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Episode 13 · 11 months ago

S01E12: Game Time

You may have noticed we like games. Not only do we play a game at the end of each episode, but we play games all the time! Today we chat about the games we played growing up and those we now play with our kids. We share research about the benefits kids get from playing games and what they learn from different types of games.

Episode 12 · 11 months ago

S01E11: Single Parenting

Our good friend Leslie came over with her daughter to give us insight into being a single parent. She and Aubrey discover they have similar driving styles, and they check in on Col and the kids at the playground.

Episode 11 · 11 months ago

S01E10: Work Work vs. Housework

Balancing the workload between work-life and home-life can be difficult. Aubrey and Col discuss how they've coped with sharing responsibilities (sometimes unsuccessfully) and Col teaches us how to properly pronounce Costco. Also, Col finally wins a game!

Episode 10 · 11 months ago

S01E9: Techno-parenting

How much screen time is too much? We share the first video games we played, what ages kids should have phones, and discuss the technology at our kids' fingertips.