S02E12: The Beginning of 2021


Col and Aubrey discuss how to transition kids from the chaos of winter break back to a schedule. They share ideas about weaning kids off screen time and options for other ways to keep them entertained.

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Episode 22 · 1 year ago

S01E21: Adventure Parenting

Col interviews Troy about being a father of girls who takes them on big adventures. Col and Troy also discuss having a boy after years of having only girls, and wrap it up with an intense game of Would You Rather. We teased Troy's encounter with the law in last week's episode, so keep listening to the very end to hear the whole story.

Episode 21 · 1 year ago

S01E20: Adoption Law

Aubrey interviews adoption attorney Tiffany Hill ( about her experiences completing law school as a young mother and practicing adoption law. They end with a bang as the husbands are brought in to play a couple of rounds of the not-so-newlywed game.

Episode 20 · 1 year ago

S01E19: Open Adoption

Aubrey interviews Jessica Lundin and Rachelle Liddle about their open adoption.

Episode 19 · 1 year ago

S01E18: New Year's Eve 2019

Happy New Year from Accidental Parenting! Col feels like a kid again playing with all our kids' new Christmas presents, and we discover that Aubrey is impressively bad at Super Mario Land. Listen to this week's episode for stories about our best and worst New Year's Eves, as well as ideas on how to ring in the new year with kids.