Accidental Parenting
Accidental Parenting

Episode 7 · 2 years ago

S02E07: Bilingual Parenting


Heather Koziol of The Future is Bilingual podcast joins Aubrey to discuss raising bilingual kids. She and her husband are raising their children speaking both Polish and English, and she shares advice for anyone wanting to help children develop a love for language learning.

All right, everyone, welcome to another episode of accident of parenting, and we have a special guest today. Heather. I have no idea how to pronounce your last name. I'm going to guess is at cozy old. Nope, not even close. Everybody. Well, it's close, but that's what everybody says. How do you pronounce it? It's more KO show, so I've told people. At rhymes with Mojo. All right, I can really help. Yeah, Ko show. So the language is I'm from? It's Polish. My husband Polish, Gotch, I remember that. Now. Heather and I met in a speak easy online. We did a conference together with the women and language conference, and they had these breakout sessions of an ours. Was Spanish that we did together, right, or was it French? I did both, French. Okay, I couldn't remember. I did Spanish and French and we met in the French one. That's right. And Yeah, this is going to be exciting because I heather has raised her children bilingual, which is something that I don't is need to do. Is, yes, is raising their little the other little stuff is raising her children by Ling will and I wanted to but didn't and I have regrets. So this will be good. I'm excited to pick your break because it's really not too late. My youngest are six and I should that's not too late. Not Too late right. No, no, not at all. So I'm excited to talk about that. But first, you know, everyone out there anyway knows that we like to begin interviews with awkwardly personal questions. Did you pick one? I gave you a couple options. Yes, I okay, I know. Which one of these are you willing to answer? Wasn't hard, it was kind of stressful. You're like the above. Yeah, I picked the which habit? What I like to break? Okay, that was the one that most easily came to mind. Like, I good, though I'm except gross food, like I'm not a very adventurous eaters. Gotcha, not going to be a good answer for so what? How about would you like to break? Oh so many. Well, they're all intertwined. So like going to bed late, eating food after ten PM, not sleeping enough, being cranky, yelling at my kids, like it's all like well related. It's just cycle that I just so true doing every single night, and my husband and I keep saying we're going to go to bed by ten and we just never do. And then we look at each other but like it's eleven, let's go brush our teeth, and then by time we're like passed out. It's midnight. And I was telling probably earlier my kids wake up at six usually, and they were up at five. So I just I'm not getting enough sleep. And Yeah, any parents that theyre if young kids. Oh Yeah, you're not alone. I am the same situation. Like I'll plan. I know I have to get up early, so I'm planning and going to bed early enough, and then I just don't and often the same thing. I'll even if I get home a little bit late, if like nine or ten, I'll still like watch a show and then probably eat something like okay, cereal, sounds good, and then, oh my God, that's my go to every night. It's kind I'm like all this, have some cold cereal because it's easy and totally like I'm a little bit hungry and yeah, it's many way that a plate. or can't go to bed right away. Yeah, I can't go to bed, like they can't put myself to bed because I'm digesting for a bit. So then we stay out and we're not even like sometimes we watch shows, but recently, like we've just been doing a bunch of applications and things. My husband just became a citizen, so he was working on that. Awesome. Yeah, and I'm applying to PhD program so I'm certally doing productive things. I'm just watching Netflix. Yeah, there'd be no productive but like I'd rather be like snuggling on the couch and watching Netflix. So it's just, you know, times I play for different but we end up. Yes, the next day is really the problem, because then I'm like short tempered with my kids or just like everything's going wrong because I didn't get enough sleep. Yeah, and I know it. I'm like blaming myself, as I like make coffee and I'm not a coffee junker, but like I've taken to it recently because I'm like I'm just not going to make it through this day home alone with kids for eleven hours. So what ages are your kids? My kids are one and a half and three. He'll be three and a half in December. So're in the trenches, deep deep in world war three. That's right. It's so hard.

