they grew up, hopefully, for sure. Yeah, can yougive us a small snake peak about something that's in the works? Well,we've had the idea for quite a while to make a game that was kindof opposite of cover your assets, and we have one that we've been workingon that we haven't quite got done. That's a kind of a cool andwe have a couple of the games that are in the in the working stages, and some other proposals. I'm getting more and more people in time whowho come to me with games they already have. Oh Yeah, mine thinkthat they want us to produce. So far, all the Games we've madehaving ones that have been originated in our family. We haven't gone outside toother contributors yet, although we've had several people come to us with ideas,but we haven't done it yet. Yeah, that makes sense. We have.I mean it's not that easy to get started, as you found out, and so I could imagine a lot of people saying, can I justgive you my idea? Thanks. The game for us, do all thehard work for us. Yeah, it's it's much like we did a kickstarterfor one game, the the first skulking game, about seven years ago nowthe time those three and fifty games competing that same month on kickstarter. Wedid a kickstarter, you know, a half ago, for a cup ofyour kingdom and there was thirty Fivezero Games on Kickstar. Same time. Therewas five thousand card games that month, and so that's a hundredfold increase inseven years in the number of games on Kickstar, which a lot of thisone place, but but this is crazy amongst all those thousands and thousands ofgames that we have been able to establish any kind of traction. I'm justamazed still that we have anything going on out of all that competition. Sowe're so blessed. It's just really kind of a crazy thing to imagine thatwe did. Because I had no background in anything re live. I wasan airline Piad, you know, but it was something that we had theaudacity to try and and now we're having fun little experience from how great.Yes, it is an amazing story, such an awesome success story, butI'm also not surprised, like there's a reason that we personally own so manygrandpa backs games. They are so engaging for kids and for adults and they'rejust really fun, all of them. And I can tell that you havebeen really smart about every game that you have put your weight behind. Youknow, it's not just any game that... throw out there hoping it'll work. You're all great games. Anybody listening out there check out these games.Were mentioning Skull King, cover your assets, cover your kingdom, Golf. Theseare all great well golfs. I'm glad we have it now that it'snot being ready anymore around noming around. You got it. Likes item.Yeah, an, thank you both again for taking the time to meet withus today to let us get to know you a little bit better. Wewe'd like to wrap this conversation up with a little game. This is goingto be a trivia game about games, and I'm gonna let you take turnson answering. So first this question is for were the backs. I'm goingto read a description of a game and you have to try to tell mewhat game it is, if you can. Yes, abbready has an opportunity tosteal. Oh, okay, okay, okay. So the game is therehas been a murder at the body mansion and it's up to you tofind the culprit. There are six suspects and you are one of them.Move your game piece through the rooms and secret passageways of the mansion depicted onthe board game to look for hints. What is the name of the game? Like clue? That sounds like clue, but I wasn't about the name ofthe mansion. But very said it is clue. I was the samething. I'm like the body mansion, what is I think it's yeah,I think that sounds like an adult game. You got it, clue. Verygood. Okay, so this one is for Aubrey. So that's oneto zero. So far right, are we? Has No, this isa giant word jumble game with endless possibilities. Players are given a set of woodenletter tiles. To begin. Each letter tile is assigned a different pointvalue. I'm going to stop there and see if you scrab all a verygood scrub going to be boggle at first, because you know how much I loveBoggle, but then it's it is hap was not back. Could Itell you a little it's a little story about scrabble. These do put itonly even ends in a midnight argument where scrabble was canceled for a better thishas a better ending. When we were dating, we played games, sometimeswith her folks, and one night we were playing a game which I hadkind of set up at a time where where I had arranged the tows forI could selectively pick the right letters and scrabble to be able to spell somethingout. And and and so what happened is when tonny first drew her cards, she said that, well, I could spell my name with the towelsI drew. So we broke the rules and let her use her name tostart the game and then, as the game progressed, I was able tospell in there the word Mary me. That had a question mark that I'dmade up, and so in the game it said Tony Marry me and Iput the question mark down proposed to her on the scrabble game. Are youyears serious pose with scrabble? Yes, so good, probable. Who knewthat we would ever be selling games later on in our lives? But it'sso appropriate. I was going to say there's no way it can be abetter ending than the other one, but I was right. That officially isthere at her ending. Wow, that's fascinating. The problem is Tony's death. That always told her that she can't have anybody proposed without having got herauthorization first from their dad, and she didn't know that I got an authorizationfor her dad or not. So when I asked the question, she waslike she was sure she can answer because she wasn't sure if I had permissionto ask for not. But that's awesome. But they were so they were totallyin on and they they knew was coming up. But but there was. But we have a picture of that sitting in front of that scabble boardsomewhere in a scrapbook. Very Fun. All right, on to the nextquestion. This is for the backs. In this too person game of strategy, players secretly arranged there, and this is going to give it away.Their ships at also letters battles. Yes, here a good, and maybe Imade the clue too obvious, but yes, I just played. Thatwas flagrants last resent. Awesome. All right, I'll reread this. Nextone is for you. I did. They didn't get it. Feel likethey should get a ding. They needed. Oh yes, I dude. Therewe go. That was a quieted.

