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Episode · 2 weeks ago

S02E12: The Beginning of 2021

Col and Aubrey discuss how to transition kids from the chaos of winter break back to a schedule. They share ideas about weaning kids off screen time and options for other ways to keep them entertained.

Episode · 4 weeks ago

S02E11: The End of 2020

Col gives a poetic farewell to the year 2020.

Episode · 1 month ago

S02E10: The Pre-Christmas Purge

Out with the old and in with the new! Col and Aubrey describe their holiday tradition of organizing and getting rid of kids' toys to make room for Christmas gifts. They discuss home organization companies and why they wouldn't let them near their junk drawers.

Episode · 1 month ago

S02E09: Sleepovers

Whether children should be allowed to have sleepovers or not is a surprisingly controversial topic. Col and Aubrey share the results of their much-awaited Do You Let Your Kids Have Sleepovers survey and highlight some of the reasons parents give.