I know mine are a little older now and there in school last week all break in their home, which it's just so hard when their home, especially if you're working from home. It's really difficult. Are they in school or the home? They are they've started in person school just a couple weeks ago, so they were home last week for fall break, but they've been in school for a couple weeks. Yeah, online school was terrible. It was horrible. Was By cult especially. It'd be one thing if I weren't working and I could devote all my time to making sure they're doing all the things, but now I'm trying to record as at home and it makes it really hard. Yeah, you literally can't get anything done with children around. Exactly, I don't think it gets easier. Mine are still young, but yeah, it's doesn't really getting cool. No, sorry to tell you that. I mean it might. It might in a certain ways, yea, and certain ways. In other ways it gets harder because then their teenagers and you have all of that fun. Yeah, while I taught high school, so I'm very really no teenagers, but U I'm just glad my kids are not in school. The only down thing. Downside was my son was set to start preschool in March. So the end of March he was eligible. He would have been two and nine months and two weeks before covid hit. So, HMM, just kidding. For he and he knew about the school. We had visited the school success it and he was like my school, like this is the name of it, and you know it's so far away, even though it's like ten minutes in the car. Yeah, he was all excited and they just canceled everything. They said we're not doing preschool at all. They did online, but he was not even three, so he could barely sit still. No Fund and pulse. He didn't know anybody. It's not like he had been going with these same kids and knew their faces. I can't imagine online preschool first grade with word enough, disaster, disaster. Yeah, I mean it was nice for using it as like an introduction for more English. So my family obviously speaks English on my native big the speaker, but we were like, oh, this will be good for him to get interaction with kids. So that was good because she was doing the weather and all those kind of the day, the days of the week and that stuff that you do in preschool. But yeah, I would have just been better in person. And then they did open this fall, but I was like I'm not going to pay and get everybody sick and then feel like a horrible look, I don't need it. I'm home right also, I have a little other one and I'm just paying for him to be socializing, which is not the priority, and I wouldn't have free time anyway. I still have my daughter, so he would only be going like six hours a week. So I was like is that even worse? Yeah, so we just I was like, no, I'm going to pull them out. Yeah, that makes sense. It was unfortunate. Yeah, okay. Well, I'm going to introduce you by making a few assumptions and then just correct me if I'm wrong, but I probably will be wrong. So these I had. Yeah, I'm gonna Guess that you were born in Boston, Massachusetts, not far springfield masks. So I feel that's actually really close and I did not know that about you. So that's impressive. Rest these are probably not going to be a closed all right, I think that you have been too seven countries, a little bit more, Twelve, Oh, nice, a lot more. Well that I had to write write them down to make sure it's like count now it's like how many of them actually been to? Yeah, once you hit Europe and you're on the trains, like the number goes up and you have to really think about it to be able to kind in. I ever did that big European tour. A lot of people do know. So what more long term you've been to? All Right, let me get my notes. I can remember if you've got it right now. The first one I went to is Belgium, and I did volunteer work when I was sixteen and we also traveled. I went to the Netherlands and we went quickly into Leo. France. Hmm, I guess I could be the first accounts back to France. Yeah, so France. I studied abroad and lived there for two years. Spain, I visited my friend who was abroad. Poland. That's where my husband's from. So we visited twice. Israel, Greece,...

Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan and South Africa. Nice, awesome. Twelve came South Africa, so okay, Gotcha. We went and visited my aunt and she did the whole tour. She just took US everywhere for two weeks. It was amazing. My school took me to Japan, so that was really great. So high school that I worked at had a trip. That's a good segue to the next one, because I'm going to guess your High School Mascot. Let's see, I'm going to guess it was a honey bee. You know, I was a spartan warrior. Well, that's very similar to mine. Was a Trojan, like a Greek Trojan or a Roman Trojan, I guess. Yeah, similar verice. Our ours would not have gotten along, though. We your colors Maroon and gold. Okay, we were gray and red, kind of ugly. Yeah, not great. I okay, first job. Your first job was at the city library. I would have loved that. Now would be a great job. Yeah, that sounds peaceful and like. That's like my dream job. No, I was scooping ice cream at friendlies. That's fun too, though, like a it's like a sit down fast food for parents and like, yeah, for families, like they give you Kurans and, I don't know, Nice, awesome. Well, that's what I thought. It was funny because I was thinking thrifty or s or whatever it is. When you but friendlies. That's different. So it's almost like a little diner that had ice cream. Yeah, something like I don't know if there exists in other parts of the country. No, I don't. It sounds familiar, but I don't like family. Family Dining, I think, is what they call it. So like you can bring your kids and not feel horrible if you're like something up and down and right. You go there and kids are going to be screaming and you know that's what you're signing up for. Yeah, okay, so let's get talking about this. So you you also have a podcast, correct, do you? Is it just a podcast? You have like a language business? I'm not sure exactly what all you wet all that into. So No, I just started it less than a year ago. Okay, I'm so, last November. It's just more like a passion project at this point. So not really business related with my hosting site anchor. I mean like very minimal, like fifteen cents I'll listen or something a nice, rediculously small, or maybe even last it's like five cents, but anyway, so yet not a business. I wouldn't call it a business, but it just it's the idea came from a podcast that is in French. It's called beasts and it's this woman could. I'm on teen, and she interviews all these MOMS, like she'll do one mom per episode and the mom goes through like her pregnancy and her birth story, and I was listening to them when I was pregnant and having kids and you know, I recently had my kids, so it's not as interesting to me anymore. But that's that planted the seat in my mind that like these personal family kind of stories. Like I could, you know, could I find something like this for bilingual parents? And there wasn't that many. I looked up, you know, what kind of podcasts are there for bilingual parents, and there's a few, but not a ton and none that were like here's one person's personal story. So that's really what I wanted to do is, and I know a bunch of parents that are raising their kids bet angually. We have a bunch of friends that are from Poland and just people from my different travels and living abroad, and I'm like there's got to be people out there. I'm in facebook groups for bindle parents, not native speaking parents, just all there's a lot of groups. So I'm like we exist. We may not be a big group, but we're definitely out there, but we're just kind of like spread in all these different countries. Right. I was like if I can interview these people, my kids are very young still and you know, a year ago they were even younger. So I wanted to learn how did they do it? You know what successes, what things worked? I know schooling is going to be not an issue, but it's definitely gonna like make them use the majority language, the community language, more so, like you have to kind of balance if you're trying... keep a minority language. So I just I know, like I foresee these problems and I want to hear from other people. Dacha, and your podcast is called the future is bilingual, right, so you're interviewing other bilingual parents about sort of how they do it, what works for them. Yeah, and I have opened it. I've emailed just people who I writlingual. My first interview was with one of my students who was raised by lingually. So she's not a parent yet. She was one of my high school students but she grew up by lingually. So I just kind of like brought in the idea to include anyone who uses two languages, grew up with two languages. You know myself, I didn't grow up by lingually, but now I speak more than, you know, two languages. So I just anybody that's in that kind of Bi lingual world, just hearing their story, because everybody has learned their languages so differently for different reasons. I just find it fascinating. So it's more, yeah, interviewing by lingual people. And then I did have a couple solo episodes because I was just, you know, it was new, so I didn't really have anybody that was interested in being a guest, so I would just record some interview junorous solo episodes with myself about different topics. And now I have a friend WHO's very interested in linguistics and he's a Greek cohost, so rather than just me speaking doing information, the two of US kind of go back and forth about things. Awesome. Yeah, so definitely, you guys check that out right. You're on apple podcast. I assume spotify sature perfect. Yet the future is bilingual, especially if you are considering teaching children language young right or trying to raise them by lingually. For sure. So you you we cover like all ages because you know, some people have said like well, I didn't learn right later or I moved to this country when I was, you know, a teen or younger or older. So it kind of I haven't the idea was at limitted at first, but now it's really broad. God childs that it can work titles and s any age. Yeah, right, and we try and encourage. You know, usually by the end my guest is saying some encouraging words and I'm saying yes, you know, even if you haven't started, you know, like you were saying with your six year old, like you can do it. You know it's going to be tricky, but don't give up. You know, here's some strategies that you can use. Awesome. Yeah, sweet. So you tell me how it works us with you at home, like do you speak English with your kids in your husband speaks Polish or or how? What's your system? So I met my husband. He just on the video. So I met my husband fourteen years ago and I was already interested in French and Spanish and I just the second day I was like I want to learn Polish. I had not really known anything about it before. So I was I've been learning it for fourteen years. So I'm intermediate. I would say it's kind of a tricky language, but we I am home with them all day and I speak Polish with them all day. The only times we use English is when my mom or dad comes to visit or for with my friends. Let speak English. So sometimes we have play groups with my Polish friends and everybody speaks Polish, and sometimes will have my English friends over I will speak English. So what we do what's called minority language at home. So for us that's Polish. So always in the house we speak mostly Polish. My husband and I sometimes have a bad habit of saying things to each other in English, but my kids are definitely more Polish speaking and their English is weaker, which is why I wanted to sign my son up for them free school and get him more exposure. He is a little bit stronger than my daughter because he was in daycare. I didn't become a stay at home parent until my daughter was born a year and a half ago. So he was in English speaking daycare. He was with my mother, who speaks English. So his English he understands a lot. He can say a lot. My daughter is like very, very limited. She's still young though. She's still yeah right she she wouldn't be speaking any language very well. She's one and a half. She's wanted a half that she has three word...