The last thing I did was reallyloud, so I were quiet when that time. Okay, Pun I'veread. This one's for you. Two teams take turns trying to guess asmany of the ten answers to a topic on the cards. Boy, asbonus points can be earned by guessing a target answer determined by a die roll. First team to sixty points wins. Oh, this is a little harder. Out Burst, it is out verst. That's a great game. I'm shocked. We played a lot of outbursts growing up and I saw to graba back. You had that on your instagram right. If you can findan outburst at a garage sale or there sir, pick it up because they'rehard to find. That's true. Yeah, we had the UP. We hadthe regular version and also the kids version. We still have it,but we play it now. The questions are so, you know, kindof play kids. They don't know stuff because it's all came from the Sor whatever. So yeah, yeah, okay, so this somebody's ever goingto adder real us again because we talked too much. No, no,this is good. This is all very good. We told so many peoplewe were interviewing grammar back and grandpat Graham and grandma back. I guess thebest. All right, one more question for the backs and one more forAubrey. For the backs, it's a race to find as many unique wordcombinations as possible in this fun game consisting of sixteen six sided letter dice ina sixteen square tray. Scramble the letters. It is bottom you know your gamesvery good. Guys like boggle. No one will ever play with mebecause no one can be I love dames. I just think there's so much fun. I love forever put that one. I haven't played that one an eons. I have a really hard time playing word games against Aubrey because shejust she it's just not fun for me. It's not fun. I totally enjoysit because she always wins too. So every you and I just haveto play together. Yester, for Christmas last year I bought her a reallyNice scrabble game. That's a wood one, you know. It comes to awooden box and it's really the deluxe, like the most deluxe scrabble game Icould find. So we have that two me memorial as a yeah,beautiful fiction of that. So okay, last question here for Aubrey, andI'm gonna shorten this description because I think it might give it away. Eatingutensils are placed in the center of the table, within reach. Eating yourten years and spoons. Very good, little like a match coup right.Our kids always want to play catch coop. There's lots of options. Well,GRANDPA and grandma back, thank you so much for being on the podcasttoday. We're excited to get this published out there and share the story,in the message of GRANDPA backs games with all of our listeners. We LoveYour Games, we love the thought behind them, we love that we cancommunicate and collaborate and socialize and grow together as a family when we play themand with friends. It's just it's this is a really fun opportunity for usto be able to chat with you. So thank you. Yeah, canyou share really quick your where can our listeners find you as far as onsocial media? Or a website. Yes, we have active instagram and facebook accountson have a Hashtag in front of you. But if you go toour website's grand pubacks Gamescom. Okay, for the first page of the website, there's a place you can sign up and be on our mailing list andyou also get a fifteen percent discount coop on if you if you sign upon that mailing list and the instagram and facebook page links are on that aswell. That best way. Just go to GRANDPA backs its Gamescom and andgive these questions. Give me call, give him a call and text him. Yeah, gonna answer perfect all right. Thank you both so much. Itwas wonderful to meet you and enjoy the rest of your day. Yeah, thanks, guys. It's been a pleasure, really fun to talk toyou. Guys, after talking with you, thank you so much for thinking ofus.

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