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Episode 5 · 1 year ago

S01E4: Businessing

Work travel can put a strain on parents who have kid responsibilities at home. Learn how Col and Aubrey have coped with work travel as they introduce their FIRST INTERVIEW with Jenna M. Jenna provides insight into what it's like for both she and her husband to travel for work with three kids at home.

Episode 4 · 1 year ago

S01E3: Kid Chores

The pros and cons of allowances and having kids help out around the house. Also, it turns out that Col is really bad at word association games.


Episode 3 · 1 year ago

S01E2: For Crying Out Loud

Can you tell if your child's cry is real? In this episode, we chat about keeping doctors in business and how healthy Col is.


Episode 2 · 1 year ago

S01E1: Helicopting

Col and Aubrey discuss what it means to be a helicopter parent, Aubrey's spelling bee championships, and losing children in public.