...sentences. I mean she's she walked early. We just looked at her videos. She walked eight and a half months and by fourteen months she had like twenty words, like she was just fairly for a lot of things. I don't know if it was like big brother influencing you wanted to keep up, but yeah, she's I mean she comes up with her own ideas and she asks all these sorts of questions. So when, if so, they don't yet have friends outside of the home their age, or do them? Like how does that work if that friends speaks English or they able to communicate? Well, yeah, so their friends are basically my mom friends as kids. That's how it. Is. It that age for everyone? Oh yeah, which is great, suits my needs perfectly. But they can communicate a little bit. But I think my son, so the older one, who's almost three and a half, he definitely will listen more to like put the kids are saying. You know, his English. It's not perfect, like he'll definitely make mistakes, like like what does he say? and think of an example, and it's just more basically I want that like he might not know the word for like shovel in English. Like he definitely knows in Polish, but he'll say, like I want that, and then the kid will be like shuffles, like I want shovel. HMM. We also there's no now, there's no on articles in front or in Polish. SOCI'll just he'll just say I want shovel, I want drinks, I want Gotcha. So there, you know, there's like little things that he still has to improve on, but we don't know, hyperly correct him because we're not speaking English together. So I just kind of let him listen to the other kids. I don't know, they don't interact that much at this age yet. Well, they don't speak that much right. I took my kids to the park yesterday and they played with these kids. It's hardly said a word to them. You know, I was just kind of like yourself. They just play. They don't like have long conversations. Yeah, so they're not having yet, like you said, any deep conversation because they're just kind of playing near each other, watching what ea shows doing and then like reenacting it. But they'll definitely like pick up phrases, like I think the kids are playing in the dirt and raking up leaves and stuff and he was saying like grab, grab, because like the other kids are saying grab. I don't know. So, yeah, I that's it would be nice for him to have more interaction. It's been hard during covid so his English is gotten weaker, for sure. Gotcha. So, yeah, covid crew has created its own challenges that way, because normally you would be able to be around other more kids and he'd be in preschool learning, because that's sort of the assumption then, is that he will learn English through because he lives in English speaking country right just st re immersion. Yep, and we're lucky that my family, like half of our family, is English speaking. So whenever my parents come over, it's all English. When my sister comes to visit, which is more where, it's all English. But yeah, we used to do play groups at the library, so there used to be a lot more interaction, but he would at least hear English and story times and music hours, and so it's been it's been a bit of an adjustment and I've considered adding more English. What I do do is I read in English because I've gotten really tired of trying to translate and there's books that just sounds so good because they're meant to be. You know, there's a certain kid in and the rhythm and the rhyming and I just have the patience to try. And also, my Polish is intermediate. I'm not as advanced as I am firm. So for a while you were translating books when you read them and then you yes, because, well, they were so little, the books were just like cat dog, you know, and just be like a translates, like this is this is easy. Yeah, so that was all good, you know, good, and my daughter still has those books out, so, you know, we'll do that and he'll read to her and tell her what hes are. It's sweet. But when the stories get more complicated, and I do, I just appreciate the language. So I don't mind reading to him in English. Sometimes I'll ask him, do you want this in English or in Polish? I started doing more French with them, so I asked him which of the three and sometimes, you know, the other night to go to bed, like I was reading to him one book in French, one book in...

English. So I just get from the choice now because he's definitely more cognizant, like Oh, this grandma speaks English. Yeah, that's that's the grandma's these English. So yeah, certain, it just depends on the book, but I do not mind. You know, we're not totally English free because we have most of our books are in English. We listened. I listened to the RADIAR. I like to listen to NPR and also just sometimes music, but I try and do most music in Polish and French. Jeah. So what advice would you have for someone in my situation? Like I'm fluent in French, I'm intermediate Spanish, but I because in wish is my mother lank for both of our and my husband, I'm my first language. It's very it's fils forced to speak in another language to my children and I wouldn't choose to do that all the time. Right if, if my husband did have a different first language, then I could see that definitely being something that we would have done. But what do you think as far as trying to give children an opportunity to learn language, your second language, earlier then, like high school or whenever they're going to start actual classes? Right? Yeah, that's definitely not too late. I wouldn't say you can not learn, because I love when I started about the exactly there's it's not an impossible feed, but it just they'll have a better ear they'll have a better sense of the language if they can hear it earlier. I mean the easiest things are music, because everybody likes music and music is catchy and it's repetitive and often, you know, they'll repeat it to themselves, like my kids will sing it to themselves as they're playing. If we had just listen to some French songs, for example, and that's they don't know what the heck they're saying. Because what I meant to ask you that first actually like, have you taught them for it, because you speak also French and Spanish? Do you do you worry that will confuse them to have multiple other languages, or do also expose them to those languages? It was a big question. I always knew my husband that we would do Polish, at least he would do polished, so we knew they'd be atleaspyling coal. And then I was considering doing French and I tried it with my son when he was a baby and it wasn't as natural for me, which is it's weird. My French is much better, but it's academic you know, I always wanted in school and I got all my degrees in French and I've always just been, you know, reading literature and doing that sort of stuff. But I wasn't around children when I was in France. I was around students and my friends who were my age and their homes, which she had their parents, but it wasn't there were never kids. That just wasn't in my twenties the groups of people I was hanging out with, whereas Polish, my husband's has a big Catholic family, Polish Catholic family, and there were always kids around. Even he has a younger brother that was five when I met him, so you know, a younger child, and then his older sister had a baby the month before I met him, so there was literally always a baby and they lived in the same house. So I'm just so familiar with the way you speak to a baby, the words you use. You know, there's all sorts of specific go cab and every language like baby talk and things that are just it's specific and I know I could look up the words for like Couche for a diaper, but it just it wasn't as natural for me and it also wasn't probably similar to like I don't have a French speaking community, unfortunately. I had my students and I had my co colleagues that you know, we're also teaching French, but I didn't have the rest of it, the family, the friends, which we do in Polish. So that sifted me difference to be like I should really focus on Phole, but I do want to do French. Now I see that they both have strong, you know, knowledge of Polish and they can express themselves. So I'm forgetting what the original question is now I'm just awful. So that that alone gives me, not hope, but like it pushes me right because, like you were talking about music,...

...but just to to have the even the desire, like I've always had the desire, but it's the motivation more because it's a lot of work. It's like you were saying, like they would be a lot of words. I wouldn't know. I would need to look up I but it really does push me because you forget how much easier it is for kids to pick it up there like sponges with language and to give them that leg up with the ear. I have older kids that I really regret not, you know, speaking in French some with them or helping having them listen to music and give them that foundation that when they're young and it's easier, I really want to push myself to do that. For my younger children. It is amazing, like my daughters in the parrot stage where she'll just repeat any word, it doesn't matter what language. Like I've done Du old and go next to her and it was in Korean and she was repeating Korean because whatever she heard she would literally repeat, which is, you know, that is like the one and a half is like such an ideal stage, but even you know, my son will still do that. He'll still repeat words, and I think even you know, a sexuar old. I think if you you'd have to be more strategic and what they enjoy. So if it's a you know, TV movie, songs, something that's going to catch their interests. I'm sure there's lots of APPs like I haven't even gone down that road because my kids are little, but like games and things like that, because I need'll be enjoyable. It used to be something enjoyable, like don't be like we're going to do this worksheet or you know, the typical French we're going to do a dicte. I'm gonna dictate this and you're going to write it. No, no, that's not what I suggest doing a little backfire. What I would say for parents that haven't started like you, and the want to, you know, don't bite off more than you can shoo. Like when my kids were little, it didn't matter they were so little. It was more just me talking to them. But if you can just do like a half an hour, like we're going to play this game, we're going to try to play this game in French, just something really basic and even if they only learn like three words from that game, even just like those really common expressions like I just started saying to my kids one day, like Oh Eva, like let's go, and they'll just be like whunnyla funny bay. I like context, like something that you can do, like physically moving to give them that sort of context. Or like if they're into baking, you know, start baking a French recipe and like, you know, you're already a speaker, so you can pull it out and like show them how some of these words are similar. You know, sup club kind of looks like sugar. Can we figure out what we need you know, okay, we can't figure out Fahy, you know, like kind of like play down with them, like I don't know what that what? What else would we need for pancakes? You know, we have oil, we have this. Oh it's probably a flower. Like that's a good idea, something that would interesting, because I definitely older kids have their own opinions. So when they're little you have the advantage that you just kind of steer the ship and do whatever and they're just a baby and they lay there and you have more time to just like like I was just like, you know, trying to get my vote cab up and like learning words. When he wanted to no truck, I was like, Oh, what is truck? I don't know, let's look it up. But you don't know, you don't have to be a nextper. You can stay to your kids. You know, I don't know the word for steam roller. Let's look it up. How do we look up things that we don't know about? At the dictionary? Now it's online, but you know the same ideas you know, I'm not a walking dictionary, so I'll help you. And same thing, like I just always say, it has to be fun. So everybody ever parent knows their kid best. I can't even imagine, since mine are young like they don't really have too much of a personality besides like crazy. So I'll have to see when they become their own little people. Yeah, yeah, that's older kids whatever, if they enjoy you know, and if it's like a game and it comes with instructions, just anything. Yeah, now, that's really smart too because, yeah, with my kids, were there six the younger ones. They yeah, they just they're they just want to spend time with me and they're happy whatever we're doing. So they would definitely be up for that. If it's a game or a song or something fun, they wouldn't care what language it is and they'd be excited. It'd be something fun and different too.

You know, that's my fog. Anyway. Yeah, we're going to learn, you know, together and you know, if you don't understand, it's okay. You know, sometimes I don't understand and yeah, I figure it out together. And there's or just you know, like there could be cultural things that they might want to look up, like the carnival that happens in Quebeck. I know my students were like obsessed with the bonome. I don't know if you've ever seen bonome that comes out for the carnival? Yes, so just I haven't. It could be like really stellul. You know what is this holiday? So would French. I did French club at the high school and we were just whatever was on the calendar, like all right, the second of February, we're going to make our crips for's that holiday called La Chandelou. So, you know, just something enjoyable. You know, if it's French cuisine, if it's some silly game, if it's music. I'm sure we're getting most of other things. But Oh yeah, that's fine, and I have done so when my other my older kids were littler. I would I do sometimes songs or I had a few books that were bi lingual. They were in frenship and English, and so I'd read that. I just never stuck to it enough. Right, I need to like make a plan and as something that I can actually stick to so it's not just like a onetime thing, so I can actually like give them a love for the language and and more words and yeah, so that's a good idea. I gotta I gotta get on the like pance a Friday or something there you go. Good Friday night and something, something from so you know our podcasts is called exidele parenting and we talked a lot about the winds and Fales of parenting as we figure it out, you know, as we go along. Can you share with us a recent either win or fail that you had as a parent? All right, I plan to fail, so I guess I'll talk about it. Yes, so, sometimes we're entertaining. Definitely, definitely, nobody wants to hear. I mean, my win would be the my kids speak the minority language. That's a huge win, Che Jack Cop. But fail, I mean so many. Well, the similar to my first thing, getting angry. I just always feel like a terrible parent. I scream, so that's not good. You know. We want to try and avoid that. But another fail is I had my son and I was still working, and then I had my daughter and I decided to stay home because making teacher pay does not cover two kids in day care, right, at least not in Massachusetts, nor stars like Na. This is not worth me working to make a hundred dollars a week. So I stayed home and I just feel like we just failed. Like I'm still breastfeeding her she's like twenty months old, like one is like I don't know, I just things that, like I was like, why didn't we get her sleep better? I don't know, I just feel like we should have known better with the second, but their whole like situation of being a baby was different, because I was waking him up at thirty to get to school by seven and you know, I would let them sleep in now, but she wakes up a thirty, like why? Why couldn't you have been the first baby? Everything's thrown out the windows. You have to because you no longer can just do everything according to the baby schedule exact. You now have another child that is noisy and running around own door. You have to do things for them and so forget. It just doesn't it doesn't happen to just be like oh, everything's according to the baby schedule for sure, and just yea many, yeah, many things happened with the second, but I just feel like we, I don't know, we just should have known better, for like sleeping and breastfeeding and all these bad habits that we haven't been able to break. That's true. Like you do feel that word second baby, like everything could be perfect, because we've done this once. We know what we're doing, everything and then no, nothing, and there tell you they're totally different, difficult exactly. Then these like all different parenting. You need all different advice. You and show all experimental again. HMM. Yeah, if I had known, like and we had them close together, and it can be good and it can be bad. So your fail really is saying we should have known, we should have known better, or thinking like when you're like Oh, I'll know, that's my typical. That's like my typical, like Oh yeah, I've got everything all set and then the day five out, you know,...

...a couple hours before the party I'm like, Oh, I don't the gift or card. You know, that's like just how I rolled. Like them, I think I've got it all organized and then I realized, just mom style, that's just how we all roll. I gotta embrace it all, embrace every refit and every other mom like you're going to the party and that's what they're like. Oh yeah, nope, that's how that's how it's happening for all of us. None of us have it all together. I know definitely. It's not lying. We say we do. It's not possible. Possible these little people are just dictators and YEP, they're a lot. It's right, but it's all worth it. Just happen to get through the tough times right and be okay with not being perfect, because it that's when you'd really, I think, start struggling. Is If you feel like you do have to be perfect and you're comparing yourself to other parents or your kids to other kids, then you're going to start smirreling because it's never going to be. That's just not realistic. That is very true. I was more of a perfectionist before kids. Not a perfectionist and a hundred percent of the term, but I had my tendencies. I'm in any Agram one. If anybody knows any of gram type A. Yeah, it's a personality test, but anyway, some listeners might have heard of it, but Um, yeah, I've definitely's just goes out and just roll with the punches. I'm right, for sure. Your head out of the water. We have a game to play. We always gave it the end of this is going to be funny because I'm a little rusty on my French. I've been learning Spanish and I've kind of put French to the sight a little bit. So what we're going to do is give each other words an English and transfer translates to give them in French. Okay, that I want you to give it in English and we have to translate it into French and Spanish. This is much harder. Okay, so it is. Wait, I totally yeah, she's okay. I'm going to give you all of minor Halloween themed because it's almost Halloween, and this is a little hint that this one's kind of easy. My first word is Zombie. To gotta tell it in Spanish and French. Zombie. Yeah, I'll say Zombie. Yep, and fun. Okay, it's doing a cognate in every language. It's like, okay, this is something Nice. Great, now everybody out there knows how to see Zombie in Spanish, French and English. Very useful. Okay, what's your first of all, I'll give you an easy one, and mine are not hallowing things. No, no, I'm sorry, I'm not that coordinated. Halloween's not my favorite holiday. So, Oh, I love Halloween. I'm also I hope covid doesn't ruin everything and we're not able to still have fun times, but we'll see. Yeah, I like the dressing up, but I don't know, I don't like all the gruesome things. MMM, I have a personal preference. All Right, I'll give you another. I'll give you an easy one. Okay, hat, Chappo and some but I doot. Is there another word beside Subarro? No, I mean yes, there are like different types of like winter hats. But no, that's good. That's what I had in mind. I feel like I learned another word for hat on Du a lingo recently, but I can't think what it was. God at all. Yeah, maybe that sounds familiar. There's like difficent, Ither's like the baseball cat. There's all sorts of hats, right, but okay, hey, I got one. Okay, your next one is ghost. Okay, I'll falsong. French. Hmm, Fantastmas Nice, yes, Fantasma, impressive. I would not have known that in Spanish. Okay, I'm FANTASMA. Oh, Nosma, I didn't look, I didn't get articles and I'm terrible in Spanish and I feel like it's less clear. Usually I think if it ends with an a it's feminine Una, but I always yeah, a Ya Adampa. Right, there's like our there is a rule, but I do have the advantage that I must divulge is that we would always, when I taught high school, we'd always do like a Bingo for Halloween. It has been, you know, two years some teaching French or Spanish, or both both. Okay, Gotcha. Yeah, French one through APE and then Spanish one and two. My Spanishes, as you can tell him, less, but let's get your Halloween Bingo. You're nailing all of these. Yeah, we'll see how hard it gets. All right, okay, what's my next one?...

Okay, yeah, I didn't do like pairs. I'll just like to pick one or the other. All right, so the word for ear? Yeah, okay, Oh, a Huh, nice. Okay, I'm similar they do. Luckily, you're giving me an easy ones, which, okay, like the one that flies on a broom. My Gosh, I haven't Spanish. First, I think Bruha, yes, correct. And what is the why can't? Oh, Spoon Socia? Yep, exactly, I can't do first I did do a Spanish. I do like a bilingual story hour on facebook live. So today with Spanish. So I think that's where Spanish just you got Bouh from. That I don't awesome okay, one more for me. Oh, one more, okay, I only prepared three. Did you do like a Wi? Yeah, but mine aren't like the same, so it's fine. And I also thought we were raring from French to English. I was doing a lot harder ones. Oh, Gotcha. That would be easier to stay in Franch. I can say it in English. You like, Oh, I know what that is. Oh Yeah, all right, well, do bed hmm on Li and coma. Come Hey, you gave me really easy ones. I think it's comma, but I'm a a comma, probably because it ends an A. It's not on any comma. We're not getting on and that Camma good to know. Yeah, I've been doing to a lingo pretty religiously. I have a really long streak, but I friend you. I have a very long shreek. Oh Nice, yes, spread me, I just got back in to it. Awesome. Yeah, I did it quite a while ago and then picked it back up because we were going to Mexico. I'm like, Oh, I want to brush up on my Spanish and I'm stuck with it, like I am going to I want to get my Spanish to where my French is. I'm pretty fluent. I can chat with anyone and I certainly don't know every word, but like it could have stumped me probably, but I want to get my Spanish there to where I can say anything I want to say and understand it. I can understand more than I can speak. Yeah, for sure. Ye, all, that's a good goal and yes, right, yeah, well, thank you, heather so much for joining us. This is really fascinating, as really motivated me. I am going to I don't know about Spanish, but I for sure I'm going to start with French, and then gives me thing to llueen's Halloween things. Yes, do Halloween, name and can go on Halloweenah, like that's what we we'd have them love that. Draw the thing out, like draw which draw? You know? I can send you. I have probably the vote. Well, and now they they deleted my count actually probably don't have those vote. If you can find it in, it's me. And if not, I mean you just do the grid and let them draw the picture. That's even more fun, right. Yeah, and then then you teach them what the words are and then they do get the repetition, because you you would call out like Lascia, and then they have to find it the ballet, the broomstick. Trying to think of all the words, though, I'd have to look at the bottle bone Spanish label. Bowl. Yes, my kids know bom bowl already. How do you see candy in Spanish? La Bombol lost kind of metals. I think this. Dude say there's a bunch of because it depends on the country. Gossip. That makes finish. Okay, awesome. Thank you so much for joining us. This is really fun and motivate pleasure. I love it. Thank you. Keep me up, keep me posted how your kids are doing. I will. I'm going to give you SOT. You can be my yeah, I will give you status updates, so that I thought it. I'm committed. kind of someone yellowing up on me. That's the one I'm like for I'm accountable to someone. Keep you up. I'd love to keep your accountable, and I'll tell you how my kids are doing this French, because we have the same goal. So I also want to get my kids speaking more French. Yeah, and be come up with fun ideas. Let me know and I'll do the same. Like see something goes well, you could be some good tips. Awesome. Thank you, Heather. Is Really Fun see you later, all right, jazzy or watch out.

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